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Sonia Kaschuk Holiday Limited Edition Brush Set

Sonia Kaschuk Limited Edition Holiday Brushes

I think that we all know that we definitely need our brushes and tools in order to apply our makeup properly! I mean, I have an insane amount of makeup brushes. I really think that you could not have too many! If you saw my collection of brushes, you would probably think I was absolutely crazy! I like to have a good amount of brushes on hand because let's face it, I'm lazy and don't want to constantly clean my brushes! LOL This way I have clean ones on hand at all times! I am one that HAS to have a good, high quality brush but at an affordable rate! I mean, I want a good product, but not have to break the bank completely if you know what I mean! That is why I absolutely LOVE Sonia Kaschuk brushes! Her brushes are amazing quality and they are extremely affordable. Sonia Kaschuk is a brand found exclusively at Target! Quite often the brand releases limited edition collections of their brushes and this holiday season is no different! I went ahead and picked up the most recent holiday brush collection!

Sonia Kaschuk Holiday Limited Edition Brush Set

The appearance of these brushes is what really drew me in to begin with! These brushes have a gorgeous gold studded handle with a creamy white shade to the actual bristles of the brush. I am one that really loves the appearance of black and gold, especially together and these brushes have some amazing black accents as well. They are just all around absolutely gorgeous!

Sonia Kaschuk Holiday Limited Edition Brush Set

The set includes 10 pieces with a mixture of face brushes as well as eye brushes! These are just such a high quality brush. The handles are a very sturdy material that will not budge and the bristles are VERY soft, being made of goat hair! The set includes  a very fluffy large powder brush great for powder foundations, a medium powder brush great for blush, a very small powder brush also great for blush or your highlighters, an angled powder brush great for contouring, and the rest are eye brushes includes a pointed brush, a shader brush, a fluffy crease brush, an angled brush for better definition, and a couple of smaller brushes great for liners and very detailed looks!

I would very highly recommend picking these brushes up if you are looking for some new brushes! You can find these at Any Target store now for $39.99, which is a phenomenal price for such a high quality and large set of brushes!

Sonia Kaschuk Holiday Limited Edition Brush Set

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