Stay Calm and Carry On
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Stay Calm and Carry On

Stay Calm and Carry On

The triggers can be many. Some days you are cool as a cucumber; nothing can faze you. On other days, it's one little thing that sets the wheels in motion for a gigantic, looming train wreck in your future. You knew parenting was never going to be easy. But you signed up for the job anyway. Most days, you love it and find yourself gazing at your children in awe and wonderment, thinking you made them and aren’t amazing. Other days, you think, I made them, what was I thinking? We hope that this Stay Calm and Carry On post inspires you. 

Children don't come with individual playbooks. You cannot universally apply one book or trick to raising them. Every one of them is a unique version of the DNA you passed on to them. And, most days, they are perfectly packaged tiny molecules with engaging smiles and heartwarming giggles. For those days when perfection is not in the cards, managing the madness imposed can be daunting, overwhelming, frustrating, and emotional. There are some tricks to keep you sane, allowing you to stay calm and carry on.

Stay Calm and Carry On

Stay Calm and Carry On

Make Time for You

Parenting is a selfless act. There is no part of ourselves we do not give to our children upon request. They need a tissue; we offer our sleeve. They forget their jacket; we provide them with the shirts off our backs. They left their lunch at home; you cancel your plans and deliver it to them. The list goes on. You and your sanity need to carve out some “you” time during the day. This might be as simple as locking yourself in a bathroom (if it doesn't lock, block the door!) and flipping through the pages of a magazine. Put in your headphones and crank up your favorite playlist for some moments of isolation. Even running errands by yourself can offer a reprieve from the madness.

6 Easy Ways to Prevent Exercise-Related Injuries


There is no more incredible rush than getting your heart rate up, breaking a sweat, getting your move on for a half-hour or more (if you can) a day. Exercise frees up the mind and helps release some of the stress we carry with us. It provides a calming element. Not everyone is a die-hard fitness fanatic. However, you define fitness that is what will work best for you. No one will judge you, and it’s ultimately about you finding some calm in the chaos. If you have chronic pain and regular exercise is a chore, consider less physically taxing things like underwater aerobics or yoga.


When all else fails, some women prefer to take supplements to help them stay calm. They provide a balance for them in coping with the day. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a natural supplement found in cannabis. It does not get you high, but it helps to relax you and take the edge off. There are various CBD products available, and you can order CBD online. Oils and gummies are popular options, are easy to consume, and offer calm amidst all the crazy. Another popular form of cannabis consumption is Delta 8 vapes, which are rising in popularity in recent times. Thanks to the relaxing properties that the cannabinoid produces, it is considered one of the most effective ways to calm nerves and reduce stress and anxiety. 

Understanding Different Types of Therapy: Choosing the Right Approach


We are generally our worst enemies. We judge ourselves as parents constantly. We have days where we get angry and want to lash out at our children. Recognizing what buttons our children push and having a mental checklist of how to respond seems to evolve as we learn about our responses to our children. However, there may be times when we need that extra bit of advice and counseling that a licensed professional can provide. It is natural and healthy to want to be the best we can be, and they can help provide perspective. Not to mention, it is also time for you to focus on yourself while figuring out the best way to parent while under fire.

The Reality

There is a sad reality to raising children: they grow up way too fast. We are so often living in that moment, hoping it will end soon, wishing they were a little more mature, understood us a little better, listened, and followed directions. We know that their behaviors generally indicate they are becoming their people and are adjusting to their lives and the world on their terms. We hope that they mature into well-adjusted adults. The reality is that you will blink, and they will be those people. You will survive those moments and, albeit reluctantly, wish that you could have some of that chaos back again because it made them who they are and made you a better version of yourself as well. We hope that this Stay Calm and Carry On post inspires you. 

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