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Seagate GoFlex 750mb Pro Review

As the Chief Memory Keeper in my family, I am someone who is always paranoid about losing all of my data. I have killed several computers in my time. I have lost important documents, many pictures and lots of other things. There are pictures of my children that I have lost and will never be able to be replaced.

I am also guilty of having way too much stuff on my computer which slows it down considerably. Long ago I used to just delete, delete, delete and often I would delete something that was critical to my computer.

For years I had no idea that any kind of back-up system was in available.Well except for flash drives. And I usually have about 10 of those in my computer bag at any given time. Basically I have things all over the place which makes it very frustrating when I am looking for something in particular.

We have several computers in our house. In fact, we have six of them. This is kind of embarrassing considering only five people live in our house. One of them is three years old and could care less about computers.

Anyway, needless to say we have tons of stuff to back up. We could really use a central place to keep all of our information. Enter the Seagate GoFlex 750mb Pro.

From “The GoFlex ultra-portable drive easily stores and backs up all of your files. The core of the GoFlex storage system, you can upgrade this extremely versatile drive to a faster interface or even access your drive on your TV, network, or by pairing it with other GoFlex storage system products. Plus, preloaded software lets you get started quickly.”

Key Features of the Seagate GoFlex 750mb Pro:
750GB capacity allows you to comfortably store all your files
Store up to 94 HD movies, 333 standard definition movies, 187,500 four-minute songs or 375,000 4.0-megapixel photos
Easily protect your data with automatic backup software
Keep your most important files private with software encryption technology
Experience fast data transfer with a USB 2.0 interface
Get started quickly with pre-loaded software – no discs
Windows 7 compatible; works with 64-bit operating systems
Plug & Play with Windows operating system
Share files with your Mac (Mac users will need to reformat the drive to HFTS+ if they want to use Apple Timemachine)
Save energy with an environmentally smart utility that can power down your drive when it's not in use
Ready to go right out of the box; includes cables and software
Enjoy peace of mind with a 2-year limited warranty

I was able to get this thing out of the box and start backing up our info in less than 10 minutes. The software is incredibly user friendly.

PROS: Simple, Fast, Holds it all. Very portable in case you want to carry it around. We have two Macs in our house and we were able to back up everything from the Mac and PC.

CONS: You will need to take some time to organize your files but hey, at least they backed up, right?

Over 200 Five Star reviews on don't lie, the Seagate GoFlex 750mb Pro is worth every penny and more!

DISCLOSURE: I was provided with the Seagate GoFlex 750mb Pro to review, plus a Seagate GoFlex Ultra 500 for giveaway and a stipend for my time.

Stay tuned for a Seagate GoFlex giveaway coming soon!

Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 750GB USB 2.0 Ultra-Portable Hard Drive

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  1. ellen

    Seagate is one of the brands I really trust! I remember way back when there was hardly any room on a HD that was standard install. Boy, I thought I was something when my husband put in another 250GB HD (it held all of my digital scrapbook stuff) Nowdays they have terrabytes (sp) and amazing speeds.
    I have yet to get an external HD, but if I did, it would be Seagate! Great review! (and sorry about the pics you lost 🙁 )

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