Creative Ways to Upgrade Your Toddler's Room

Creative Ways to Upgrade Your Toddler’s Room

Creative Ways to Upgrade Your Toddler's Room

Now that your baby has reached toddlerhood, there are so many milestones to come. The one-year-old to the three-year-old range is an exciting time of rapid development, but they’ll soon outgrow their nursery. It can be bittersweet to put away the crib, but there are many fun ways to set up a space for your growing child. Here are five creative ways to upgrade your toddler’s room. We hope that this Creative Ways to Upgrade Your Toddler's Room post inspires you. 

Creative Ways to Upgrade Your Toddler's Room

Upgrade to a Toddler Bed

Once your baby is up and moving, it’s time to transition out of the crib into a toddler bed. Toddler beds are typically a smaller version of a twin bed that they can climb into and out of safely. They can make the transition from a crib to a larger bed much more manageable and kids typically use them for a few years before outgrowing them.

As your child grows older, the transition from a toddler bed to a larger bed becomes necessary. For teenage girls, a variety of beds are available that cater to their style and preferences. If you're searching for teenage girls' beds, you can visit here to explore a range of options that offer both comfort and style, ensuring a smooth transition and a space that reflects their personality. These beds provide the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, allowing your teenage girl a comfortable and stylish sleeping environment for years to come.

Many cribs these days transition to toddler beds and you can even use your crib mattress for most. They’re great for introducing the concept of an uncontained bed while still providing safety if your little one decides to get out. It also encourages independence by allowing them to get up on their own instead of waiting for a parent or trying to climb from their crib.

Creative Ways to Upgrade Your Toddler's Room

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Open Up the Space

If your toddler isn’t walking yet, they will be soon. They won’t want to stop once their feet get moving on the ground. Placing their items on the borders of the room will free up space in the middle for your toddler to explore safely. Moving their furniture against the wall creates an open space away from the hard surface. You’ll still want to ensure you adequately cover outlets and include a combination of sturdy and soft surfaces for your child to interact with. You can get mats and toys that encourage walking and exploration to make walking even more exciting.

Toddlers will soon experiment with running, jumping and stepping. While teaching them to run in their room may not be the best decision, you can get indoor stepping stones to help them develop gross motor skills. By upgrading their space to encourage these parts of their growth, you are helping them build a foundation for strength and agility in the future.

Put Safe Items at Eye-Level

As your toddler grows, they’ll want to be more independent. It’s good to safely encourage this independence as it builds their skills and confidence. Safe items include books and toys with no sharp edges or choking hazards. Choosing which toys to play with and to get them on their own will help your child participate in independent play. If they have a sibling close in age or attend an early learning facility, these skills will also help to encourage parallel play since your child won’t feel as limited in their play options.

By putting their toys and books at eye level, your child is likelier to reach for them than less safe or desirable items. When you play with your child, allow them to get the toys and books. For things that aren’t safe to access alone, you can still encourage participation by allowing them to open and close their items under supervision.

Creative Ways to Upgrade Your Toddler's Room

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Add New Decor

As you’re toddler grows, they’ll start finding interest in new and exciting things. You can add unique decorations on their walls and around their room that they’ll enjoy in their new developmental stage. Whether it is a favorite animal, environment or television show, incorporating their interests into their room will help make it more exciting for them. It also encourages their creativity and self-expression.

You don’t have to go overboard since their interest may not be with them long, but encouraging their interests builds their confidence and encourages them to communicate. This is also when they’ll likely become interested in arts and crafts, so you can have them help contribute to the decorations.

Transform the Furniture

Your toddler’s furniture will take new life now that they’re more able to access it. If you haven’t anchored your furniture to the wall yet, now’s the time. No matter how well-behaved your child is, toddlers get curious and you do not want to take that risk. That also includes furniture outside of their room. As your child begins learning to dress themselves, you can move shirts and pants to the bottom dresser drawers for them to choose from. You could also bring in a few pairs of shoes they can work on taking on and off.

Once your toddler is into potty training, remove the changing table and repurpose the top for decor or additional storage. You could even opt to replace a solo changing table with a bookshelf or a cute seating area.

Nursery to a Big-Kid Room

By upgrading your toddler’s room, you can give them the developmental tools they need to conquer this new stage of life. Having a toddler can be exhilarating and exhausting, but with the right tools, you and your child will be able to savor every moment as they fly by. We hope that this Creative Ways to Upgrade Your Toddler's Room post inspires you. Happy decorating!

Creative Ways to Upgrade Your Toddler's Room

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