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Sony Bravia 3D 46 Inch TV Review

Sony has long been a leading producer in electronic equipment. From digital cameras to computer systems and Blu-ray players, Sony has often led the way in home entertainment. A recent addition to the television lineup from Sony are the Bravia 3D TVs. These sets are not only capable of producing regular high-definition programming, but 3D content. This does require 3D enabled programming from a cable or satellite provider, and only 3D Blu-ray players are compatible, but it offers an additional option when searching for entertainment at home.

The Sony Bravia 3D 46 inch television is an edge lit LED LCD television. The side lighting features allows for the slender design of the equipment. Furthermore, the high-definition television has four HDMI cable connections. These high-definition multimedia interface hook ups allow you to connect up to four different HD devices. On top of this, the 3D television from Sony has an HDMI PC connector, one component and one composite cable connection, a single USB data port, headphone jack, and several surround sound and stereo sound connectors which means you possess the ability to directly connect any device in your home entertainment system.

The television set is capable of receiving and producing all resolution and frames per second. This includes standard definition 480 and 576 (576 lines of resolution are used by DVDs, so you are going to see an improvement in picture quality when playing a DVD on the Sony Bravia 3D television versus a standard definition television, as SD TVs only reproduce video in up to 480 lines of resolution). The TV also shows full HD 1080 and the lesser 720 HD video signals.

When using the 3D option, you need Sony produced 3D glasses. Without the glasses you are unable to view the content. The glasses must also be produced by Sony, as different television manufacturers have different specifications on their glasses, so you may find other brands don't work. We purchased the 3D Deluxe Starter Kit that contained two sets of glasses and with a family of five, additional pairs of glasses are a little expensive (about $100 each) so we will be waiting for a good sale.

Some of the televisions such as ours, have built in Wi-fi which allows for easy connection to Netflix, Hulu and you can even surf the Internet. How cool is that?

We are thrilled with this television so far. We have had it for almost a month.

If I could change something about this TV, I would upgrade the sound system of the machine. The factory speakers sound a bit tinny (my husband's word, I say it just sounds off). The tv lacks base which means we have to turn it way up to hear any of the channels very well. If you run it through a surround sound, then it wouldn't really matter so I guess that will be our next purchase.

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