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Nintendo: Animal Crossing: New Leaf & Tomodachi Life

Nintendo Animal Crossing - New Leaf Game Cover

My kids are gamers. Not hardcore gamers but they do love their Nintendo 3DS. In fact, they all take turns playing on the one 3DS they share and they also share a 2DS. They get very excited when new games come into our house.

Recently Nintendo sent us a few games to check out.


Animal Crossing: New Leaf is about creating your own happy place. Kids get to be the mayor and they get to make the big decisions that shape their towns. In order to let children experience Animal Crossing however they like, they can:

  • Add new features
  • Decide which facilities get built
  • Change shop hours
  • and much more

Every day is a day filled with new discoveries in Animal Crossing because time passes just like in the real world. The game runs 24-hours a day, 365 days a year with no two days ever the same. Events and things happen at all hours throughout the year.

Nintendo Animal Crossing New Leaf Nintendo Animal Crossing New Leaf 2

Kids can play the game at their own speed and take part in activities that ignite their passion like:

  • Fishing
  • Fashion
  • Fossil Digging
  • Gardeing

Nintendo Tomadachi Life 2The best part is that kids can decide where they spend their time plus they canĀ  with the animal townsfolk.

Kids also have the opportunity to decorate their house both inside and out. My daughters LOVE this part of the game. They got to choose new and old furniture, wallpaper, carpets and more. The enhanced design tools allows kids to customize their house inside with new house layouts and remodeling options on their home's exterior as well. Outside their homes they can change the outside wall, change the fence and/or mailbox, and much more. This allows kids to change the look of their house completely. Living in a castle is not just a dream in Animal Crossing.

Nintendo Tomodachi Life Game Cover


Nintendo Tomodachi Life allows kids to create Mii characters for people you know, such as your friends, parents, your teacher and so much more. My kids love that they can create everyone in their lives in this virtual games. They can also create people that they haven't even met yet or have considering becoming friends with. All of the characters in Tomodachi Life act as living, relatable characters. Each player becomes the director to their Mii characters' lives by helping them find love, happiness and more. Each character has a voice and a personality all their own giving kids the freedom to really play around to come up with something fun.

Nintendo Tomodachi-Life Nintendo Tomodachi-Life 2


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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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