Airocide - Revolutionary Air Purification Technology for the Home

Airocide – Revolutionary Air Purification Technology for the Home

Airocide with CoverTo reduce food spoilage on the Space Shuttle, NASA developed an air purification system. This system is called the Airocide and is revolutionary air purification technology.

The Airocide is a device that removes bacteria, viruses and allergens in a given space resulting in an area free of odors and fumes. It has a number of uses in many markets. In the home, it is an aid for allergy and asthma sufferers and gives those weakened by illness healthier air to breathe. If you were to use it in a medical office or hospital, it removes micro-organisms from the air to provide a cleaner environment for the patient and caregiver.

Airocide is not a filter and produces no ozone. The effects of ultraviolet germicidal irradiation and photo-catalytic oxidation are combined to oxidize harmful micro-organisms to carbon dioxide and water vapor. This is done by pulling contaminated air into the Airocide and over the reactor bed. A catalyst and ultraviolet light work together to break down contaminates in the air to a gaseous stage.

Airocide with Cover on sideThe device is simple to install. It can be mounted to the wall with a wall mount accessory, or a floor stand. It's operation is simple. It plugs into an ordinary wall socket. The unit should be mounted from one to eight feet above the ground for optimal results. To maintain the unit, the reaction plate should be replaced about once a year or when the indicator light comes on.

Wherever fruits and vegetables are kept, Airocide can eliminate common mold from the space resulting in a longer shelflife for produce. In the funeral parlor, it breaks down formaldehyde in the air, keeping it at a lower level. In the veterinary field, it reduces the level of viruses and other harmful micro-organisms that may harm pets who are weakened from illness.

Wine tainted with a musty odor is the result of tribromoanisole (TBA) and tetrachloroanisole (TCA). The Australian Wine Research Institute has shown that these two compounds are most responsible for tainted or musty wine. TBA's and TCA's almost always come from the cork closures or the oak barrels the wine is stored in. The Airocide reduces these two compounds to increase wine quality.


I am someone who suffers with allergies almost year round. I hate it! I never experienced anything like this until I moved to Georgia. I go through a lot of allergy medicine every year. My children also suffer from allergies and although they don't get it as bad as I do, I still hear the sneezes, the sniffly noses and the occasional eye watering.

Once we installed the Airocide and let it run for about a day, I noticed that I felt a little less sniffly and after a few days, I realized that I hadn't taken any allergy medicine once.

After one month, one pretty much free of allergies month, I am loving the Airocide. My home smells great but most of all, my children haven't had any problems either. Nothing at all!

The Airocide is sleek and well designed so that it looks great in any room. I cannot imagine not having it and I can honestly say that it works better than anything else I have tried in my house. We LOVE it!


Whether you suffer from allergies, have asthma or simply want everyone in your home to breathe clear air, you can now try the Airocide risk-free for 60 days. With Airocide, you didn’t know you could feel this good. They guarantee it.

I was provided with an Airocide for review purposes.

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