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No More Worries with the Sears Appliances Bundled Maintenance Package

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Sears Appliances Bundled Maintenance Package

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sears Home Appliances and Services.
You do the cooking, the cleaning and everything else. Do you really want to do the repairs as well? I am no expert when it comes to repairs so that is something that I truly prefer to leave up to the professionals. I want to live my life and not have to worry about fixing some complicated appliance.

Did you know that Sears has been a leader in the home services industry for more than 50 years and installs 4.5 million appliances and 4 million parts a year? I had no clue at first but I have always known Sears as the place to go to get appliances.

sears logo Sears Appliances Bundled Maintenance Package

Sears offers one place to get everything that you need for your home appliances. Sears sells the top 10 appliance brands like Kenmore and they offer a comprehensive warranty program plus maintenance programs that even cover your existing appliances.

The great thing about Sears is that they have so many wonderful offerings that can help you be a better homeowner. The Sears Bundled Maintenance Package gets you a tech right inside your home to take care of those things that you don't want to deal with so you can go back to taking care of your family.

This one-year service plan means that no matter where you purchased your appliance, the Sears maintenance plan will provide you with whatever TLC you need via an in-home technician.

Sears Appliances Bundled Maintenance PackageWhy you need the Sears Bundled Maintenance Package

  • Annual preventive service check from a technician right in your home
  • Repairs to appliances that are broken or need a quick fix
  • Replacement guarantee – if they can't fix it, they will replace it
  • Reimbursement for any food that was lost or spoiled
  • 50+ years of experience means that they know what they are doing
  • Peace of mind – Let Sears handle it!

From appliances, to repair, to parts, to warranties to home improvement, ONLY Sears has the unique expertise to take care of your house so you can enjoy your home. Sears is House Experts for Homeowners.

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Sears Appliances Bundled Maintenance PackageWhat appliance in your home could use some maintenance?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sears Home Appliances and Services.


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53 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    What a great package! That is awesome for people who need a plan like this!

  2. I’m a sucker for a maintenance package. Even with our large appliances like A/C and furnace, a little preventative care goes a long way!

  3. My dishwasher could use some maintenance. I love Sears.

  4. I love this maintenance package! This sounds like a great way to make sure my appliances are covered if anything horrible happens to them.

  5. We have this for our washer and dryer. We’ve purchased Sears appliances for year and have always been pleased with their service too!

  6. My oven needs some serious work! I’ll try Sears and see if they can help out.

  7. deb

    This is a maintenance package I can get behind. I hate when appliances start to go bad and I have to find a repairman. This would take the worry out of that.

  8. Sears service has always been excellent, as are the appliances we’ve purchased there. I’m in a rural area, so they contract with the best repair pros around for each type of item. Sears always calls back to confirm the work is up to par and just what I expected.

  9. We always buy the service plans/warranties on our appliances. I love that Sears offers this and makes it so easy. God knows I can’t fix a thing!

  10. This is a great service Sears has! My parents home, I swear something always breaks down (and my mom has a Sears card she bought her major appliances from there) so the refrigerator has went out and now their washer…I need to tell her about this!

  11. ellen beck

    We have always really liked Sears a whole lot. Luckily my husband is pretty handy, but, we have taken in the fridge to get fixed before. We bought our appliances at Sears and they were refurbished and are as good as the new ones. One had a small scratch, and the washer had a tiny ding, but they have been on the run for almost 25 years now without a hitch.

  12. I need to look into this. It’s such a pain usually to have to get someone out to fix appliances!

  13. Neeeeeed that. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had appliances repaired. Did you know you shouldn’t wash your crayons in the dishwasher? My kids do now.

  14. Jeanine

    Sounds like a really great package that is really worth having. I think it’s great for those who could use it often especially!

  15. Right now we don’t have any that need maintenance. However, we would love to get a new fridge in the coming months.

  16. Rosey

    The oven could use some maintenance. It didn’t want to start up yesterday, good gravy!

  17. We have used Sears Repair Service for warranty repairs before and they were great. They came out fast and were professional and flexible! Thanks for sharing.

  18. I actually have separate Sears maintenance packages for both our fridge and our dishwasher. I should probably look at the bundled package because that could save us some $$$!

  19. Jenna Wood

    I worked at sears selling appliances in my college years and I was always amazed at how much they educated their employees, AND had a dedicated team of installers and technicians. This is definitely something I’d invest in when upgrading my home or kitchen!

  20. I had no idea that Sears offered a service like this! Appliances are not cheap and this is the perfect way to make sure that they last longer.

  21. It would be so nice to not have any worries about appliances! I love that Sears is offering this.

  22. victoria

    This is absolutely a great package and it really worth it. to have this, My microwave needs a maintenance.

  23. I love that they offer a maintenance package. I will check this out.

  24. Bonnie @wemake7

    Oh gee, I think probably most of our appliances could use some maintenance. This is great they offer this bundle.

  25. Next time I need an appliance I will check out Sears! I didn’t know that they offered this service!

  26. I am so bummed that our local Sears closed and we no longer have one close to us. For major appliances and electronics I always purchase the service package.

  27. I know that sears has had some great programs over the years – I even purchased my last oven and fridge from them, but I didn’t know about this bundled maintenance package! Definitely worth looking in to!

  28. Wow! Sears has out done themselves! This package sounds awesome! I am actually in the market for some new appliances, I will definitely be checking out Sears! Thank for the great info!

  29. I never thought about having a maintenance package on my appliances before. Sounds like a great deal for homeowners

  30. I love Sears for appliances. I have purchased my last few appliances from them. My mother in law has had a service contract with them for the last 20 or 30 years now. She loves them.

  31. Great to see Sears really upping their game by adding such amazing customer service for their appliances. You just never know when something will break and you typically need someone to come out quite quickly to repair things.

  32. Tracey

    This is a great package. There is always piece of mind when you purchase something like this.

  33. We’ve bought most of our appliances at Sears, and all of them are still going strong! I must say though, it would be nice to have the reassurance of a service plan if we ever need it!

  34. Sears is a really a trusted brand. I don’t know much about appliance repairs. So I appreciated their work.

  35. Sears always has amazing products for the home, and I know first hand there customer service and maintenance also are amazing! We dont shop anywhere else!

  36. I feel like maintenance should always come with big purchases like that. No charge. Especially with cars.

  37. This would have been amazing for my mom’s recent purchase of her new dishwasher. It wasn’t installed correctly so it leaked all over her new hardwood floors, ekkkk.

  38. I go to sears all the time and I didn’t know they offered that kind of service. Good to know! My dishwasher could definitely use some love!

  39. Oh my this would be so helpful when we move to our own house, I was worried about maintenance, but I see that there is hope haha

  40. Sears is wonderful! Not only can you buy your appliances there but they can fix them too!

  41. Awesome package. Truly beneficial for all who follow and believe in SEARS. Kudos!

  42. MY washer anddryer have been messed up since I bought them. I could have sued a plan like this one for sure!

  43. The sales rep that we talked to at Sears during our last visit really explained this to us. I think it is important.

  44. I live in a house that we rent and our landlord has people that do everything, but if we ever bought a house this is something I would look into.

  45. Kathy

    This sounds great. My inlaws could use some help with their dishwasher. I’m not sure how old it is, but I know they’ve had it for years. The could probably use some updating to that.

  46. Rebecca Swenor

    Sear us a great place for anyone to get any appliances. This Sears Appliances Bundled Maintenance Package is indeed awesome and I love that the tech will come fix any appliance bought from anywhere. Thanks for sharing this awesome plan.

  47. Crystal Lopez

    Sears is such a great place for homeowners. What a great bundle for super savings too!

  48. Sears has been around forever and when it comes to maintenence Sears is king. We have purchased many of their maintenence plans throughout the years and when needing service have never been dissatisfied.

  49. My dryer needs some maintenance, but the truth is I’m looking to upgrade sometime soon anyways. Most likely, I’ll be purchasing a new dryer and washer at Sears. 🙂

  50. I got this when I purchased my washer from Sears. It’s good to have. I really like this because I got my dryer from somewhere else and ended up getting coverage for it at the same time.

  51. Yona Williams

    Currently, I am waiting for the time when our refrigerator says it’s had it with the world and conks out. Seriously, it acts temperamental and has little quirks.

  52. Jay

    Gorgeous package! It is so cool. Thanks a lot for your time on collecting these.

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