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Ditto Alleviates the Problem of Missing Calls & Messages or Leaving a Phone Behind

DittoThis is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ditto by Simple Matters for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have a problem. I am constantly missing calls and messages on my phone. I also always lose my phone somewhere in my house which almost always costs me time looking for it.

Now there is Ditto which alleviates the problem of missing calls and messages. It also helps when you leave a phone behind.


Ditto is a tiny, sleek clip-on device (the size of a thumbprint), that notifies you of important calls, messages and notifications, so you don’t have to worry about hearing your phone ring or feeling it vibrate

Ditto vibrates whenever someone you’ve flagged as important tries to contact you and it customizes vibrations to identify who the notification is from, or what kind of notification it is – email, text or phone.

Ditto acts as an invisible tether for your phone, alerting you if you accidentally leave your phone behind. Ditto can also be used as a silent alarm that wakes you up through subtle vibration without disturbing your partner. I need this.

Ditto can be clipped or placed almost anywhere on your body: a pocket, waistband, bra strap,shirt or elsewhere. Ditto can also be attached to a wristband included with each device comes with a free app, available for iOS and Android, which allows customization of settings

Ditto is tiny (22 x 37 x 10mm), ultra lightweight (8 grams), and waterproof, so it can be worn while at the gym, or even while swimming. Ditto is powered by an inexpensive coin cell battery (CR1632), which lasts for many months; you’ll get a notification when it needs to be replaced.

Just wear Ditto close to your body and don't worry about checking your phone every 10 minutes. You'll feel it vibrate when someone you've chosen as important is trying to reach you. Stop missing calls or messages because you didn't hear your phone ring or feel it vibrate because it was in your purse, or left on mute while being charged.


Ditto is Available Now for Order on Kickstarter and has become the Simplest and Most Discreet Way to Stay Connected. Ditto will begin shipping in the first quarter of 2015. Ditto can be pre-ordered from October 28 to November 25 on Kickstarter.

Ditto is available at an introductory price of $29. Multiple units cost even less — $49 for 2, $69 for 3. Comes in white, black and clear



Ditto uses Bluetooth Low Energy, which transmits at a fraction of the power of a cell phone. This is below the “no test” level defined by the FDA and FCC and is exempt from SAR testing.


The tether’s distance is determined by the wearer’s environment. In most cases, a user would be notified around 100 feet out from their device. This means users have flexibility in moving around their office, gym or home without having to have their phones on them to stay connected.


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Don't forget Ditto is Available Now for Order on Kickstarter

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