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Medical Products That You Need in 2022 (The Jase Case)

Medical Products That You Need in 2022 (The Jase Case)

Medical Products That You Need in 2022 (The Jase Case)

            With the state of the world, nothing is for certain. At any moment there could be a tornado, hurricane, or lockdown that could cause us to be unable to get the medication we need. But there’s a solution… The Jase Case! As a mother of 3 I know just how easy it is for a disaster to occur. From my son cutting his chin on the sidewalk after running away from his siblings, to my friend getting sick in a foreign country. With everything from COVID to storms, it’s not always a given that we will be able to go see a doctor and get the antibiotics we need in time for infection not to occur. That’s why The Jase Case is such a great choice.

The Jase Case

            The Jase case is a kit of life-saving medication and antibiotics that can be housed in one, easy to transport and store, place. Getting a Jase Case is super simple.

  1. Start by going to and pressing the “start consult” button
  2. From there click on your country (Jase Cases are offered in The United States and Canada).
  3. Select who you are ordering the case for.
  4. Fill out the form about the recipient

Then a board-certified physician will find your needs and send your medication straight to your house.  Being prepared for a disaster has never been easier.

When Can The Jase Case Help? 

            The Jase Case is great during a pandemic, on an outdoor adventure, through a natural disaster, and traveling in a foreign country.

            The Pandemic has caused lockdowns and shipment delays on everything, including medication. The pharmacy has been short on my son’s medication a few times to the point where he’s had to wait a couple of days to receive it. When it comes to antibiotics, there is NO time to waste. When we sustain an injury, our body naturally fights off some of the harmful bacteria at the sight of the wound, but we can’t fight it all on our own. That’s why antibiotics are so important for us. They fight to help make sure the wound doesn’t get infected and cause more harm than the initial injury already has.

            When traveling to foreign countries, it is very common to get sick or contract a virus when exposed to bacteria we are not usually exposed to. One of my friends traveled to Hong Kong in 2016 and got really sick the second day he was there. He was rushed to the hospital and was given a dose of antibiotics. In 2022, it would not be half as easy to get into the hospital, especially as a visitor to a foreign country. Without these antibiotics, my friend could have gotten seriously sick and possibly hospitalized. If he were to have a Jase Case at the time, half of his worries would have been eliminated.

            For those who like to hike and spend time outdoors, getting cut or bitten by a bug is just part of the job. But what happens if the wound gets infected. Let’s say you were to go camping over the summer. You set up your tent, a campfire, and everything is blissful until you trip and cut your leg on a stray pinecone. It’s a 2-mile hike back to civilization. What do you do? If you’re prepared and have The Jase Case, you have the antibiotics you need. While you still need to make it to base, the worry of getting an antibiotic in time is no longer an issue.

The Jase Case makes for a great addition to the family and helps alleviate the worry of getting medication in these trying times.


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