Best Gifts for Lifters

Best Gifts For Lifters

Best Gifts For Lifters

There is a reality that not all of us hate going to the gym. Sure, many of us struggle. But some of us are addicted to the smell of sweat permeating the air. The sound of weights clanging together at the top of a perfect butterfly press is like jingle bells to our ears.

The silent spinning of the exercise bike and the patterned beat of running shoes hitting the treadmill add to the endorphin rush the joy of working out brings. But what do you get that gym rat that seems to have it all already? Fear not; the list of accessories and gifts fit for the gym is plentiful. We hope that these best gifts for weightlifters or gifts for female weightlifters inspire you!


Best Gifts for Lifters gifts for female weightlifters

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Gifts for Female Weightlifters


Sweat, Music, and Muscles

Many gym rats prefer the solitude of working out alone. They plug in their headphones, put on their favorite playlist, and sweat away. Music has a mesmerizing way of creating focus and motivation. But it can be incredibly annoying if earbuds don't fit perfectly and, worse, have a cord attached. A gym rat will genuinely appreciate the thoughtfulness of gifting wireless earbuds. Whether listening with an Apple or an Android, wireless earbuds will provide endless hours of focused workout for the gym rat. Even the Apple Airpod Max Space Gray make an amazing gift.


Apple Airpods Max

Apple Airpods Max


Clothing with a Purpose

As women, we know the benefits of finding that perfect sports bra. At times, it can feel overwhelming with all the different options. A low impact sports bra is ideal for things like yoga, lift, or even easy treadmill walks. High impact sports bras are the ticket for more intense activities where we may feel the jiggle more and want to keep our girls in check. There are sports bras with soft, buttery fabrics and ones with quick-dry fabrics. Find out her favorite color and activities, and you'll find the perfect gift.

Another great gift idea is leggings. No woman can ever have enough of these. They are perfect for going to the gym, wearing to work out, and then still looking put together enough to run a few errands on the way home.

Leggings, much like sports bras, come in various fabrics and a plethora of colors and patterns. Some women prefer quiet, neutral tones in basic black or navy, while others like to make a statement. Figure out which one your gym rat friend is and gift away.



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Everyone knows the importance of staying hydrated during a workout, not just after. There are a variety of water bottle options available, including brands like Hydro Flask with its use of insulated stainless steel. A unique option comes in the shape of an actual dumbbell, which might even double for a workout. Plastic bottles are also available and are considerably less pricey than stainless-steel products.



Gym Towels



Essential Tools

While sweating is a significant benefit of working out, leaving our sweat behind is, quite frankly, gross. A set of sweat towels as part of an ensemble of goodies presented in a workout tote that might include after-workout shampoo and conditioner, muscle rub, and a lovely feminine lotion is a fun way to give several things of value to the gym rat.

A true gym rat will likely appreciate anything that helps their muscles feel better before and after a workout. The old-fashioned simple foam roller has been replaced by rollers of different sizes, densities, and textures. Scraping tools and percussion massagers fit nicely in gym bags. Percussion massagers generally come with multiple attachment heads and have variable speeds depending on the intensity required.



Best Gifts for Lifters gifts for female weightlifters

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The Perfect Splurge

Lastly, no one will ever be disappointed with a massage. Find out their favorite masseuse or yours and give them a gift certificate. In our quest to stay fit (and sane), our bodies can get overworked in the process.

Spending an hour (or more) on a massage table is a fitting way to alleviate those aches and pains while just shutting off from the world for a while.


New Year, New Stuff

These gifts also apply to most folks who dread the new year with its resolutions to join a gym and work out more. It's hard not to get excited about wearing new clothes, playing your favorite tunes, or just being entertained by everyone navigating their way through all the equipment.

So whether you are gifting that true gym rat, yourself, or the aspiring gym enthusiast, you are sure to be a hit with any of these gift options. We hope that these best gifts for weightlifters or gifts for female weightlifters inspire you! Happy shopping!

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