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Shrinking Payments from Boost Mobile

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile’s Shrinking Payments for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

One of our biggest expenses as a family, outside of our house,  has got to be our cellphone bill. We have a family plan and have five phones on that plan.

I am not certain that my kids need to be on our plan because their phone is just for emergencies plus they hardly ever use them. Their phones have data plans that virtuall go to waste because they are not being used like my husband and I use our plans.

We need something like Boost Mobile. Our kids could easily be with Boost Mobile and I love their new program.

Boost Mobile has new compaign called “You Earned It” where consumers come first. Boost Mobile rewards loyalty shrinks your payments over time.

With Boost Mobile, everyone can Get Shrinking Payments.

Shrinking Payments means that there is more money in your wallet. There are several wireless carriers that offer no contracts, but only one offers Shrinking Payments and that is Boost Mobile.


– No annual contract $55 Android Monthly Unlimited plan with Shrinking Payments

– For every six on-time payments, the cost of Boost Mobile’s Monthly Unlimited plan shrinks by $5 (How cool is this?)

– Eventually getting down to as low as $40 a month for unlimited nationwide talk and text (You definitely get rewarded for paying on time)

– With every 6 on-time payments they take $5 off your monthly payment.



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  1. Helene Cohen bludman

    What a great idea, getting your monthly rate lower for paying on time. I would definitely look into this.

  2. Eva

    I think it is great that a company rewards customers for paying on time. For your kids have you looked into a something like Tracphone. Friends of mine use those to give to their in laws so they have a phone for emergencies, such as an issue with the car on a long drive.

  3. I make sure to pay all bills on time. I don’t want to have to pay late fees. Any company that rewards me for paying on time is one that I need to look at closer!

  4. Oh now this is something to cheer about! I absolutely love this idea… I am definitely going to check it out! TY!

  5. I can always appreciate a cheaper cell phone bill! This sounds likes it is right up my alley!

  6. Teal great deals. Like that shrink plan!

  7. sounds great, I am always up for saving money!

  8. I love that Boost gives people a reward for paying their bills. Finally a reward for doing the right thing. I will look into this plan.

  9. Javeriya

    This can be a motivation for those who never pay on time. Great informative post.

  10. Who doesn’t like saving money?

  11. My husband and I have been looking to switch our current plan. Didn’t know about Boost Mobile. Looking more into it now. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I need a new plan so badly! We pay too much and get NO service at home. It’s bad. Time to look for something new, so I’m glad I saw your post.

  13. This sounds like a wonderful deal! I love to save money!

  14. Most cell phones and services are interchangeable. The important thing is that people need to look at price and go with companies that make cell phone usage more practical. I now my family of three pays less than my friend pays for one phone line.

  15. oh, i LOVE the idea of shrinking payments!! that sounds marvelous!

  16. I really like how they reduce payments if you’ve been making yours on time for a while. That’s a nice way to lower an already reasonable fee!

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