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Planning an International Luxury Vacation the Smart Way

International Luxury Vacation

Planning an International Luxury Vacation the Smart Way


Whenever you see or hear the word luxury your mind automatically associates that with expensive, and in many scenarios, this is definitely the case. However, planning a International Luxury Vacation does not have to break the bank. Instead of writing off the possibility that you can afford a trip like this, research smart ways to plan for it and you will likely discover that a trip like this is not out of your reach.


Start with a Budget


Some travelers pick a destination then set a budget, but for those who want to be smart with their spending, the other way around is better. Decide how much in total you can spend on a trip and then look at destinations that suit that number. This is also a smart mind trick because you are not giving yourself a chance to explore possible destinations that you simply cannot afford. With enough time on your side, you can lower monthly expenses at home to create a savings opportunity for yourself to fatten up your travel budget.


While responsible elements of personal finance like debt repayment should never be compromised to pay for traditionally unnecessary things like a trip abroad, there are ways to better manage your debt so that you can swing both. Student loans are highly common and a great example of a large-scale debt that is paid back over a significant period. Many don’t realize that you can refinance student loans with NaviRefi and lower your monthly payment significantly. The difference between your old monthly payment and your new one can then be rolled over into your vacation fund without having to wiggle around other areas of your budget.


Choose One Thing to Skimp On


When you plan an international trip, you probably don’t want to skimp on anything, but doing so in even just one area of your total trip can help save money and also enhance your overall experience. If the itinerary of your trip dictates a lot of time spent exploring, you might want to skip the five-star hotel and opt for accommodations even just one level down. There are still plenty of ways to experience luxury lodging and incredible amenities without having this category taking up the majority of your budget. Additionally, when you make the choice to skimp in one area you are giving yourself more money to spend on things like fine dining, excursions, and luxury souvenirs.


Travel During the Off-Season


It is easy to determine that summer in Italy is the only time worth visiting this beautiful country, but if you think that, don’t you think every other traveler shares your same opinion? If you can adjust your mindset towards traveling during the off season you will be able to enjoy a luxurious experience without the hiked-up prices of peak season and the crowds that come with it. If you travel during the off-season you will enjoy cost savings, and smaller crowds, both of which will make your overall trip richer. Nothing screams anti-luxury like having to eat at an International McDonald’s because you couldn’t get a dinner reservation anywhere else.


If you make this choice just be sure that you research all the activities that you want to experience in advance. Some places have modified hours during the off season that you will want to be aware of. Additionally make phone calls to your hotels and restaurants and ask about any additional amenities they might offer. Sometimes when businesses are in their off-season, they are so thankful to have the business that you can be gifted some extras like upgraded rooms or a free dessert with your meal. It never hurts to try!

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