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Get the Sears Shop Your Way App & In-Vehicle Pickup

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As a busy mother of three children, shopping is not always easy. In fact, shopping is only ever a planned event because three children don't make it easy. They are too distracted with everything in the store for me to get much shopping done.

But the fact is that I almost always have shopping to do. I need to buy groceries and a few clothing items right now. Plus one kid needs shoes and another needs a new coat.

Now Sears can help. They have this great feature through their Shop Your Way app that lets you get In-Vehicle Pickup. You simply pull up to the store, let them know you are there and they bring everything right out to you. It really couldn't be easier.

This really could not be easier. You can shop on your tablet, pick the items you need and they will be waiting for you when you get to the store.

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What I really love about the Shop Your Way app and In-Vehicle Pickup service is that I love being able to do everything on my phone. I love how fast online ordering is and how it is even faster for pickup. The purchases are delivered right to my car. This means I don't have to get out and no getting the kids out as well (this can be a huge production sometimes).

I have used the Sears Shop Your Way app and In-Vehicle Pickup twice now. The first our toaster over had died and I knew exactly what I wanted to replace it with. I quickly located the item on my phone and paid for it. I then swung by to get the kids at school and headed right to Sears where my new toaster oven was waiting for me. It was seriously so easy. This is saves me time, stress and I get to spend more time doing the things I love with my children.

Sears More to You Shop Your Way App


This is the sweetest video ever about how one mom gets more and then even more than she ever expected.


Now you can head over to the Sears website so that you can try the Sears Shop Your Way app and even get In-Vehicle Pickup. Let Sears show you how much easier your life can be.

How could the Shop Your Way app and In-Vehicle Pickup make your life easier?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf Sears.

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  1. That is such a great service. Sometimes I hate dragging the kids into the mall with me for just a few things, so having it brought right out to me would save a huge headache!

  2. Pretty great service. I hate having to go in for something quick when I have both kids with me.

  3. We have shop your way rewards, but I didn’t know there was an app! That’s good to know.

  4. I love that they will bring your items to your car. That is so perfect for a mom with little ones especially.

  5. Usually, it the parking, getting lost in the store, being distracted in other departments, and standing in line that take the longest time. This would save a ton of time and energy!

  6. I signed up for Shop Your Way but had no idea about the vehicle pickup. Or maybe I just didn’t pay attention to that feature. I love it!

  7. Sounds like a great program! What a fantastic way to save money!

  8. Pam

    The in-vehicle pickup sounds like a real timesaver. I’m definitely thinking about trying it out next time I need something from Sear’s.

  9. Shauna

    This is just awesome… I have three little ones and sometimes getting out of the car to pick something up is not an option… love this

  10. I love their rewards. I did not know about in vehicle pick up though, that is a game changer!

  11. I love this! Now I don’t have to roam around the store and carry it all out. I can just order and pick up. Awesome.

  12. This is the most awesome thing in the history of awesomeness. I HATE shopping. Now I can just order my stuff and go pick it up.

  13. Love it, love it, LOVE IT! I absolutely HATE going shopping. I mean, I want my stuff, but I hate having to do the whole cart thing. Now I don’t have to!

  14. This is such a great program. Sometimes I just don’t have the time to actually go shopping for what I need. Now I can shop online and just go pick it up. That saves a TON of time!

  15. This is an awesome service. Now I can get everything I need without looking all over the store, and then I can just go pick it up! Awesome.

  16. I love this! I’ve got three kids, so time is a premium for me. This is perfect!

  17. The convenience of vehicle pick-up like this would actually compel me to shop. I love the time saving aspect.

  18. In-vehicle pick up would be awesome! Especially when the snow start piling up!

  19. Really a great service! I have Sears Shop but didn’t know about the car service!

  20. I have heard about the curb side pick-up, and that is so awesome for busy moms. I am definitely going to give it try over the holidays.

  21. God, technology just keeps getting better and better! This is awesome.

  22. i can only hope more stores will offer these services! i love this. plus, i don’t make any additional impulse purchases. 🙂

  23. I love that you can now get in vehicle pick up!

  24. This sounds like it would make life easier in general. Seems like every time I got to the store, for a quick pick up the kids just so happen to fall asleep, and it’s not fun taking a cranky child into the store. Thanks SEARS!

  25. In-vehicle pickup is great! I’m so busy, this is the perfect solution for my shopping.

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