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StayMade Functional Bedding Solution for Kids

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As the mother of three children, I am always looking for things that make my life and my kids life easier.

All three of my children happen to thrash around a lot while they sleep. They move, they kick covers off and when morning comes, the chances are that some of the covers will be on the floor. They also have trouble remaking it in the morning and by trouble I mean that they conveniently forget to fix the bed.

Now there is this cool product that makes it so much easier for kids to do what they should and make those beds. Introducing StayMade.

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The StayMade is truly the world's most functional, remarkable, and lovable bedding solution for kids. The best way to describe it is like an old-school sleeping bag that fits onto a child's bed. The fitted sheet, the top sheet, and the comforter are all connected by thick, high-quality zippers. The comforter is made to hang over the zipper so that when everything is completely zipped up, it looks like a well-made bed.

This is the kind of product that we need in my house. One zip and my kids can easily make their beds. The sheets fit loose and comfortably allowing my children to unzip to get right into bed at night.

What I like is that when the temperature drops, there is no chance that my kids will kick the covers off and NOTHING ends up on the floor. These sheets will stay all night long. Another great benefit is that different layers can be taken (zipped) off the bed totally. This allows the parents to add a thicker sheet during colder times or have a thinner sheets during the warmer seasons plus sheets and comforters can be mixed and matched.

StayMade PeaPod KickStarter

StayMade will be sold as a kit with:

  • One fitted sheet
  • Zipped to a top sheet
  • Zipped to one comforter
  • Price: Pre-sale on KickStarter for $85 (regular retail is $130).


There is also an optional accessory which is designed for children who wet the bed. The PeaPod is like a giant pillowcase that a kid climbs into to sleep. Simply zip out the top sheet and zip in the PeaPod. The PeaPod is made of special material that is fully breathable and comfortable, but is also 100% waterproof.

To clean up an accident, the parent can simply unzip the PeaPod and throw it into the washer, without the mattress or any of the other sheets being affected by the accident. The PeaPod is sold in a two-pack so that when the soiled one gets zipped out and put into the washer, the second one can be zipped in and the child (and parent) can quickly and easily go back to sleep.


You can pre-order now and receive a significant discount on Kickstarter.

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