Can You Make a Pina Colada With Vodka?

Can You Make a Pina Colada With Vodka?

Can You Make a Pina Colada With Vodka?

What is better than a pina colada? The answer, of course, is a vodka-infused pina colada. Pina coladas are sweet and delicious classic cocktails with rum and coconut flavors. Vodka can stand in for the rum in this cocktail, infusing its deep flavors into the coconut.

Perhaps you've heard that you can't make a pina colada vodka. Well, that's actually not the case. A pina colada with vodka is totally possible.So if you've been holding off making this cocktail and don't understand why, read on to learn why it's okay for a pina colada to have vodka in it.

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Can You Make a Pina Colada With Vodka?


Pina Colada with Vodka is a refreshing and tasty tropical cocktail which can be enjoyed during any occasion. The white rum and vodka provide a stronger flavor and a higher alcohol content than the standard Pina Colada. To make one, you will need:

  • fresh, ripe pineapple chunks
  • white rum
  • vodka
  • coconut cream
  • pineapple juice
  • ice cubes. 

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Creating a Pina Colada with coconut water and vodka is as easy as following a few instructions. To make one, start by prepping the ingredients:

Before you begin, make sure you have the proper supplies: a blender, a tall glass, and a few long straws.

Once your ingredients are gathered, pour the pineapple juice, cream of coconut, and vodka into a blender. Then add the chopped pineapple and ice cubes. Securely fasten the blender lid, and blend on the highest setting for approximately thirty seconds.

Pour the blended mixture into a tall glass, and top with a few fresh pineapple slices. Finally, enjoy your delicious Pina Colada with vodka by sipping through two long straws.

Can You Make a Pina Colada with Vodka?

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Variations and Substitutions

To make the drink even stronger, some may substitute the vodka for spiced rum or even white tequila. Various other variations on Pina Colada are also possible, such as using light rum or even amaretto to replace the vodka.

Also, for those who love the taste of pineapple, a higher proportion of the juice can be used to create the drink, while other fruits such as mango, strawberry, or even passion fruit could be used for additional sweetness.


A garnish can bring any cocktail to the next level, and a Pina Colada drink is no exception. To take it from classic to extraordinary, consider adding a unique garnish. For the classic Pina Colada, try topping it with a colorful umbrella, a pineapple and a maraschino cherry.

Alternatively, you can create multiple straws with unconventional garnishes like a pineapple wedge, lime wedge or even a slice of orange. Use a mini flag or a colorful toothpick to fasten the ingredients together for a festive topping. For a tropical touch, add edible flowers like hibiscus, carnation, pansies or rose petals.

All About Pina Colada Vodka

Overall, it is possible to make a Pina Colada vodka. Vodka adds its own unique character to the drink, and provides a complex and delicious flavor. If you are looking for something different, try it out!

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History of the Pina Colada

The name “piña colada” literally means “strained pineapple” in Spanish, a reference to the freshly pressed and strained pineapple juice that should ideally be used in the drink's preparation referring to the Spanish words “piña” (pineapple) and “colada” (strained). This is a reference to the fact that the drink is made with freshly pressed pineapple juice. The drink is typically made with white rum, pineapple juice, coconut cream, and ice. It can be served blended or on the rocks.

The piña colada was declared the national drink of Puerto Rico in 1978. It is also a popular drink in other tropical Caribbean countries, as well as in the United States and other parts of the world. The exact history of the piña colada is a matter of debate, with three different people claiming to have invented it.

  • Ramón “Monchito” Marrero: A bartender at the Caribe Hilton Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Marrero claims to have created the piña colada in 1954. He was tasked with creating a new signature cocktail for the hotel, and he came up with the idea of combining pineapple juice, coconut cream, and white rum. The drink was an immediate hit, and it quickly became the hotel's most popular cocktail plus one of the most popular cocktails in the world.
  • Ricardo García: Another bartender at the Caribe Hilton Hotel, García also claims to have invented the piña coladain 1954. He says that he was inspired to creat the drink in 1951, several years before Marrero after trying a similar cocktail in Cuba. Garcia's version of the piña colada used fresh pineapple juice, rather than canned juice, and it also included a splash of orange curaçao. However, there is no evidence to support García's claim.
  • Ramón Portas Mingot: A bartender at the Barrachina Restaurant in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, Mingot claims to have created the piña colada in 1963. He says that he was inspired by the drink's tropical flavors and after trying a similar cocktail in Spain. Mingot's version of the piña colada used cream of coconut, rather than coconut milk, and it also included a scoop of ice cream. Mingot named it after the Spanish word for “strained pineapple.”

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It is possible that all three of these men played a role in the invention of the piña colada. Perhaps Marrero created the original recipe, Garcia tweaked it and added his own twist, and Mingot popularized the drink plus gave it its name. Ultimately, the exact origin of the piña colada is not as important as the fact that it is now a beloved cocktail enjoyed around the world.

The piña colada is a delicious and refreshing cocktail that is perfect for a hot day and indeed any occasion. It is a popular choice for weddings, pool parties, beach days, tropical vacations and other special occasions. The next time you are looking for a tropical treat, order a piña colada. You won't be disappointed.

For the best results, use high-quality ingredients and make sure to whisk or shake the drink properly. Experiment and enjoy! Looking for more tips and ideas aside from this pina colada recipe? We've got you covered. Check out some of our other posts now.

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