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The pure jill Collection at J.Jill

J.Jill Pure JillGeneric SPI am a fan of J.Jill and I have been for quite a while. I love the simple yet chic style and I especially love that the clothing feels good while I am wearing it. J.Jill takes colors that look great on anyone and matches them with textures that everyone wants to wear. They combine these things into some of my favorite clothing and into clothing that lasts wash after wash.



J.Jill is easy, relaxed and inspired style. J.Jill believes that fashion should compliment a woman’s full, rich life — allowing her to be stylish, unique and on-trend. Their clothing, accessories and footwear are designed to help you build a ready- for-anything wardrobe with pieces that seamlessly transition from season to season. J.Jill strives to “uncomplicate” fashion for their customers and this is their guiding philosophy and promise to women.

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If you look at the J.Jill website, you will notice separates that are designed to go with each other and they come in a variety of color choices. I love the sweaters, leggings and dresses. In fact, I prefer to travel in J.Jill clothing because the clothing provides an extra level of comfort.

The ultra soft new boucle texture of the Pure Jill Plush Collection was seen all over the runway this year and the results are fabulous. The Pure Jill collection offers a relaxed yet sophisticated  silhouette with mix and match pieces within the collection providing a familiar and comfortable style.

The collection offers sweaters, scarves, cardigans, hoodies, outwear, shoes and more. Finding your favorite plush pieces could not be easier.


on the essence of pure jill

“the essence of pure jill is to create the essential most beautiful forms and then render them in the best quality fabrics we can.”

on fabrics

“fabric is so important to the collection, it’s how we feel when we wear it and touch it. it’s a key element in the design and often where we start from.”

on color

“like all of pure jill our color direction is inspired by nature and art to be harmonious and sophisticated. We love indigo because it’s a variable color that changes with time and age depending on how it’s worn and treated so the pieces continue to evolve.”

on shape

“because our design aesthetic is so clean, the volume and the way a piece drapes on the body becomes very important. All the shapes we offer in the line give the customer the freedom to dress to her body. to really customize her pure jill wardrobe to meet the demands of her day and be comfortable and move with ease throughout.”

on the details

“the details really elevate the pure jill product and our attention to detail makes the collection unique. we wanted the garments to be as beautiful on the inside as is it on the outside. it’s subtle and quiet but beautiful and powerful. in pure jill seams end up being used as forms of embellishment and i love the shell and wood buttons which lend variety and uniqueness because of their natural origins.”

on wardrobing

“sweaters are a key component of the pure jill collection as they lend interest and texture because the collection base is so purposefully quiet. what’s interesting is we’ve taken architectural shapes, like our iconic kimono sweater and rendered it in a soft fabric and it creates an entirely new silhouette.”

“what we call the essentials are really key pieces and foundation of the collection, from the leggings, to the tunics, and kimonos. what I love is as the pure jill collection broadens it allows our customers to build on proportion play through the day with various layering pieces and create a wardrobe that is really unique to her.”

on accessories

“accessories are to me, a form of self expression, it tells a story about where they’ve been, where they want to be and who they are. because we incorporate all these raw and natural materials there are slight variations in every piece, and it’s those subtle variations and imperfect shapes, when paired together look perfect”

“our footwear follows the same design ethos and aesthetic, timeless design with a focus on comfort and quality. They are easy to wear with round toe shapes, lower profiles and slip on or slingbacks. again it’s the details that really make the quiet impact, like the whipstitching on our boots and ballet flats which give an hand crafted feel.”

on the essence of pure jill

“pure jill is perfectly imperfect elegance. comfortable, comforting and confident.”


Now, you can get 30% off any full-priced item from the pure jill collection through November 30, 2014, with the code MOPJ30. Happy Shopping!


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  1. This collection looks really comfy! Perfect attire for the fall!

  2. The Pure Jill collection looks so comfy – I really like the open sweaters.

  3. I love, LOVE J. Jill clothes. I haven’t shopped there in a while and now I am inspired to go on a shopping spree soon!!

  4. deb

    I haven’t shopped at J.Jill in years, but this collection is inspiring me to go shopping soon. I love how comfy everything looks.

  5. Jeanine

    Wow everything looks so comfortable and warm! Perfect for Canadian weather! Never heard of purejill before but it all looks so great!

  6. I love J. JIll and have been obsessed with leggings. Looks like I’ll have to stop in to get some more tops!

  7. Catherine S

    All the outfits look really nice. They look so warm and comfortable I may have to go shopping.

  8. It looks like pure comfort! I’ll have to take a look because they seem snuggly and perfect for cooler weather.

  9. Pam

    I love how simple these clothes are. They look so comfortable and they would go with almost anything you already owned!

  10. I love the combo of comfy and style. I could totally wear these pieces

  11. The thing I love about J. Jill is that their clothes are classic. They don’t try too hard like some other brands do.

  12. I love all those sweaters. The styles are fantastic

  13. I really liked the first sweater with the leggings. I may have to check that out.

  14. Those are all really cute outfits. Rarely do I find myself saying I would wear every single one of them, but in this case I would.

  15. These are great pieces. I love that long dress with the leggings. It looks so comfortable yet stylish. Sure beats working from home and wearing yoga pants to work every day.

  16. One of the few things I like about Fall is warm sweaters. I’m glad to see these stylish ones here, the hanging lapel version is my fave, I do believe.

  17. I love the ombre type shirt at the bottom right! All the clothing looks lovely!

  18. These pieces look so warm and super cozy too! I love sweaters!

  19. ellen beck

    I have never heard of this company, but, I really do like the way their pieces look. I tend to wear a lot of longer tops and sweaters and it looks like they have some nice ones. I especially like that last top!

  20. What great looks for fall! I’ll have to check out j jill!

  21. My mom used to shop at j.jill! Now I love it too!

  22. The collection looks super comfy. I haven’t been to J.Jill in a while. I’ll have to check them out again.

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