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Our Top Chicco Picks

chicco-logoThank you Chicco Shop for sponsoring this post. While this was a sponsored opportunity from Chicco Shop, all content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Chicco (pronounced Kee-Ko) has long been recognized for offering superior baby products. I have several Chicco items that have lasted through three children and still have life left in them. As a soon-to-be mom and then as a mother, I chose Chicco products because the name symbolizes quality to me. Shopping at Chicco means that I can discover everything Chicco. From children’s clothing and shoes to toys and of course, their vast selection of car seats, playards, highchairs and more.


Chicco NaturalFit Feeding


NaturalFit® Bottles are designed with three distinct nipple shapes and these unique angled nipples promote proper neck positioning. NaturalFit® Feeding Solutions are designed to adapt to the developing feeding skills of babies as they grow.

Chicco NaturalFit Gift Set Rebate


Shop away at Chicco.com because now when you spend $150 on your favorite Chicco products, you can get the Chicco NaturalFit® Stages Gift Set for FREE! The Chicco NaturalFit® Stages Gift Set includes all 3 stages in the feeding system, plus a bottle/nipple brush. This exclusive offer can be purchased at any retailer and has a retail value of $24.99.

The Chicco NaturalFit® Feeding & Soothing system is another perfect fit from the experts who brought you the #1-rated KeyFit® and NextFit® car seats. The Chicco NaturalFit Giveaway ends May 31, 2015 so get yours today!


Chicco Bravo Trio System - EmpireFREE SHIPPING FROM CHICCO

Visit ChiccoShop.com and get free shipping on select gear including the new Bravo Trio System (pictured above) equipped with the #1 rated KeyFit® 30 Infant Car Seat and our newly designed Bravo stroller that makes traveling light and easy. This stroller system is amazing!!

The NaturalFit® Mail-In Rebate also includes purchases made at our favorite stores both online and in store.  Shop at Target, Babies R’ Us, and Buy Buy Baby.


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Don't forget, the Chicco NaturalFit Giveaway – Ends 5/31/15!

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  1. These are all really great choices! I love that convertible car seat/stroller combo!

  2. All this time I never knew how to pronounce this brand name. Thanks! I love their products!

  3. Catherine S

    These all look like great products. I like the matching car seat and stroller.

  4. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I love their products. I used many of them back when my own boys were babies.

  5. That feeding set would be a great shower gift. I don’t think this brand was around when I had little ones. If they did, it was so long ago that I don’t remember!

  6. We have a baby due in our family in August. I am really liking those bottles you have featured.

  7. Wendy

    I have forwarded this to my coworker who is 6 months along. She likes the products and we both have our fingers crossed for the giveaway. Thanks for sharing it.

  8. Gosh. I have not heard of them. Looks like some really great products.

  9. Wow I’m just now hearing about Chicco but everything sounds so useful. It sounds like such a go-to baby brand.

  10. I haven’t looked into baby products in a long time until very recently when a few first cousins are giving birth left and right! I am so glad you reviewed this brand Chicco. For the longest time I just knew of Avent. I didn’t know about this brand Chicco at all. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Pam

    Chicco is a great brand. I’ve seen several of these items on baby registries.

  12. I have heard wonderful things about the Chicco brand and had no idea they made so many different products. The rebate offer almost sounds too good to pass up!

  13. It’s awesome that there is some free shipping, I find I spend way too much on it sometimes! It’s pretty crazy, love the stuff from Chicco though!

  14. I love Chicco products. Their bottles look great and if we have a second child, I’d definitely have to give them a try.

  15. I’m glad you clarified how to pronounce chicco because I was saying it wrong. That stroller looks really nice, as does the bottle system.

  16. All of these products look like good products to have. I am sure many parents can benefit from hearing about these products.

  17. Kathy

    That stroller looks very nice. I’ve been looking for a new stroller for my daughters. I’ll have to check in to this one. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Chicco is such a great brand. I wish I would have come across these bottles when my boys were younger…they sound great!

  19. I only recently learned how to pronounce their name when I had to call their customer support line! PS they were very nice!

  20. My niece is 5 months and she needs all of these products. I know Chicco is a great brand so thanks for the info!

  21. These look like some really great products. I wish I would have had them when my daughter was a baby.

  22. That car seat and stroller combo.. Yes please! Those bottles look really nice.. Great picks. Huge fan of Chicco!

  23. These are all great products for baby. There are so many different products out these days it is hard to know what’s the best choice.

  24. Bookmarking this for my new baby shower purchase. We used a Chicco car seat for our first two kids and it was a great car seat & travel system.

  25. Where have I been? I knew Chicco made nice carseats and strollers, but I didn’t know they made bottles! BTW, I always pronounced it Chee-ko. Now I see I’ve been saying it wrong…

  26. My sister-in-law just had her first baby. She would probably enjoy something like this. She could probably use it too! I am sure right about now some baby needs that they haven’t thought of are coming to mind!

  27. Bonnie @ wemake7

    Aww all this baby stuff makes me realize that I have no babies in my life anymore.. Looks like wonderful products.

  28. This is great for families! Chicco is a fabulous brand and I love the savings!

  29. Don’t know much about this company or its products. I do have a niece that is having a baby though so may have to check these out as a gift for her.

  30. Kristi

    Some great products mentioned here. Our girls are too old but I will be sure to keep these things in mind for some upcoming shower gifts.

  31. I had never heard of Chicco before this post. I have some friends that are about to have a baby and they should know about this great brand!

  32. I’ve heard of Gracco, but never Chicco! The rebate offer really makes me want to share this with friends and family who are expecting soon!

  33. Rosey

    You’re right, Chicco items do last a long time. I trust the brand.

  34. I’ve been pronouncing it wrong this whole time! I love those angled bottles!

  35. ChiccoBaby has a lot of great items! My sister uses their bottles and her (and my nephew) really like them!

  36. Chicco is one trusted brand. My son’s baby bottles were Chicco. He didn’t have the stroller and car seat though. Those are really nice.

  37. Awh, we’re past the baby stage now but…. if we weren’t… I love the look of those bottles. Mine had issues with bottles and Nuk, the little ones, was the only kind they would take until they were quite a bit older.

  38. Fi Ní Neachtáin

    Chicco is such a great, affordable brand isn’t it? I really like the look of the stroller you picked, it looks so functional.

  39. I am a HUGE Chicco fan. I used their strollers and their bottles when my kids were babies and I loved it

  40. CourtneyLynne

    I have always loved these products!!! When my daughter was little I swear I owned everything they make lol…. Such quality:)

  41. They have such cool baby items now! My youngest is almost 18 so we didn’t have all this great stuff!

  42. That 3 in 1 system would have been great to have. Juggling three little guys in car seats is a pain, being able to just drop the smallest right from car to stroller would be amazing.

  43. Krystal

    That color of the green stroller and car seat is so vibrant! I would have loved to purchase that one when my son was younger.

  44. Those sound like some really great products! I’ve heard great things about the Chicco brand!

  45. Great choices! I love my Chicco travel system set we used with our second child. If there was a third I’d go back to Chicco.

  46. I’m out of the baby stage but I’ve heard great things about their products. I will have to recommend them to a few friends.

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