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Giraffe Ring Holder Dish

Giraffe Ring Holder Dish

Are you looking for a hand ring holder or a DIY ring holder? I love being able to make personalized gifts for people. There is just something so satisfying about knowing someone and picking the absolute perfect gift for them. Gift-giving is an art and I truly enjoy this art. This ring dish is easy to make and can be personalized in so many ways. The supplies were only a few dollars in total and everything came from the dollar store including the giraffe which was in the kid's toy section. We hope that this Giraffe Ring Holder Dish craft post inspires you.

Giraffe Ring Holder Dish

Giraffe Ring Holder Dish | DIY Hand Ring Holder | 


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Giraffe Ring Holder DishGiraffe Ring Holder DishGiraffe Ring Holder Dish Complete


  1. Start by painting your saucer white using your acrylic paint and paintbrush, I did about 3 coats.
  2. While that is drying start painting your giraffe gold, using your gold paint and paint brush, I did 3 coats.
  3. Once both are dry, place glue on the bottom of the giraffe and place it in the center of the saucer.
  4. I keep mine on my nightstand and use it for my rings and earrings that I wear often.

Giraffe Ring Holder Dish Final

Giraffe Ring Holder Dish

This is such a fun craft. We did this for a mom's night event and had everyone pick their favorite animal to make a cute dish. We selected several different colors of paint and paint trim and even did different dish sizes. Someone made an entire set of animal dishes and it looks so good. It was such a fun time and the ring dishes look great. This would be great for a teacher appreciation gift or a Mother's Day gift because it's something that kids can easily make but it looks really good. We hope that this Giraffe Ring Holder Dish craft post inspires you.

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