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Shop with Ease - Buy with Affirm #BuyWithAffirm #BetterWay2PayThis is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Affirm, Inc. The opinions and text are all mine.

No matter what you have planned in the life, the fact is that you need money for pretty much everything. Sometimes we get unexpected things thrown at us in life where we might need to replace a big appliance (just replaced the AC this past summer) or plan a large event. I love knowing that when I need a little backup, I can use Affirm.


Affirm offers a much better way to pay for life's large purchases. Affirm is a loan service that offers clear monthly payments and purchase prices without penalties, late fees or hidden costs. Affirm is a legit and better way to pay for large purchases over time.


With Affirm, you buy today and pay over time. Unlike credit cards, with your Affirm purchase, you know up front exactly how much something will cost you with no hidden fees. Every month, and in total. With Affirm, you pay simple vs. compounding interest, so you only pay interest on your purchase–not interest on your interest!

Visit the Affirm Website to make your next purchase. affirm-10 affirm-11

Get a Real-Time Decision with Affirm

Affirm will make a real-time decision when you are ready to apply which means that you will know right away if you are approved. Affirm empowers you to make informed decisions when making a large purchase because it is transparent and simple. Affirm takes only minutes to use.

affirm-5Who needs Affirm?

Affirm is perfect no matter what stage of life you are in. If you are starting a new job, Affirm can help you look the part by letting you purchase a new work wardrobe. No worries about what to wear! Whether you are buying your first home or moving into the bigger house, Affirm lets you turn your new space into your own. Buy mattresses, major appliances, furniture and more. Baby on the way? Affirm can help you fill that nursery. Affirm is also a better way to pay for large holiday purchases.

affirm-16Affirm Partner Sites

Affirm offers these key purchase categories: Home Furnishings & Appliances, Apparel and Accessories, Automotive Enhancement and Repair, Travel & Consumer Electronics ~ check out some of their partners:

BCBG | GOAT | Betabrand | United by Blue | Naja | Fashion to Figure | The Arrivals | Helm Boots | Jolyn | Garmentory | Patrik Ervell

Kendal & Hyde | Portero | Designer Vault | Tradesy | Mission Workshop | Snobswap

Casper | Poly + Bark | Rove Concepts | Sapira | Nest Bedding | Wayfair | Joybird | HIgh Fashion Home | Domino | One Kings Lane

Big Chill | Luma | Clive Coffee | Coyuchi

Bob's Watches | Diamond Nexus | Brilliance | Iconery | Vrai + Oro | Catbird

Giant Bicycles | Level Nine Sports (ski) | Fanatik Bike | Pyramyd Air | Surface 604


Expedia | CheapAir

Owlet |Bambi Baby | DockATot | Project Nursery

Lumoid | Lifx | goTenna | Emotiva | Eero | Gazelle |Republic Wireless | iBuyPower | Smart Things

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Affirm, Inc. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. I wish I knew about this a few years ago! I could have really used it! Great post that I will be pinning! 

  2. Pam Wattenbarger

    I have never heard of Affirm before. It sounds like a great way to shop!

  3. Wow, that’s interesting. Every once in awhile we need to make payments on a large purchase, this sounds like a very easy to understand way to do it.

  4. Never heard of this but I will definitely check it out! Thanks!

  5. This is definitely something totally up my alley. I will have to check it out… they look like they carry really great stuff!

  6. Dawn Nieves

    I have never heard of this before but I’m glad I know now. This is great! 

  7. Oriana Romero

    Affirm sounds like a great way to shop. I will be checking it out for sure. I am always looking for ways to save money.

  8. Elizabeth Lampman

    Thanks for letting me know about Affirm. I will have to share this with my friends.

  9. Ann Bacciaglia

    I have a few large purchases I will be making soon. I wil have to try out Affirm first.

  10. Kathy

    This is the first time I’ve heard of this. I’ll have to look more in to this. It sounds really great.

  11. I never heard of this site before but I would love to check it out! Looks like they got lots of cool stuff!

  12. This looks like a great way to pay for unexpected expenses or large ticket items. I love that the interest isn’t crazy expensive, too.

  13. What a fantastic service Affirm offers. It’s great that they only charge interest on what your purchased.

  14. Affirm will come in very handy. No racking up interest upon interest. I like that it shows you the different payment options.

  15. lisa

    Hidden Costs make me so mad! I love they Affirm doesn’t have them and the lay everything out clearly.

    • S Mitchell

      Glad to hear every one has had a great experience with AFFIRM; however, my daughter recently attempted to use them to purchase a couple of big ticket items through Wayfair. She has good credit, but she didn’t want to open another account. Every where you shop, now, they want you to sign up for a credit card. So she attempted to use the Affirm payment option, and they reply was that due to a criminal offense, she was deemed, dishonest and untrustworthy, without knowing any of the circumstance surrounding the offence. What the hell does this have to do with spreading a few payments over of a purchase over a few months. I realize they do a credit check, but a criminal background check for $600. Unbelievable! So my other daughter attempted to make the purchase using the Affirm option. She has good credit too. Before actually approving her, they wanted, her banking information (Pin number, access number, and password, to see if she had the money in her account and how she pays her bills. Yes, they make it sound so easy, no hidden cost, monthly payment of item is shown, etc. That being said, they didn’t disclose, the criminal background check, nor before approving, you have to furnish them your bank information. I will never use them.

  16. I have never heard of Affirm before, but It sounds like a great way to shop! I will check it out! 

  17. Janeane Davis

    Financing options like this can help improve life and satisfaction. It is important to keep up to date with all the best financing options.

  18. Thanks so much for introducing me to Affirm! Cant wait to start shopping now- sounds like a great way to get my shop on!

  19. Kristin

    I have never heard of Affirm before. It seems like a great way to get the things you love even when on a budget.

  20. I have never heard of this company before. We try and budget and are careful with our spending but life can get messy sometimes!

  21. This looks great! I love the savings! I have never heard of this before but I think I’ll check them out for my next big purchase!

  22. Lisa Jones

    This Website Looks Awesome I’ll Have To Check It Out So Many Fabulous Products Thank You!

  23. I have never heard of Affirm before!! What a great way to be prepared for unexpected needs and emergencies.

  24. I have never heard of Affirm before. I like how they spell out exactly how much interest you would be paying!

  25. kendall

    I haven’t heard of Affirm! Wow this is great – definitely will be sharing this around! Thanks for sharing! 

  26. I haven’t heard of this until today. Affirm sounds perfect for big purchases. I will check this out.

  27. Ourfamilyworld

    I find these so helpful.. Very interesting and great. I love to buy online because less hassle and so easy.

  28. Wendy Polisi

    I never heard about this but sounds interesting. Shopping online is more convenient and so easy.

  29. This is definitely a great thing to know about for those emergency situations! We just bought a house, so like you, we know unexpected things can happen!

  30. Sounds like a really cool idea! I would be interested if they offered more store options to their list.

  31. I haven’t heard of this service until today. I will have to look into it further. We need a few new things when we move and I am sure that I can do some damage shopping.

  32. CourtneyLynne

    Ooooo this is the first time I have heard of affirm!!! Sounds like a great service though. I will be checking them out

  33. adriana

    How smart is this! I’ve never heard of Affirm. I need to check it out – it seems like a great idea! I love how easy and simple it looks to use too. Great post! Thanks for sharing this! 

  34. I’ve never heard of this place before, but it looks like it’s worth checking out. It’s great you get to know up front what it costs.

  35. Affirm sounds like a great service. I love that you know exactly what you are paying and there are no hidden costs.

  36. Rozilyn Cool

    Great post, never heard of them but like they way they work. This can come in very handy, will be saving this for future use. 

  37. This is the first time that I’ve heard of Affirm. Sounds like a very convenient service. Will check it out!

  38. Affirm looks like a very helpful service, especially this time of year. I will have to check their website out.

  39. I never heard of this before! good to know there’s something out there like Affirm for people : ) thanks for making me aware!

  40. I have not heard of Affirm but it sounds like it has a lot of options! I will have to try it out and learn more!

  41. Sara

    I have never heard of the Affirm website before! I will definitely be checking it out!

  42. jo

    Ooooh! That makes shopping big boxes makes it easier and affordable. I have to check out Affirm and make sure I don’t get addicted to using it, or else. LOL! I sure am not the only who who feels like I ‘need’ some new pieces of furniture. again. Haha.

  43. Great!! Now can we pay as you go for hourly and daily service depending on region.I have never heard of Affirm before. This is really amazing.It seems like a great way to get the things you love even when on a budget. Seriously thank you.

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