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Spring Cleaning: Medicine Cabinet Makeover

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We are partnering with Coupons.com (my shopping best friend) to share tips around our spring cleaning projects. So far, we have shared tips for a neater pantry and how to spring clean on a budget. We’ve also offered some great discounts and coupons to help you get the best deals, including the wonderful offers currently available on the site.

Today we are working on the medicine cabinet. For years, ours has acted as a catchall. I mean look at this picture (it’s pretty embarrassing):

Medicine Cabinet Makeover Unorganized

It was easy to just shut the door and not look at the mess, but honestly, I really hated doing that. I found myself unable to find anything I needed and would let medicine expire because it had fallen behind other items, which is a total waste.

Cleaning the medicine cabinet was a fairly easy project and long overdue. I cannot even begin to explain how great it feels to have this completed. From start to finish, this project took a little over 90 minutes not including the paint drying (which seems to take forever here in humid Atlanta, Georgia).Medicine Cabinet Makeover 3

1. Remove everything from your medicine cabinet.

The idea behind this is to start fresh by removing it all. We haven’t done that in years, and it’s like a treasure trove in there. I found a pacifier, diaper rash cream (my youngest is 8) and some contacts that expired in 2009. This deep cleaning was definitely overdue!

Once all of the items were removed, we cleaned with an all-purpose cleaner and dried with paper towels.

This year we decided to do a little DIY, and put a fresh coat of spring colored paint on our cabinet to match our wallpaper. This adds a great pop of color to our bathroom and is a refreshing look from what the medicine cabinet looked like yesterday. We got this great handle at World Market, where you can save 10% off your entire purchase.

Medicine Cabinet Makeover 11

2. Get your products organized.

These containers from Bed, Bath & Beyond are the perfect size to organize our medicine. Everything for the kids went into this easy slide out container so it could be accessed at any time. Right now you can save up to 50% off clearance items at Bed, Bath & Beyond!

This is also the time to remove any clutter or bottles that take up space, are no longer needed and/or are missing labels. We always have a couple of random bottles that I am pretty sure I didn’t buy or know where they came from! I also check the caps on everything to ensure they are closed properly. The cap on my hairspray for example wasn’t closed correctly and all the spray evaporated!

Medicine Cabinet Makeover 16

3. Clean your makeup brushes and replace old makeup.

Did you know that beauty experts recommend cleaning your makeup brushes at least every two weeks? Yeah, neither did I. I do a quick clean once a week but every spring and fall I clean my makeup brushes thoroughly by washing them with cleanser and letting them dry completely.

This year I needed to replace my mascara and foundation, and was able to get a great discount on new COVERGIRL items with Coupons.com. Check out these offers:

COVERGIRL Mascara: save $.50 off one COVERGIRL product

COVERGIRL Foundation: Save $2 off one COVERGIRL Clean Foundation

Medicine Cabinet Makeover 7

4. Stock up and have backups.

Nothing is worse than running out of my favorite hair care products. I love Herbal Essences products because they work well and smell amazing! You could say that they are my favorite – and with $1 off one Herbal Essences shampoo or conditioner, and $1 off one Herbal Essences styling aid, I can afford to stock up. Plus, floral scents are perfect for spring!

I do the same thing with toothpaste and deodorant.

Medicine Cabinet Makeover 5

5. Go through your medicine and get rid of anything that has expired.

We removed at least three bottles of old prescription medicine in our cleanout.

It’s also a great time to go through and see what medicines you need in order to get you through the spring. I know that we will always have allergy sufferers in this house, so I like to stock up on the essentials like Vicks QlearQuil (save $1 off one Vicks QlearQuil product) – and with great deals at Coupons.com there’s no reason to wait until you’re suffering!

Medicine Cabinet Makeover 16 Medicine Cabinet Makeover 15 Medicine Cabinet Makeover 14 Medicine Cabinet Makeover 10

Once the paint has dried and/or your medicine cabinet is clean, it is now time to place everything back inside. Make certain to organize your products and medicines by type and how often you use them. This is key in order to keep a clean and organized medicine cabinet.

Our bottom shelf is for makeup and deodorant. The middle shelf is for oral care products, hair styling products and eye care products. The top shelf is for medicine because I like to keep those things out of reach from little hands.

Our medicine cabinet makeover was a simple and effective way to get some spring cleaning completed, and Coupons.com provided us with the savings that we needed to make it cost effective.

 This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Coupons.com

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    You have inspired me to clean mine out. Mine is a complete MESS.

  2. Did mine last week except painting the doors as mine is mirrored! I need to get to my closets next and I’m avoiding it! #Proscratination

  3. I have my medicine cabinet in my kitchen .. I can tell you it is jam packed and hard to find anything. I need to really get it organized so I know what I have.

  4. I’m loving the new color of your medicine cabinet! It really POPS.

  5. This cabinet makeover is really stunning! I love this shade of vibrant blue!

  6. Pam

    I need to revamp my medicine cabinet. I don’t even remember what’s in there.

  7. I love the new color of the cabinet! I’d love to paint mine and sort through some of my things in the process.

  8. Mine is pretty empty but I have to say that color is gorgeous! I absolutely love it. How pretty!

  9. Mine is such a mess right now. I’ve started spring cleaning, but for some reason, just don’t want to tackle the mess in the medicine cabinets! lol

  10. First let me say that I admire you for showing us how your medicine cabinet started out looking. Now I must admit that your final show for all your work looks great. I think you have inspired me.

  11. I love that shade of blue too! You totally reminded me that I need to gut my medicine cabinet too!

  12. What an amazing spring cleaning makeover. It is crazy how this little space always gets neglected. We probably all have expired meds. I will check ours out, too.

  13. I am so in love with your after results, especially the boldly painted door. Spring is definitely a great time to cleanse, purge and refinish small yet important areas throughout your home.

  14. I was just looking at our medicine cabinet thinking it needed to be cleaned out. We are going to work on this over the break!

  15. You did an amazing job! I love the blue shutter style doors

  16. Debbie Denny

    I need to get on doing this. Total mess in mine also.

  17. I love the bright teal blue that you picked. It really makes a statement in the room and looks nice.

  18. Ann Bacciaglia

    I need to do my medicine cabinet. I am sure i have expired medicine in there. I love the color you used on the door.

  19. Rosey

    It turned out really nice. I cleaned and rearranged all of our medicine cabinets recently. 🙂

  20. Angela

    My medicine cabinet currently resembles your before picture. You have inspired me to straighten it up. I also love that pop of color on our cabinet door!

  21. I love the color that you painted this! We need to clean ours out too!

  22. We don’t have a medicine cabinet in our own house. We have a little closet in the bathroom for towels and such. So we’ve just made a few shelves into a medicine storage. And, its a mess. I have tried to organize it, but it doesnt stay that way long.

  23. My medicine cabinet definitely needs a makeover! It is so jumbled up and messy!

  24. Your cabinet looks great now! I try to clean mine out once or twice a year! I don’t know how so much stuff collects so quickly!

  25. Amy

    This shade of Tiffany Blue is really pretty! I could use a spruced up medicine cabinet!

  26. Thank you for sharing this post, reminds me to check on my list. Cleaning out our medicine cabinet is on my list. I need to organize things, toss those that are expired.

  27. That is a wonderful medicine cabinet makeover! Actually this is one area that I also have an issue with from time to time because even if I try fixing our medicine cabinet it always gets messy!

  28. Keeping the medicine cabinet clean is so important. Mine takes a little longer because it is inside of a closet, LOL!

  29. Pauline C.

    I love how spacious your medicine cabinet is! I can’t wait to redesign and clean out mine, which is very cluttered!

  30. I love the color you chose! I think it shows such a pop of personality.

  31. Lauren Richardson

    I really need to make over my medicine cabinet! It’s so messy haha! Thanks for the post!

  32. michele d

    What a brilliant idea! I barely use my medicine cabinet because it’s pretty small but this new makeover looks awesome!

  33. This is something I so need to do. I need to declutter and organize every cabinet, drawer, and closet in my home. Thank you for motivating me!

  34. Oh wow, I love the fresh new look of your medicine cabinet. I don’t have one, my landlord put a huge mirror across my entire wall over my sink and I haven’t asked him yet if I can remove it and buy a medicine cabinet with a mirror instead. I really need to after seeing yours.

  35. This is something that we really need to do. Both for our medicine cabinet in the bathroom and our upstairs hall closet.

  36. i love the way you remade your medicine cabinet. And thanks for the introduction of the new herbal essence line!

  37. My medicine cabinet is in dire need of being painted and organized. I love how you did yours! The color is pretty.

  38. stephanie

    Looks great – I love you brightened it up!

  39. I really love the way you stored your makeup brushes. We seem to have so many of those! I love the color you chose for the door.

  40. Oh my gosh, I am in love with the teal color! We’ve been looking to actually getting a medicine cabinet because we don’t have one at all. I’ll be redoing my entire bathroom in the summer to white and teal chevrons and this would look perfect in it lol.

  41. Catherine S

    These are all really great tips. We just moved so my goal is to start off organized and stay that way.

  42. I really love that shade of blue! Herbal Essences is my favorite brand of shampoo too, have you tried the long distance relationship one, haha that one smells amazing!

  43. Bonnie @ wemake7

    That came out really nice! I love that color. I just finished Spring Cleaning so I’ve organized my medicine cabinet already.

  44. This is so funny. My hubby and I were just talking about this the other day. Definitely something we need to do.

  45. I’m lucky my husband and I have separate bathrooms. Mine is so organized – his…. well…..that’s another story

  46. These are great cabinet make over tips. You are so right about getting rid of expired items. That is something that I need to do right away.

  47. We just decluttered our bathroom, tossing out so much outdated stuff and HBA we never used! Next up, doing the kids’ bathroom. Their closet looks like a catch-all, so I’m not looking forward to that!

  48. My top two tips for spring cleaning? Have music to keep you motivated & just do it. If I keep putting it off, it might as well be summer cleaning.

  49. I love the paint color you used! I just reorganized our cabinet about 2 months ago. There were so many expired products!!

  50. That is too funny about the diaper rash cream and your child is now 8. You’ve reminded me that I need to go through my medicine basket and get rid of everything that has expired. Love the new paint color. Looks great!

  51. My cabinet is horrible too! Painting and a few organizers would be great, thanks for the ideas.

  52. Maria C

    Thanks for sharing. Such a great idea. This inspires me to clean my own medicine cabinet too

  53. Carly Anderson

    I totally want to reorganize our cabinets now!

  54. I love the color you chose. It’s like my favorite color and way to get it all organized and looking good.

  55. This is so much fun and great idea too! This would be my motivation to push my cabinets have makeover.

  56. CourtneyLynne

    Omg these are some great tips!!! And I’m loving the color or your cabinet. Tiffany!!! Best color ever! So fabulous:)

  57. Elizabeth O.

    Ahh it’s that time again! I organize my things first before I start spring cleaning!

  58. Love the makeover! I need to sort out my cupboards, they in such a mess.

  59. Whoa – that was a messy cabinet! You cleaned it up nicely though. I’m afraid to see how many expired medications I have in my cabinet.

  60. Hey Stacie – I so love what you did and how you shared – we finally put in a cabinet with glass doors – makes me keep it organized – and the extras are in drawers when I need more – Congrats on what you did and that new great beautiful look!

  61. My daughter love Herbal Essences hair care products. I get dandruff with it so I use a different one. Hair care product is something we buy a lot when on sale.

  62. My biggest tip for spring cleaning is to ask yourself one question will i use it. If the answer is no then out it goes. There shouldn’t be a ‘well not right now’ or ‘maybe later’ cause thats how things end up building up.

  63. Your cabinet is huge compared to ours. I just did this two weeks ago. I love purging!!

  64. I just love this! I love shutters anyway, they look so charming! Awesome job!

  65. I am loving that teal color! So bright and fresh for spring. Thanks for sharing!

  66. How amazing! I love the tip about cleaning the make up brushes. We put magnetics inside of our cabinet to hold the containers of extra bobby pins and tweezers. We never loose them, now!

  67. Love your makeover and the color you chose. Spring cleaning is a great time to get the places you don’t usually think to clean like behind your fridge and your screens.

  68. Yona Williams

    Your makeover looks so neat and colorful – I love this upgrade. I wish I had a medicine cabinet like this in the first place. Ours is a slide over mirror one…sigh.

  69. Rebecca Swenor

    This is so what I need to do myself. I love the color you chose for the cabinet door. It looks amazing indeed. Thanks for sharing.

  70. I need to do this! It looks great! Love the paint!

  71. My medicine cabinet is #2 on my most hated to clean list. #1 is my closet! These tips kind of take most of the pain out of it, though!!

  72. Your cabinet makeover is fantastic! It’s so important to really watch expiration dates on medicines – even in the most organized cabinets you can lose track of when things have gone past their dates. Great color and redo!

  73. Our home didn’t come with medicine cabinets, but I definitely need to apply these tips to the drawers and areas under the sinks.

  74. Oh gosh, don’t remind me! We don’t have a medicine cabinet, we use part of the hall’s linen closet for our medicine and it definitely needs to be cleaned out. I just found a bottle of allergy medicine that expired in 2013

  75. I have a few areas that need some organization and a makeover. I’m ready to go take it on.

  76. I don’t have many spring cleaning tips. I actually have a question… those pesky screens! How do you get all of those built up bugs out of the windowsill?

  77. These are great tips. My cabinets look like you’d. I really need to get in and clean up. Thanks for the reminder

  78. I definitely need to do this. After Easter I am planning a bathroom makeover.

  79. What a super cute idea! I have never seen this before, but it is such a great idea! Love the green!

  80. I clean my medicine cabinets out at least twice a year. So much accumulates in there!

  81. I don’t have a medicine cabinet on my wall since we live in a small condo but I must say that my under the sink cabinet it sooo crazy messy! This has reminded me to go through that and re-organize. Thanks!

  82. nicole dziedzic

    I really love that aqua teal color you choose for the cabinet. Nice spring color, and this reminds me I need to clean mine out, I know I have a lot of old stuff in there.

  83. I seriously need to do this with my medicine cabinet! Love your medicine cabinet makeover.

  84. I’m so jealous I always wanted this cabinet like yours. This is looks good and new cabinet nice.

  85. I clean out my cabinets often. I hate finding expired items or multiples of one time needed items

  86. I really need to make some time to do spring cleaning in various areas within home front. You did a great job on this one!

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