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My Top 8 Favorite GLEE Videos

If you follow me on Twitter, then you know I LOVE GLEE. I am a #GLEEK. I was in show choir in high school and quickly became addicted to this cool show about uncool students making show tunes cool again. I cannot get enough!!

Since I couldn’t wait until the next season of GLEE, I turned to YouTube to get my fix. So here are my top GLEE videos. These are taken from YouTube, so please forgive sound or imperfections.

1. Don’t Stop Believin’

I loved this song back in the 80s when Journey came out with GLEE resurrecting it; it reminded me of high school again. I never get tired of this video.

2. Teenage Dream

The Warblers were about the coolest thing to be added to GLEE after the original cast.

3. Defying Gravity

Having never seen Wicked, I was mesmerized when I saw this scene. Where did this song come from? I had to find out. Now I have tickets to see Wicked when it is here in town.

4. Hey Soul Sister

Another one by the Warblers with Kurt. My kids and I sing this song, so this had to be on the list.

5. Total Eclipse Of The Heart

Just seeing Rachel in that stupid owl sweater is worth watching the video

6. Born This Way

AWESOME! I’m so sorry for the backward shirts. I couldn’t find another video where the words read the right way.

7. My Life Would Suck Without You

The last part of this video makes the whole thing worth it! I love a good love story

8. I Dreamed a Dream

The voice of these two women gives me chills! And this song?

A few songs are missing from this list. That is because the videos (the songs can be heard) are not on YouTube due to copyright issues. They are:
Keep Holding On
Take a Bow
Vogue – with the fabulous Sue Sylvester


What did I miss? What are your favorite GLEE songs?

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  1. My BFF recently confided in me that her husband loves this show (and swore me to secrecy as he’d not want the secret out!). I was thinking I was going to forward her this blog post for him to see, but now that I’ve blabbed, I’ll just forward the youtube links 🙂

  2. jo

    I have never seen Glee. I did see Pitch Perfect and loved it. I would assume they are pretty similar. I should probably try to watch it at least once.

    • Stacie

      Yeah you would like the first season of Glee if you liked Pitch Perfect. They kind of lost me in the second season but I still do enjoy the show occasionally!

  3. Marcy Strahan

    It was so sad to hear about Cory Monteith death! He was such a talented young man. I did not know he had been in rehab! He had such wonderful career in front him! He & lea would have made sme beautiful & talented kids.

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