Rock out with Google Chromecast Audio from Best Buy

Rock out with Google Chromecast Audio from BestBuy

Rock out with Google Chromecast Audio from Best Buy
Rock out with Google Chromecast Audio from Best Buy

We are music lovers in this family. At any time if you come over to our home, you will almost always hear music playing. I constantly listen to music while working, working out, cleaning and really just hanging out at the house. Also judging from the amount of speakers around here, you could most definitely say that we are audio enthusiasts.

We seriously love our music around here. All three of my kids play instruments and sing. I sing at the top of my lungs whenever possible to anyone and everyone that will listen (LOL). My husband graduated from music school so you can see that there is a pattern. Any time is a good time for music. Have you had the chance to Rock out with Google Chromecast Audio from Best Buy?

Rock out with Google Chromecast Audio from Best Buy

Rock out with Google Chromecast Audio from Best Buy

To this day, I am still amazed at how easy it is to get music in your home with great quality sound. Years ago, houses used to have to be wired throughout to produce a sound quality that people really wanted. That is no longer the case thanks to the amazing technology of bluetooth or wireless speakers and to products like Google Chromecast Audio.

Google Chromecast Audio

With Google Chromecast Audio, you can play music on your speakers, new or old, wirelessly from your phone, laptop or tablet because Chromecast Audio uses WiFi instead of Bluetooth, you can stream crystal clear hi res sound.

Listen to your favorite tunes on your speaker

By using your phone, it’s easy to play, pause, or change the volume from anywhere in the home. And while streaming, you can still text or call without interrupting what's playing or draining your battery.

I love being able to use my phone while playing my favorite songs. Google Chromecast Audio makes it easy to do everything that I want to do while listening to music that I love.

Rock out with Google Chromecast Audio from Best BuyCrystal clear sound, powered by the cloud

Use Google Chromecast Audio to stream over Wi-Fi which has many advantages over Bluetooth including higher sound quality. The sound quality is amazing and being able to stream over Wi-Fi means that there is no interruption when rocking out to my favorite songs.

Enjoy hundreds of your favorite audio apps

Stream millions of songs, radio stations, and podcasts through apps like Pandora, Spotify, YouTube Music, and Google Play Music. Find more at

I have my Google Play song lists that I love to listen to and now with Google Chromecast Audio I can listen to my faves at any time.

Rock out with Google Chromecast Audio from Best BuyPlay music everywhere with Multi-room

Now you can easily fill every room in your home with synchronous music. Simply group Chromecast Audio devices together so you can listen to the same song on multiple speakers.

I absolutely love this feature because being able to play the same song throughout the entire house is such a cool thing. This is how we wake our kids up every single morning.

Rock out with Google Chromecast Audio from Best Buy

Who do you know that would LOVE Google Chromecast Audio?

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

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  1. I cannot wait to try this! We have an old chrome cast and it doesn’t do nearly as much stuff as this one does. Sounds like it is a lot more than what the old one does.

  2. Ann Bacciaglia

    I love my Google Chromecast Audio. It makes listening to my favorites so easy. It makes a great gift as well.

  3. My Teen Guide

    I totally love my chrome cast, I can’t start a good. morning without nusic from iTunes.

  4. Karlyn Cruz

    I’ve heard from one of my friend about this Chromecast and I can’t really wait to try my own this weekend.

  5. I’ve been hearing so much about the Google Chromecast. We love listening to music and maybe it’s time I get one for my family.

  6. I’ve been reading about these everywhere! Very tempted to pick one up now.

  7. I love the packaging of the item. I’ll definitely consider it

  8. I’ve had my eye on that Google Chromecast for a few days. I love how portable it is. Sounds like there’s a trip to BestBuy in my future.

  9. I love how compact it is and how well it works… I’ll have to get one soon for my home, we could use something like this : )

  10. adriana

    I’ve heard such awesome things about this! I’m thinking I may need to try it out, it looks awesome! Thanks for sharing this!

  11. uprunforlife

    I love our Google Chromecast. WE need to invest in the chromecast audio now.

  12. The Chromecast looks and sounds awesome! I have been looking for a new way to listen to music in the house!

  13. I remember the movie I watched before. It is about the Family Von Trappe who loves to sing. Well, if you know the movie “Sounds of Music,” it is what I am talking about. That is the first time that I have heard of Chromecast. Looks like a good buy for someone who loves music.

  14. We are music lovers here too . Like there was never a day that we never listened to music. I would love to have the Chromecast Audio. Gotta tell the hubs about it. 😉

  15. I got one too and I’m loving it. I’m planning to give the other set to my inlaws. This google chromecast audio is imply awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  16. jo

    Wow! Chromecast just got better! I never expected they’d come out with that. Listening to same songs in different rooms? I guess it’ll be karaoke night here at home every night! LOL! So excited to check this out in Best Buy!

  17. I’ve heard so many great things about Chromecast and been thinking of getting one myself. I love how easy it is to use and the multi room option.

  18. I keep hearing so much about these chromecasts. I’ll have to grab one eventually!

  19. Everyone is talking about this! I really need to check it out for myself. It’s something my husband would love.

  20. Gabriel

    Interesting – I’ve never been able to tell the difference between various formats of music from a quality standpoint, but I’ll admit to a tin ear, even if I love music. Options are always good.

  21. A friend of mine has this and she sdaid her kidsjust love it. It would be a nice gift for Christmas .

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