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Share Awesome with the National PTA and LifeLock

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As a digital family, we seem to use digital technology in almost every aspect of our lives. We learn from it with various apps and computer programs. We use it to communicate with each other. We have fun gaming with each other and we even shop online together. We definitely utilize technology to the fullest extent.

We also share a lot of our moments digitally. It is how we stay in touch with family and friends when we aren't able to be with them every day. I love sharing things that my children are doing and even activities that they are participating in.

I try to always make certain that we are all making positive and safe decisions with everything that we put online. Anything that my children put on social media, I check out almost as soon as it happens. I want to make sure that they are making responsible choices when it comes to what they share online. I get that we are living in the age of social media and that everything is public, but I think that a part of living responsibly is making certain that only share what you want to share.

We actively manage everything that my kids share so that one day when they are on their own, they will make good choices.These are teaching moments for my children and for us as parents.


National PTA has partnered with LifeLock to share awesome ways families can create an open, evolving conversation about positive, safe decisions when using digital tools. It’s all part of having a happy, healthy lifestyle. For you, your family, your friends, and the whole world – everyone benefits when you #ShareAwesome!

The #ShareAwesome campaign seeks to build an understanding among parents and students that no matter the device, the app or the networking site – the skills we need to be safe and positive online are similar to what you need offline.

#ShareAwesome celebrates students and families who use digital media and tools for good – good for themselves, their family, their friends and the whole world.

If you choose to link to National PTA within your post, please use the following URL: If you choose to link to LifeLock within your post, please use the following URL:  

Share Awesome


You want to Share Awesome, right?

The #ShareAwesome contest invites social media users to share a smart and safe decision, uplifting accomplishment, or positive action for the good of others using hashtag #ShareAwesome on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Students who enter a photo between September 15 – November 30, 2014 will be eligible to win fantastic prizes, including tablets and a $2,500 scholarship! 

Snap a photo of an awesome moment in your day and share it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the #ShareAwesome hashtag! 

Students who enter the #ShareAwesome contest between September 15 – November 30, 2014 will have a chance to win fantastic prizes, including tablets and a $2,500 scholarship!

Visit to learn more.


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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. The day will come that my son is on social media and it’s terrifying how many outlets there are to share things. We’re definitely careful now in regards to what we put out on the internet – you can never be too safe.

  2. I probably share too much on social media but I can’t help myself.

  3. My kids are all grown with my first grandchild here. I cannot imagine having children and social media together. Lifelock is super good resource, I need to look back into them.

  4. Lifelock is great. I think this is a fantastic collaboration.

  5. Pam

    I think Lifelock is such a great service. This is a great contest!

  6. I’ve heard so much about Lifelock and it looks like a great way to stay safe! This internet is getting scarier every day so it’s nice to know there’s something out there that can help keep us safe online!

  7. Jeanine

    Lifelock is truly awesome. My oldest is now on social media and I try to monitor as much as possible, it can be hard at times though.

  8. This is an awesome campaign. We all know that internet safety is important, but people forget that other devices can be compromised as well.

  9. Lifelock is awesome! I am already having conversations with my friends about when we’ll let our children have social media accounts and our kids are toddlers!

  10. What a great campaign! My oldest is starting to venture into social media and it’s scary!

  11. The internet has so many good aspects! We can teach our kids to use those for good.

  12. What a useful resource to help kids and teens navigate through the digital world safely. I know that so many parents want an opportunity to start these important conversations with their families.

  13. Very cool campaign. My kids are too small to be on the web. I appreciate that this resource exists for when my time comes. I like how easy it is to be a part of it and #ShareAwesome!

  14. Catherine S

    What a great campaign. Even though my son is 18 I still worry about what his happening when he is online.

  15. I’ve heard of Lifelock and nothing but good things I heard! What a great campaign!

  16. Sounds like a great campaign since we’re all so connected via digital media these days. It’s never to early to start teaching kids about being safe online!

  17. I love that the prize for their contest is a scholarship. Thank you for introducing the lifelock and the giveaway.

  18. My kids are on social media and safety has been drilled into their heads. I do like the Life Lock services they offer, and this sounds like a fabulous contest!

  19. We’re huge fans of LifeLock here. We’ve had some identity theft happen that could could have been prevented if we gotten LifeLock sooner. Now, we are covered and are alerted!

  20. Veronica

    Where would we be without the internet. Of course with all the good, comes the bad, so a service like Lifelock becomes very necessary

  21. Having peace of mind is something to share! I’m glad LifeLock keeps families protected

  22. This is such an awesome campaign. Total peace of mind!

  23. I’ve had to tell Jake to remove a few things over the years and remind him that certain things shouldn’t be posted on social media, but for the most part he’s pretty good about it. I agree that safe and positive skills should be practiced online and off.

  24. I need to start looking into Lifelock now. My kids are still young to be on social media, but I like to be prepared.

  25. What a fantastic scholarship opportunity! Thanks for sharing all of this about Lifelock. I realllllly need to look into it.

  26. I love that they are reaching out to our kids to make sure they stay safe online. This is great info.

  27. My kids were all in High School or college when they started going online, my daughter was the one I worried about, this is a great program for kids.

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