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Summer Packing List for Girls {PRINTABLE}

Summer Packing List for Girls PRINTABLE

Summer Packing List for Girls PRINTABLE

Summer travel is beginning now and if you have independent kids like me, then they want to pack for themselves. The problem is when my kids pack for themselves they forgot some important essentials. There have been a few trips where we have had to run out and buy underwear because one or more kids forgot to pack them. This led me to create this Summer Packing List for Girls PRINTABLE and we hope you find it useful.

Now this handy packing list will ensure that your kids have absolutely everything that they need in their suitcases when it comes time to travel. In fact, these lists can be used year round with just a couple of adjustments. You can have a discussion with your kids and put the amount of each item needed so that packing will be easier.

All you need to do is print it out, hand one to each kid and let them pack. I highly recommend checking over their suitcases after they pack at least the first few times so that they definitely have everything they need and want. We have left home without things like underwear or a bathing suit when we were heading to a waterpark. This printable travel checklist makes everything so much easier.

Have boys? Check out:

Summer Packing List for Boys {PRINTABLE}


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  1. ellen beck

    You know thats actually a very good list! If it was adapted you could use it for camp, visits to relatives, nearly everywhere. I like how it uses pictures so even young girls can use it or help pack for themselves. Very clever!

  2. Anne

    This is a cute idea. I use lists myself when I travel, and could use a grown-up version of this! 🙂

  3. Rebecca Parsons

    This is so cute and can be a huge help in packing for our vacation. She would probably help if she could follow this.

  4. Anna Pry

    this is so cute and will certainly come in handy many times this summer

  5. Thanks for this list! My granddaughter and I are going on a road trip in a few weeks. I’m going to print this out just to make sure we don’t miss anything.

  6. Robin Wilson

    How stinkin’ cute and clever is that!! I love that it is a printable. It will allow them to help pack for themselves too. I’m going to print out several copies for my niece! Love it and thanks!

  7. Sarah L

    I agree with everything except the hair bows. They never last longer than it takes to take a picture.

  8. Nicole Dz

    Very cute printable. This will actually make it fun for my daughter to pack. Love it!

  9. Denise Taylor-Dennis

    What a cute printable, my daughter is all grown up and now I have a son who is 4.

  10. L

    There are no pyjamas on the list 

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