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Fresh Step Triple Action Litter

Fresh Step LogoAs a pet owner and mother of three children, there is always something going on in my house. We are a busy family and as a result, I don't have time for products that don't do what they say they are going.

One of those products is cat litter. Most of time, I know the moment I walk into a house if they have indoor cats or not and honestly, I really don't want my house to smell like we have pets so I am pretty strict about the products I will use.

Fresh Step just recently added plant extracts for better odor elimination. These proprietary ingredients combine with activated carbon to eliminate odors better than every before.

Fresh Step® recognizes that cats are smart, and smart cats deserve the best – including smart litter. Seven years ago, Fresh Step reinvented cat litter by adding the powerful odor-eliminating ingredient activated carbon to its scoopable and regular litters.  Today, 


Fresh Step is revolutionizing the product once again by adding natural plant extracts to its line of litters.  The plant extracts work with the activated carbon and high quality clay to eliminate odor’s naturally, providing even better odor elimination.

The plant extracts in Fresh Step litter contain two main ingredients: chlorophyll and essential oils.  Chlorophyll actively binds to odors and eliminates them from the air.  Meanwhile, the essential oils act as a force field, blocking odors before they leave the litter box. Coupled with the activated carbon in Fresh Step litter, the ingredients help remove odors naturally, for even better odor elimination.

Fresh Step Smell Test CollageOUR FRESH STEP SMELL TEST

We were sent three cat litters to test out with a smell test. Now I think that I need to note that there was nothing else in the litter with the exception of some garlic oil (very strong, I might add).

My husband and I both did the test. We both picked the same litter as well. Out of all three litters, B was by far the best at eliminating the  odor. It still smelled fresh and clean after the garlic was added. #plantpower

We did the same test three times without looking at the letters and came up with the same pick all three times.

Fresh Step Triple Action Scoopable Cat Litter


The exclusive plant extract and chlorophyll ingredients have been added to Fresh Step litter products, including:

  • NEW Fresh Step® Triple Action Litter: Activated carbon and added plant extracts fight all three sources of odor: urine, feces and bacteria. SRP is $10.29 for a 20 lb box.

  • Fresh Step® Multi-Cat Scented and Unscented Scoopable Litter: Even in multiple cat households, the carbon and plant extracts in this litter formula eliminate odors naturally. SRP is $10.29 for a 20 lb box.

  • Fresh Step® Odor Shield Scented and Unscented Litter: This unscented litter contains activated carbon and plant extracts eliminate odors naturally, without any perfume or dyes. SRP is $10.29 for a 20 lb box.

  • Fresh Step® Extreme Odor Control Scented and unscented Litter: The patented CarbonPLUS™ technology eliminates extreme odors from urine and feces and now features improved odor control SRP is $10.29 for a 20 lb box.


The new and improved Fresh Step litter is available in grocery, pet specialty, mass merchandise and drug stores nationwide.


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I participated in this post of behalf of the makers of Fresh Step® Litter  and Burst Media. Although I was compensated for my time and commitment, all opinions are my own. 

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  1. D Schmidt

    I like that they added plant extracts for better odor elimination

  2. Amy Orvin

    I like the activated carbon.

  3. Lauren E.

    I like that it has activated carbon, which is proven to filter particules that cause odor

  4. Stephanie Ann

    I love that Even in multiple cat households, the carbon and plant extracts in this litter formula eliminate odors naturally

  5. Cynthia R

    i like how it strongly fights 3 odors

  6. Helen

    I like that it eliminates odors.

  7. Alycia

    I like the activated carbon the most – my cat is stinky!!

  8. Carolsue

    I like that the CarbonPLUS™ technology eliminates extreme odors from urine and feces and now features improved odor control

  9. laurie

    I like that it takes cares of both urine and feces odors

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