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Quilo Aviance: An All Seasons Air Climatizer

Quilo Aviance: An All Seasons Air ClimatizerQuilo Aviance: An All Seasons Air Climatizer

This 4-in-1 device works as an air purifier, cooler, humidifier and fan. The Quilo Aviance Air Climatizer can be used all year round and is the perfect alternative for maintaining and regulating indoor air in an environment-friendly manner. We hope that you enjoy this Quilo Aviance: An All Seasons Air Climatizer post. 

Quilo Aviance: An All Seasons Air Climatizer Quilo Aviance: An All Seasons Air ClimatizerThe world’s first climatizer, which actively eliminates allergens and pollutants in a radius of up to 300 square feet, Quilo Aviance comes fitted with multiple novel contraptions that filter out the purest air and kill 99.9% of the viruses and bacteria passing through the vents. Certified with a U.S. Innovation Patent, Quilo invented the world’s first Interchangeable Filter Cartridges ideal for air purification, cooling and humidification.  This is a standout feature of the Quilo Air Climatizer, which provides an added layer of protection against pathogens, especially for those who are hypersensitive and prone to allergies.

Quilo Aviance: An All Seasons Air Climatizer 4-in-1 Appliance

The Quilo Aviance comes in a small and compact body with a unit size of 39.6 x 14.4 x 14.4 inches that can fit anywhere without taking up much space. It is potable and can be easily moved within the house owing to its small and light body. Its 4-in-1 features ensure that this one unit can replace your bulky air conditioners and purifiers, thus saving up a lot of space. The Smart Auto-Mode of the appliance automatically detects the air quality, temperature and humidity conditions and adjusts internal fan speed and water pump settings for a truly automated air comfort experience.

Quilo Aviance: An All Seasons Air Climatizer

Triple-Layered Air Purification System 

Snap on the HEPA Filter and experience pristine air quality filtered at three levels to eliminate 99.9% of unwanted allergens and dust particles. The 300 CADR Triple stage True HEPA Air Purifier with Activated Carbon and UV-C Light. The UV-C Light helps in removing airborne bacteria, viruses, pathogens. 

Quilo Aviance comes fitted with Activated Carbon Pre-Filter which traps and eliminates VOCs and absorbs all harmful gases and odors. Next is the detachable HEPA filter that can trap 99.7% of all airborne particles to ensure that your indoor air quality remains fresh, crisp and healthy. Finally, the UV-C Sanitizing Light adds a final layer of protection against sickness causing germs, viruses and pathogens. 

Using the Remote Control, you can change or adjust the settings whenever you like for your ideal comfort environment.

Quilo Aviance Humidifier 

The Humidifier Mode comes with a Water Tank size of 42 pints (approximately 20 litres) and humidification capacity of 65 pints per day. The Tower Fan and Cooler mode come with airflow of 470 CFM and air velocity 8m/s up to 18 feet to ensure that every corner of the room gets maximum airflow and cooling. A unique feature of the appliance is that the humidifier quickly boosts the humidity level in a room to approximately 40-50% RH. 

Quilo Aviance: An All Seasons Air Climatizer Quilo Aviance: An All Seasons Air ClimatizerA Unique Tower Fan

The all-in-1 appliance also comes with a tower fan mode, which helps in better air ventilation. The tower fan has the capacity to throw air up to 18 feet with an air velocity of 8m/s. The tower fan also has an airflow rate of 470 CFM. 

Smart Auto Mode

Quilo’s unique auto mode instantly recognizes the cartridge inserted and activates the relevant functions. It comes with auto-sensors that identify the atmospheric conditions and adjust their settings to optimize the airflow, cooling and fan speed. 

The in-built sensors adjust to ambient temperatures and other sensitivities in the environment to deliver the best output. Alternatively, you can also choose to customize your settings according to your comfort. 


Quilo Aviance is an all-season climatizer that is easy to use, clean, move and maintain. It is also an environment-friendly product that saves energy and its dynamic LED display is a handy feature that alerts the user of the temperature, air quality and sets off a low-water alarm. Its energy saving settings are good for the environment and your wallet.

The Quilo Aviance or 2.0 is available at 50% on Kickstarter, but the limited period discount is quickly running out! 

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