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Sinful Colors Holiday Nail Polish Collection

Sinful Colors Holiday Nail Polish CollectionOne of my favorite things to buy while I'm out and about is nail polish. Something about having my nails painted just really makes me feel so much more ladylike and I love to pick out different colors to reflect my mood or to coincide with the season, whatever I may be feeling at that time. One of my favorite nail polish brands is Sinful Colors. Not only do they produce a phenomenal product that is pigmented and long lasting, but it is also very affordable as well!

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on 12 new colors from the Sinful Colors collection . This collection can be found in all drugstores that you can typically purchase Sinful Colors polish. I received a total of 12 colors all together, 6 are solid colors, and 6 are shimmer/glitter shades. No question is that all are absolutely beautiful that I absolutely HAD to share them with you! These are the colors I got:

Sinful Colors Holiday Nail Polish CollectionWrap Sheet

Tempest: This is a beautiful light, lavender purple. I absolutely love that it doubles as a Fall/Winter shade as well as looking awesome in the Spring.

24/7: This shade is definitely an in your face, bright pink. But hey, I love me some pink so I don't mind!

GoGo Girl: This is a true red, perfect for the winter and attending holiday parties. A definite must in my opinion.

Boogie Nights: This is a gorgeous coral pink shade that is definitely right up my alley.

Why Not: Blues are some of my favorites to pick up when it comes to polishes, this blue is absolutely gorgeous and I would highly recommend picking this one up.

Enchanted: I love that I was able to get a lighter purple, as well as this deeper purple because deep purples are absolutely GORGEOUS in the Fall and Winter.

Sinful Colors Holiday Nail Polish CollectionGlitz & Garlands

Rich in Heart: This is a deep shimmery burgundy shade and probably my favorite out of every one I got. This shade is gorgeous and probably my favorite out of every one I got.

Fig: This is another one to add to the purple family! I absolutely love this shimmery plum/magenta shade, it is a keeper.

Dancing Nails: I thought that this one was such an interesting color and not like any I'd seen before. It is like a cross between a copper and a pink. So unique and beautiful.

Ice Dream: This one is fun because it reminds me of snow, which makes it perfect for Winter. I love a good old fashioned sparkly nail.

Out of This World: This is a pure sparkly silver that is great for layering over other polishes as well as on it's own. I would highly recommend this one for a New Year's Eve Party.

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SinfulColors Wrap Sheet, $1.99 per bottle
• On shelves in November 2015
• Metallic colors in silver, golds, pinks, purple, red, black
• Soft, iridescent, long wearing shine
• Chip resistant, even color delivered via an Italian made polish brush for a pro finish

SinfulColors Glitz & Garlands, $1.99 per bottle
• On shelves in December
• Go to glitters in greens & reds, golds, silvers, reds and polishes in shades of blue, white, green and red
• Bold, festive, long wearing shades that sparkle
• Chip resistant, even color delivered via an Italian made polish brush for a pro finish

I would highly highly recommend any sinful colors polishes, but these are definitely a few of my new favorites on the market. The holiday polish collections from SinfulColors are available at various retailers including Target, Walmart and Walgreens.


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