Apple Watch: Revolutionising Gaming as We Know It

Apple Watch: Revolutionising Gaming as We Know It

Apple Watch: Revolutionising Gaming as We Know It

Apple was founded in 1976 and operated out of Steve Jobs’ parents’ garage in its earliest incarnation as a small start-up. The company began with the Apple 1 product, which was aimed at hobbyists and required the customer to add their monitor, keyboard, and case to the motherboard and processor. This would eventually lead to the first Apple Macintosh in 1983, which was popular with graphic design professionals but priced out of the market for many, meaning it could not compete with IBM or Microsoft products. We hope that this Apple Watch: Revolutionising Gaming as We Know It post inspires you. 

Apple Watch: Revolutionising Gaming as We Know It

Throughout the 1990s, Apple tried numerous new products, many of which failed dismally. It was only upon the return of Steve Jobs as CEO in 1997 that the fortunes of the company began to turn around. Jobs managed to tap into the zeitgeist and spearheaded the development of a range of products that would dominate their markets for years to come – the iPod, iPad, and iPhone. Since launching the first of these, Apple has gone from strength to strength as a market leader for mobile electronic devices. Most recently, the Apple Watch has taken convenience and portability to new levels.

Apple Watch: Revolutionising Gaming as We Know It

Apple smartwatches

The Apple Watch smartwatch series has now reached its sixth incarnation, with the release of the Apple Watch Series 6 and the Apple Watch SE. Both retain all the great features customers have come to expect from an Apple Watch plus some new additions, including fitness tracking, a cellular option for calling and texting, and even a feature that identifies when you should wash your hands and for how long. The Apple Watch SE is more affordable, with a few fewer features and a different processor.

Apple has also begun to tap into the lucrative mobile gaming market by providing a range of simple but addictive games that can be played directly through the smartwatch. While the low screen resolution and minimal options for controllers mean more complex games will have to wait, there are plenty of great games available at the App Store that have been optimized to be played through the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch: Revolutionising Gaming as We Know ItPopular games to play

As on-the-go gaming is at an all-time high with many people wanting to play games whilst commuting, waiting in queues, or even just a quick game sitting at home, handheld devices including the Apple watch have had to develop their features so handheld gaming could be more accessible. Apple has optimized their products, both iPhones and Apple watches to make the devices more ‘gamer friendly’ and suitable for games, and now more than ever, people are using these devices to play their games on the go. Below we have listed some of the most popular games available on Apple watches.


Lifeline is an interactive adventure game that takes place in real time. The text-based format delivers messages to the user from a virtual character who is stranded on an alien planet. The player must help the character perform a series of tasks to help them get back to safety. Each task takes a specific amount of time to complete once begun, and the character will check back in with the player as soon as each task is complete.


Elevate – Brain Training is a great game for those who like a mental workout each day. The rapid-fire daily challenges have players testing their vocabulary and mathematics skills against the clock. Each test has just three quick questions, making this ideal for those moments when there are a few minutes to kill. Players are awarded bonus points within the app for their EPQ ranking.

Pocket Bandit

Pocket Bandit is a simple yet effective against-the-clock game, in which players use the Digital Crown on their watch to turn the dials on a virtual safe and try to crack the code that will open the door. There are more than 100 safes, utilizing the unique capabilities of the watch’s hardware to deliver a distinctive and addictive quick game. 


Rules! for the Apple Watch is a variation on the popular game of the same name previously released for the iPhone. Players are given a series of memory tasks based on a grid of cards featuring a variety of characters in different colors, facing in different directions, with different numbers and other features players must try to recall. The smaller screen size means this is necessarily a simpler version of the game, as there is only space for a two-by-two grid of cards rather than three-by-three, but the quick puzzles and daily challenges are still tricky enough to get the brain working.

The size and resolution of the screen on an Apple Watch means that those looking for extended play sessions or more complex, engrossing games will probably be better off sticking to their iPhones for gaming. However, developers have released a comprehensive range of bite-size games that are perfect for those who just want a quick five-minute brain workout or want to spend five minutes doing something fun. We hope that this Apple Watch: Revolutionising Gaming as We Know It post inspires you. Good luck!

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