How to pick the perfect Pineapple Simple Fruit Shopping

How to pick the perfect Pineapple

How to pick the perfect Pineapple

How to pick the perfect Pineapple

Have you ever asked yourself how do I know if this pineapple is ripe? Or maybe you have  Honestly, there no better tasting pineapple than the fresh variety. If you've never tried it, you don't know what you're missing! Keep reading, to learn how to pick the perfect fruit. It's probably easier than you think.


A pineapple's color isn't the most accurate indication of when it's ready to eat. But, it goes a long way in giving you an idea of those too ripe to purchase. If the outside of the fruit is still predominantly green, that pineapple still needs a bit of time to ripen to perfection.

Alternatively, if the pineapple is completely yellow, it typically means it's overripe and starting to get mushy.

How to pick the perfect Pineapple

Squeeze – Ability

Because pineapples get softer as they ripen, try this. Simply give them a squeeze to get a feel for whether or not they're ready to enjoy. Select a plump pineapple with unwrinkled skin. In addition, look for one that has just a bit of “give” to it. When it's too firm, it's under-ripe and lacking in flavor.


A tried and true way to get to the bottom of pineapple ripeness is to check the small fronds on top of the fruit. If you can easily pull out the middle leaves, it's a good indicator that the pineapple is ripe enough to eat. However, if the top is mushy AND the leaves pop out with ease, the pineapple has probably started to rot.


The most reliable way to pick out the perfect pineapple is to smell the bottom of the fruit. When it's ready, it has a pleasant, sweet aroma. If you don't smell anything, it’s not ripe. One the other hand, an overpowering smell means the pineapple is past its prime. Leave it on the grocer's shelf.

These are four easy ways to help you choose the perfect (fresh) pineapple. Once you taste this yummy treat, I can almost guarantee you'll never serve canned again. It really IS that delicious!

How to pick the perfect Pineapple

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