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Rapid Renewal Challenge

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I am someone who has very dry skin. When I say dry, I mean I can scratch my arm and flakes will come off. At least in the winter. I am also always on the go so I need something that works well with my skin and doesn't take a lot of time to apply.

Your busy day-to-day can take a serious toll on the quality of your skin. I spend a lot of time moisturizing my skin so it doesn't always feel quite so dry.

Recently, I took the Rapid Renewal Challenge, by using the new Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion. My before & after results are (XX).


Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion in Total Moisture lotion leaves your skin feeling healthy, soft and smooth. Our clean feel formula combines pure oat extract + Stratys-3TM multi-layer moisture infusing moisture at the top, core and deep down layers of the skin,* absorbing quickly–without greasiness. You can feel the difference in just three weeks!

  • Pure Oat Extract + Stratys-3
  • Multi-Layer Moisture
  • Caring for Skin Since 1870
  • Moisturizes skin up to 100%
  • Leaves skin soft and smooth

Vaseline at Family Dollar


Thanks to Vaseline found at Family Dollar, you can find an affordable solution for dryness and see healed skin in just 3 weeks! Starting 11/3/14, print your coupon and bring it in-store for $1.00 off the new Intensive Care Lotion.


One lucky reader of The Divine Miss Mommy will win a $50 gift card for Family Dollar so that you can do your own Rapid Renewal Challenge with Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion. To enter, tell us who will take the Rapid Renewal Challenge and why.

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Sponsored post by Lunchbox, all opinions are 100% my own.


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  1. I love the Vaseline brand for myself. Its so soothing for dry skin!

  2. My youngest has very dry skin. It’s pretty bad in the winter. We’ve tried some of the Vaseline products and they did help.

  3. This stuff works wonders during the winter it def helps with the dry skin on the elbows and knees for me. 🙂

  4. I have always have some Vaseline on hand, it has so many great uses. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  5. I have been using Vaseline lotion for years. I love it and it really works.

  6. I would take the Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion Rapid Renewal Challenge with my mom as she has super dry skin!

  7. This is the time of year I really need this. Love their products.

  8. Mary Happymommy

    I would take the challenge because I could use some moisturizing, especially now with the weather getting colder.

  9. shelly peterson

    I would take the challenge because my hands get super dry during the winter season.

  10. Audra O'Hara

    I should take the challenge. My hands get so dried out this time of year; they are prone to crack and can get very itchy and sore.

  11. Stephanie Phelps

    I would take the challenge with my husband we both have very dry skin that gets worse in the winter!

  12. Samantha C.

    My kids because our house is so dry!

  13. Katherine

    My husband since he works outside alot during the winter

  14. Kelly D

    I would take the Rapid Renewal Challenge with Vaseline to help my dry winter skin.

  15. I need this so bad. I swear my skin just keeps getting drier by the day with this winter weather.

  16. Elle

    I would take the challenge because I have dry skin especially in the colder months.

  17. I have Vaseline lotion on my desk as I type this. It’s my go-to lotion, especially in the wintertime.

  18. The only lotion I can use for my dry skin is Vaseline. It is the only one I trust.

  19. Candace B

    I would take the challenge because my skin becomes extremely dry during the winter, but is typically mildly dry throughout the year.

  20. HS

    I would take the Rapid Renewal Challenge with Vaseline because my skin gets very dry in winter.

  21. This is a great lotion! I’ve been using ti for a week now and the change in my skin is amazing!

  22. Love Vaseline! Should take this challenge my skin would be forever grateful!

  23. Can’t go wrong with vaseline products. My skin is dry right now. I need to go get some.

  24. Vaseline is my go to product for dryness. I’ve used it longer than I can remember!

  25. Pam

    I love Vaseline lotions! My hands get really dry and so do my heels, but Vaseline products always take care of it.

  26. My skin gets so dry this time of the year. I will have to pick up some Vaseline Intensive care lotion.

  27. I would take the challenge with my daughter. We both have dry skin ever since we turned on the gas heat.

  28. I have some of the new Intensive Care lotion from Vaseline and I am loving it.

  29. mita

    Love Vaseline products. My skin gets dry in winter, need to go get some.

  30. I have the world’s driest skin and Vaseline is one of the few products that works well! It’s a must-have during these cold winters!

  31. Soha MOlina

    I;d take this challenge because my skin is very very dry on the winter.

  32. I’d take the challenge! My skin gets horribly dry in winter.

  33. I would totally do this challenge with Vaseline. It’s not even really cold yet, and my hands are a wreck.

  34. I always get so dry and scaly during the winter. All I seem to do is moisturize. I’ll have to try this one from Vaseline!

  35. Leigh Anne Borders

    I would love to take this challenge! Every winter I get dry skin and it is just awful! I need something that will work!

  36. I do use Vaseline lotions. They are really great on my skin

  37. Erin M.

    My husband and kids, we have really dry skin

  38. Stephanie

    i have dry skin and this lotion helps

  39. Cynthia R

    I would take the challenge because my legs and hands get so dry during the winter.

  40. What an awesome challenge! I am a huge fan of Vasaline.

  41. Rosey

    I think my husband would be a good candidate for the challenge. He works outside and gets really rough hands.

  42. I bet Vaseline would do wonders for my hands! Thanks for the giveaway too!

  43. Thanks so much for the coupon and rapid rewards. Love saving money for great products like Vaseline! They are the best!

  44. Lori M

    my husband has very dry skin, i would have him try it first but i would also do it too.

  45. I’d take it with my whole family! My kids have both inherited my dry skin, and my hubs works outside, so his skin is rough too!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  46. sherri crawford

    i would because my always dry skin is worse in winter

  47. Heather Hayes Panjon

    I Would Take The Challenge With My Husband We Have Very Dry Skin In The Winter.

  48. Rae Jean Wycoff

    my daughter as her hands always crack open.

  49. I would be willing to take the Rapid Renewal Challenge with Vaseline. I live in Northern Maine and because of the harsh winters I have dry dry skin and need to use a moisturizer and Vaseline has been around before I was born and is a staple in our home. Thanks for sharing this review and giveaway.

  50. debbie

    I think my daughter and I would take this challenge. The winter heats dries both of us out horribly.

  51. My daughter would. Poor thing really suffers in the winter.

  52. June Lisle

    I need rapid renewal! I would take the challenge because my skin is dry, itchy, and cracked on my hands.

  53. Barbara Montag

    I would take this challenge with Vaseline because it’s winter and my skin needs help!
    thank you

  54. Crystal

    I’d love to take the challenge – winter is rough on skin!

  55. Allison Downes

    I would take the Rapid Renewal Challenge with Vaseline because I get dry skin.

    Thank you for the chance to win

  56. I would because I hate dry winter skin.

  57. Susan Christy

    My sister – we both have dry skin.

  58. laurie

    i took the challenge and it really helped my skin

  59. I would take the Rapid Renewal Challenge with Vaseline because my skin tends to get dry, especially in cold weather. :O

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