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Revising Your Laundry Routine

Revising Your Laundry Routine

Are you guilty of being a laundry over-doser? If so, you’re not alone.  A recent survey* found that one in four adults say they use more than the recommended dose of detergent because it makes their laundry cleaner.  In addition, one third of adults guess how much laundry detergent to use and one in four say they always fill the scoop/cap to the top, regardless of the dosage instructions.  Furthermore, consumers are slow to change their laundry habits, with 60 percent of adults having learned how to do laundry from their mothers and forty percent of adults having never changed their laundry habits because they've never seen a reason to.

P&G wants to help you by providing some basic laundry 101 tips and help the environment by introducing a breakthrough in sustainable innovation that helps you become more future friendly – full conversion to compacted powder laundry detergents across the following brands: Tide, Gain, Cheer and Dreft.

P&G’s compacted powder laundry detergents have been designed to reduce waste, save energy and save water without a trade-off in value or performance.  In fact, some have improved – Tide traditional top-loader formulas have enhanced stain removal, while Gain formulas deliver a joyful scent experience and more freshness with added perfume microcapsule technology. With these detergents, one can enjoy the same number of loads per carton while achieving great performance in fabric care and creating a positive impact on the environment.

Laundry 101

  • Proper Dosing: With the new compacted powder laundry detergents, use 1/3 less detergent than previous non-compacted versions. This lower amount is reflected in a new scoop size in the compacted detergent boxes, as well as within the usage instructions included on the package.
  • Sort This Way: Sort oranges with reds, purples, and bright blues; navies with blacks; and creams with tans.
  • Got a stain?: Find quick, step-by-step cleaning instructions from the experts at Tide and the laundry rooms of people like you at
  • Liquid Softener Know-How: To help prevent staining, avoid pouring liquid softener directly on fabrics, as it’s usually direct contact that causes spotting or staining. Instead, use the automatic dispenser in your washer.  If you don’t have one, simply add your fabric softener to the rinse cycle.
  • Don’t Over Dry-It: Avoid overdrying. Too much heat can set wrinkles, shrink certain cottons and wear out dark-colored fabrics.

P&G’s powder compaction detergents deliver meaningful benefits, but also allow you to do your part to help the environment.  By compacting the entire carton powder laundry detergent line-up, if you dose as recommended, the following benefits are possible:

For you…

  • Offers you a convenient product that is easier to carry, handle and store, with the same number of loads per package as the previous non-compacted powder laundry detergents
  • The compacted powder laundry detergents are available in a variety of trusted P&G brands, including Tide, Gain, Cheer and Dreft
  • Enhanced stain removal with Tide and additional freshness via perfume microcapsule technology with Gain

For the environment…

  • P&G’s compaction of its carton powder laundry detergents can help save up to 22 million pounds of total packaging annually
  • Saves up to four million GJs of energy each year, or the equivalent of the energy needed to provide 34 thousand average homes with electricity annually
  • Saves up to three billion liters of water during production and disposal of the detergent each year, or enough to fill up to 1,224 Olympic-sized swimming pools

For added convenience, P&G’s compacted powder laundry detergents are available online via various eRetailers, including the P&G eStore (  And, from now until May 31, eStore is offering a savings of $4.00 when you purchase four or more P&G Future Friendly products (,default,sc.html?srule=top-sellers&cm_mmc=FutureFriendly-_-Site-_-Site+Placement-_-JewelSMR) that help save water, save energy and reduce waste.

So leave outdated laundry ways behind – take the plunge and commit to a new laundry room routine today.  Taking this small step will help you do your part to reduce waste, save energy and save water in your home.  Not only will you set a great example for your family, but the environment will thank you for it!

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  1. I’ll take all of the laundry tips I can get around here. We are a 3 huge loads of clothes every
    day kind of family. It’s wearing me out keeping up with it.

  2. won

    Yeah me! I knew the whole list.

    And I love P&G…they used my late daughter in one of their ad campaigns many years ago. They’ve won my heart 😉

  3. I’ve definitely noticed how less detergent is necessary to wash a load. I do 3 loads every other day.

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