My All-American Movie: Freddie Steinmark show what winners are made of

My All American Movie: Freddie Steinmark show what winners are made of

My All-American Movie: Freddie Steinmark show what winners are made of #MyAllAmerican

I have played sports for my entire life. I started in kindergarten and played through college. My father at many points in my life was either always a coach or a supporter. He never missed games and was always there to give me advice on how to make my game better. I appreciate the support that he gave me. I know first hand how tough it can be for athletes.

Athletes tend to be those people who go above and beyond. Athletes are coachable, trainable and are always willing to better themselves. There are many athletes in my life that I have admired and looked to for inspiration.

From the writer of Rudy and Hoosiers, comes a movie about football, courage and showing what winners are truly made of. The story Freddie Steinmark is brought to the big screen. Winner of the the Truly Moving Picture Award from Heartland Film, My All American shares an incredible story of triumph and sheer determination.


What Freddie Steinmark wants most in the world is to play football. Deemed too small by the usual athletic standards, his father trains him hard, and Freddie brings a fight to the game that ultimately gets him noticed – by none other than legendary University of Texas coach Darrell Royal. Awarded a scholarship and a chance to play for the Longhorns, Freddie sets off to Austin determined to make the team. Alongside his old teammate Bobby Mitchell and new pal James Street they rise to the occasion, giving the Longhorns a real chance to turn the team around. But just when they're reveling in the success of the season, Freddie suffers an injury that leads him to a shocking diagnosis and the biggest challenge he will ever face.

The true story, UT's 1969 national championship-winning football team heroes, Coach Darrell Royal and defensive back Freddie Steinmark. Movie will be released November 13, 2015 starring Finn Wittrock, Aaron Eckhart, Sarah Bolger, Robin Tunney, Michael Reilly Burke. Screenplay written and directed by Angelo Pizzo.

My All-American Movie: Freddie Steinmark show what winners are made of #MyAllAmerican

This movie is inspirational and follows the lives of many athletes who made up the 1969 University of Texas Longhorns team. Freddie Steinmark was their fearless leader and indeed an underdog on the gridiron. He then faces the toughest challenge of his life after leading his team to a championship season. This is an excellent and I highly recommend seeing it. My family was riveted.


Now you have the opportunity to nominate your own All American and you could win a trip for two to the premiere just by nominating someone. How great is that? Go here to nominate.

I nominated my father as an All American. He is the epitome of the American father. My dad served his country in the Army and retired as a Colonel. He also coached me and my sister in every sport imaginable and never missed a game. In addition, he often 2-3 jobs just to support us. There is no one that is more all American than my father.

All American


To learn more about Freddie, read the book, Freddie Steinmark: Faith, Family, Football or Courage Beyond the Game: The Freddie Steinmark Story

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on November 13, 2015.


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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    That sounds like a really great movie. I will definitely be there to see it when it comes out.

  2. This sounds like a great movie. Rudy is one of my all time favorite sports movies, so I’m sure I’ll love this one, too.

  3. This sounds like a great feel good movie and now a days that is hard to find! I will check this out.

  4. My husband is going to love this movie. He’s a huge sports movie buff, and these are the kind that he loves the most.

  5. Excellent review. I bet a lot of people will enjoy this movie too.

  6. Wow I would love to win a trip to a premier, I am entering!

  7. I definitely want to check this movie out. It’s awesome that you can nominate some of your heroes!

  8. I don’t watch a lot of sports movies, but Rudy is really nice. I would love to watch this since it’s from the same writer.

  9. This is the first I am hearing of this movie but it looks great! And a great campaign to nominate our all Americans!

  10. This sounds like a great movie, will checkout it’s trailer. It’s really sweet that you are nominating your father.

  11. Hope our Drive in will play this movie early ! I can’t wait to watch it. Sounds like a great movie

  12. michele d

    I haven’t heard of this movie until now. Sounds pretty interesting to check out. Thanks for your recommendation.

  13. My son would love this movie. I would look forward to watching this with him.

  14. This is my husband’s kind of movie. He loves sports and although he’s more of a baseball fan than football, I know he’d be interested to watch this movie.

  15. Haven’t heard of the movie but it sounds great. I’m sure it will come to SA soon.

  16. I will have to keep my eyes out for this movie. It looks like a great one to see with my Daughter.

  17. This sounds like such a feel good movie and I bet my family would love it! I’ll have to check it out!

  18. My husband would love this movie. Rudy is one of his all time favorites, so I’m sure this will be a hit with him, as well.

  19. Pam

    It’s hard to find movies that are appropriate for the entire family, but this one sounds like it would be a hit with all of us! I can’t wait for it to come to theaters.

  20. We are a big football loving family so this movie looks right up our alley. The fact that the Longhorns are one of my favorite college teams is just an added bonus.

  21. This looks like it is going to be a hit! I love movies that have inspiration and heart! It will be interesting to see all the different people they mention!

  22. This looks like such a great movie. I love the actors in it.

  23. Kristi

    Sounds like a really good movie. I like documentary, feel good, get a lesson out of it types of movies… so I will make sure to catch this one for sure.

  24. I played sports through college too! I would nominate my dad too, he is so special to me!

  25. I haven’t heard of this movie but it sounds great.

  26. Debbie Denny

    I will have to look out for this one. It sounds really good.

  27. This sounds like a really good movie. I love feel good movies based on true stories.

  28. I am not a huge sports person, but I do enjoy some sports movies. I loved Rudy and Hoosiers, so this would be a movie I am sure I would enjoy.

  29. This sounds like a great feel good movie. I’d take my nephew to something like this.

  30. This looks like it is going to be a great movie. I will have to go with my girlfriend to see it.

  31. I’ll have to tell my husband about this movie. He loves all sports movies, especially football

  32. I love movies like this. I think seeing someone’s story in a movie can be very motivating for some. My son is a big sports fan so he will really enjoy this.

  33. Rebecca Swenor

    This sounds like an amazing movie indeed and I have wanted to see this since hearing about it. I don’t know who I would nominate for sure but I am thinking my son who has struggled with hearing loss and stunted growth since he was young. He still joined sports when he could even though he was the smallest on the teams.

  34. Sports movies always tug at my heartstrings. There are such great motivational stories. I can’t wait to see this one.

  35. I had not heard of this yet, I honestly am not sure who I would ominate – maybe my recently passed Grampa.

  36. Tracey

    This sounds like an awesome movie. I’ll keep my eye out for it when it comes out.

  37. My husband was telling me about this. I love the idea to nominate someone!

  38. I haven’t heard of this movie before but it sounds like something I would totally love! Thank you so much for sharing!

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