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Did you know that recent survey revealed that 87 percent of women think this discomfort is normal? I had no idea that it wasn't normal because I have had breast discomfort for years but I thought that it was just something that I had to deal with. In fact, 81% have not consulted a doctor about their breast discomfort or tenderness and I was in the 81% until recently when I asked my doctor about it.


Menstrual-related breast discomfort is thought to be caused by hormonal changes that occur during a woman’s menstrual cycle. These changes can lead to the buildup of breast tissue, resulting in breast lumps, tenderness, swelling, heaviness and aches. I would get these aches the week before getting my period and many times I thought that I was pregnant because it felt a lot like that. Although I knew I wasn't pregnant, that breast discomfort made me question that.

Breast discomfort is normal and this condition affects millions of women – in fact, an estimated 50 percent of all women experience this during their childbearing years – yet many do not seek out treatment and view it as a normal occurrence each month that they have to accept. In some cases, the discomfort can be so severe that routine, yet important, everyday activities are disrupted – including intimacy and other physical, social and school activities.

Violet iodine is a new, once-daily, non-hormone supplement that is made specifically for women to promote breast health and alleviate menstrual-related breast discomfort. With the introduction of Violet iodine – the only non-hormone iodine supplement specifically designed to address menstrual-related breast discomfort — millions of women need not suffer and can now proactively manage their breast health.


Violet iodine is simply taken as part of a daily regimen – one tablet each morning – and most women begin to experience symptom relief after 60 days (although some women experience relief sooner).

Violet iodine is available without a prescription and can be purchased online and at several leading retailers nationwide, including select CVS/Pharmacy locations, The Vitamin Shoppe, Harris Teeter and A full list of retail locations can be found by visiting:

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Is it a drug?

Violet iodine is not a drug; it is an iodine supplement. It is regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and can be purchased without a prescription.

What are the active ingredients?

The two active ingredients in Violet iodine are iodine and selenium.

What form does it come in?

Violet iodine is available in tablet form.

What pill counts are available?

Violet iodine is available in a 60-pill starter package and a 30-pill refill package.

What symptoms does it address?

Violet iodine has been demonstrated to alleviate premenstrual tenderness, aches, heaviness and  swelling in the breasts.


CVS – in select stores (not available online)

The Vitamin Shoppe – online and in store


Visit the Violet Website to learn more.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this. I actually have a couple of friends who could use this.

  2. I get the worst PMS symptoms which often include breast pain and tenderness. I will be on the lookout for this and love that I can get it without a prescription.

  3. I am glad that this is available for those that need it. No one should have to go through unnecessary suffering and discomfort.

  4. This sounds so helpful. It’s super convenient to get relief this way. On bad days that discomfort can be a complete distraction.

  5. These are big questions you are asking. The answers are different for everyone. For me things that dont help me, help others, or bring me joy can be cut.

    Also I have never heard of Violet Iodine before.

  6. This is awesome I had this issue before I started nursing my babies. I wish I had this back then, it seems like it would be such a great help!

  7. Wow! This is something I will definitely be looking for. The breast discomfort before my cycle is almost overwhelming at times. Even a little relief would be most welcome!

  8. Interesting, thank you for sharing this. I know some people who will certainly be interested. I will have to share this blog post with them!

  9. I got to meet their team at the BlogHer Conference this year in New York City but I have not yet tried it out.

  10. No, I’ve never heard of Fibrocystic Breast Condition. But I am going to look into this further.

  11. This sounds like a great product. My Daughter goes threw a lot of discomfort with her periods. I will have to check with her DR to see if this would be good for her to try.

  12. Rosey

    I didn’t realize it wasn’t normal either. I thought it was just part for the corse. Good to know it’s not.

  13. Glad there is something on the market to help with tender breast. I suffer from this PMS symptom from time to time!

  14. Debbie Denny

    I have never heard of this. I don’t have this problem but one of my daughters does.

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