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ME TIME: Escape in the Park

There are times when I need and want to step away from the computer. I do this for a variety of reasons. My kids are involved in lots of activities.

However, because of the nature of my business, I still need to be connected and the way that I can do this is with my Windows Phone.


I pick the kids up in carpool and head to soccer…ballet…gymnastics…tennis…Scouts. I sit there and wait while they do their activities.

I have a 15 minute conference call about an upcoming blogger campaign. I send out some Tweets and continue a conversation started on Twitter earlier in the day. I post a few recent pictures of my kids on Facebook.

Many times, inspiration strikes while I am watching my son get his weekly tennis lesson. I open the WordPress app and draft a quick blog post that I can finish later at home or post right then on my blog.

I am having pictures taken of my kids so I try to coordinate outfits. I have been able to get some great items on eBay because being mobile means I can scoop in at the last second to win an auction. I shop on many deal sites and love to see what kinds of offers they have.

I am hosting an event here in Atlanta and need to add a few more invitees to the list. That is easy to do on my phone and takes just minutes.

I need to pay a few bills online, plus pay some invoices from bloggers I hired for a recent project. I just tap the app for my bank and in less than five minutes, I am done.

I need to go grocery shopping. I open Evernote to add a few more items to my shopping list and then I share the list with my husband to see if he needs to add anything.



I scrap all the work plans and take a little time for myself.

I read a few chapters of my latest thriller on the Kindle app.

I look for cute shoes on one of the many store apps that I utilize on darn near a daily basis.

I play some Angry Birds. I work out an Expert level Sudoku puzzle. I challenge myself to a few brain-training games.

I can do all this and more from a park bench. Here is my view from the bench today:


Of course it is from a park bench because shouldn't life be like that? It makes me love my life and my job even more!

My life is infinitely easier because of my Widows Phone. I use it for everything. But because I can be more connected digitally away from home, I find that I am more connected as a parent no matter where I am. And that’s the best part of all.


Brought to you by the new AT&T Nokia Lumia 900.
Tasks. Joys. Simply Faster.

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74 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. Me time? What is THAT? 🙂

    You are so right, though. I also use my phone as a mini escape!

  2. Tammy S

    I have a Windows phone and I LOVE it. You couldn’t pay me to go back to an iPhone. I love how I can work on word and excel documents for work anywhere. I also love how my Outlook Calendar on my computer and my Windows phone automaticly sync to each other. No more plugging my phone into my computer to make them sync. Great review and video.

    You are correct, life is easier with a Windows phone. 🙂

  3. Crack You Whip

    I had never heard of a Windows phone before this. I love my Iphone but would also like for my life to be easier.

    Decisions, decisions…

    Great review!

  4. Nicola

    Windows Phone? Wow first time too I have heard of this! I find my IPhone frustrating at times so if this is really a better alternative I will look into this, thanks!!!

  5. Carrie

    You got that so right! Windows Phone is MUCH better than the iPhone. I was getting so fed up with that thing!!! And I know, Windows Phone is a great thing to have when you need those few necessary minutes to yourself!

  6. Kelly

    Like so many of us moms we have hectic lives and NEED an escape. Sounds like you found the perfect one in the Windows Phone! I need to check into that too, as I am deathly tired of that iPhone myself.

  7. Bailey

    OMG I just got my Windows Phone and I LOVE it. I would never in a million years go back to the iPhone. Adorable kids you have btw 🙂

  8. Victoria

    I will try that Windows Phone. I am currently using a Blackberry and at first I am satisfied with its services but as time goes by, I figured out that it doesn’t helps me with my projects and other stuff because its serves me more on social networking like Face book.

  9. Leona

    Windows phone is really a great help when we can’t bring our computer outside. As a mother, we need to prioritize our children more than our work. But we can’t lose our job because we need it to earn money.

  10. Brianna

    I should try it out since I have many appointments outside like checking my kids at their school, and buying groceries for the week and many more. I don’t have to worry anymore for my emails and I can just check it anywhere I am. My emails are very important to me because my client used that to contact me.

  11. Mary Jane

    You have a beautiful daughters Stacie and I admire that you know how to manage your time. You have to thank Nokia for making AT&T Nokia Lumia 900. It makes your life easier the day you grab it.

  12. Jay

    I also feel the same way because its hard to stay away from the computer when we know that this is the only way I earn money so its nice that they’ve invented widows phone.

  13. Marsha T.

    Yeah! As a single mother, there are lots of pressures that come to us. Sometimes, we need escapes to rest our mind from all the pressures that got into us. Park is the best place to have a rest. Bringing your children there to play while we sit on the bench watching them and at the same time, having your windows phone to capture every happy moments they have and share it to your friends. 🙂

  14. Johanna

    It is more relaxing to use Windows Phone if you are a working mom and I proved that. It is better than I Phone 4s that I once had.

  15. Germaine

    It’s not bad to take a rest sometimes. Our mind and body needs a rest to be able to continue our work well. I also play games with my phone to take all the pressures away from my brain. “Plants vs. Zombies” is my favorite game.

  16. Jenny Mae

    Nice review Stacie. I am sure that you will inspire most of working moms or person-on-the-go to switch from their phones to Windows Phone.

  17. Daisy

    Windows phone is the best! I won’t change my phone to other brands. I am satisfied just having this. I can do all my office work with my windows phone especially the one with excel and word.

  18. Amelia

    I am sure that Stacie had maximized her time throughout the day because of Windows Phone. She even had time to take a picture of the view from the park bench.LOL!

  19. Margarette

    This is also the first time to encounter Windows Phone and I searched for its feedback and according to them it’s great to have one. I am a businesswoman and I traveled a lot that’s why I have to keep my Gmail available 24/7 and bringing a laptop with me is stressful. Thanks to you Stacie I think I found my escape from carrying a laptop everyday.

  20. Elisa

    Microsoft developer and Nokia are really great. They consider on-the-go consumers like me and Stacie when they created Windows Phone.

  21. Carissa

    Windows Phone is like 4-in-1 gadget that you can bring with you everyday. Hassle-free. It can be your laptop, digital camera, music box or ipod and personal mobile phone. It really makes life easier.

  22. Alex

    After seeing what a windows phone can do because my friend has it, I immediately switched my brand new phone with a windows phone. Even outside the office, I can continue my job and finish it as soon as possible so that I won’t have a problem with the work that I haven’t finish yet at the office and can move forward to the next job I have.

  23. Marie Claire

    You can really now be called “The Divine Miss Mommy” Stacie because of Windows Phone. You can be a mother, a wife and a businesswoman at the same time. You also have a little time to relax and just sit on the bench. Very COOL Stacie! =)

  24. Shane

    Nice review Stacie. You helped other people discover an escape to their personal problems. And thank you for Windows Phone to! <3

  25. Drew

    Good for you Stacie. Being a mother and working at the same time are really hard to do. I wish I can do the same thing. Unfortunately, I don’t have money to buy windows phone (for now…) because all my earnings goes to my daughter. Maybe if I get some bonus, I would be able to buy one.

  26. Chris

    I am looking for a very useful phone that I can use all around and after searching the net, I read your article and it really amazed me that it’s really useful to you. I wanted to try this out. Thanks for giving me idea on what phone to replace my old phone.

  27. Miriam

    It’s really fun hanging out with your family and takes a day-off. But even in a day-off, we can work using windows phone. It is really useful because it has office tools. I have my own and I can say that WINDOWS PHONE is totally awesome!

  28. Lovely

    I don’t think I can escape with my very busy life. Being a mother of three kids and working at the same time, I don’t think I can give myself a rest. But after reading your article, I am inspired. I wanted to try that out too. I can go to park this weekend with my three kids and may be with my husband too. He has a windows phone while my phone is an old model. We can use that to take pictures of my beloved family.

  29. Macy

    I don’t know with other people but just like what other people mentioned in here. This phone is very practical in a way that it helps people to have a much easier life.

  30. Anthony

    Nice pictures! It’s nice to see that you have time for your kids. Its sure thing come in handy to have a phone like that.

  31. Jill

    I have heard so many great things about the Windows Phone. I think I will have to invest because I am also not too happy with the iPhone.

  32. Gabe B

    I have not used any windows phone yet but this sure is enticing. Nice review. Which kind of windows phone are you currently using? What are the specs too?

    Thanks for sharing!


  33. Tomi

    I am actually looking into purchasing the Windows Phone and after reading this blog post I am going to go ahead with it!

  34. Mimi

    Yeah I remember the first time I ever discovered the Windows Phone was when I walked by one of those electronics stores at the mall and was shocked to see there was such a thing since Apple is huge. But if everyone is saying that it is so good, then it must be! I will look into this!

  35. Casee

    I switched to the Windows Phone just recently and I am very glad I made that change!

  36. Tammy S

    A Super nice feature of the phone is that it auto sync’s your Outlook appointments. I run our family calendar through Outlook. So if my daughter has a school function that we need to attend. I send my husband an invitation through Outlook, once he accepts the appointment it is added to his calendar automatically. You don’t have to plug your phone into your computer. My husband never misses a school function now. 🙂

  37. I feel the same way about my iPhone – it makes it so easy to do things quickly on the go!

  38. Jennifer

    Thanks! I now found my healthy way to escape from life hehe 🙂

  39. Melany

    I have used my iPhone as an escape too but perhaps the Windows Phone would be a better one.

  40. I went from a Blackberry Pearl to the Windows 7 phone when it first came out. I’m an accountant…we’re not big on change…5 minutes in on the new phone and I tossed the Blackberry to the curb! I love it! It took me a few months to realize I could change all the tiles to PINK, too!

  41. Kendra

    Ouch, I hate the Blackberry! I tossed the Blackberry to the curb after I got my iPhone but I think I am gonna get the Windows phone so I have a good excuse to toss the iPhone to th curb. That thing is doing nothing but bringing me aggrevation.

  42. Natalie

    You are so right, when I have ME time I easily get lost in my Windows Phone! It’s awesome.

  43. Heather M

    I just bought my Windows Phone yesterday and would not trade it for anything, especially the iPhone!

  44. Claire

    I am ready to get the Windows Phone, it sounds pretty good!

  45. Dana

    Lovely pictures, and Windows Phone is the perfect thing to have when you need that escape from reality!

  46. Desiree

    I just got the Windows Phone and now I cannot imagine life without it, HA! It’s a great tool.

  47. Amy G

    I have to say that the pics that come out of Windows Phone is more clear than the pics that are from the iPhone. I love the quality!

  48. Taylor

    I have to say that the Windows Phone is the best mobile phone I have ever used. I can’t believe I once liked my Blackberry lol.

  49. Renee Jones

    I am so excited as I am getting one this weekend!! Whoopie.

  50. Rane

    So funny. I was just talking about this phone the other night with my friend wondering if it was worth the investment. After reading all of this, I am gonna get it!!

  51. ellen

    That is a lovely pic of your view from the park bench– relaxing looking and the sky is so vivid- if thats taken by your phone, I have to admit it takes great pics, I havent went to a phone with a data plan- mine makes calls, thats it. But, if you had to stay connected this phone looks like it does the job and more!

  52. Lindsay

    What gorgeous pics that comes out of this phone. I have been hearing great things about this phone and may actually look more into this. Great detailed post too.

  53. Mindy

    Where did you buy the Windows Phone? I have been looking for it everywhere (can’t find it anywhere around where I live). I have heard great things about it.

  54. Rachel

    You may be able to buy it from ebay or amazon. They should be found in malls too.

  55. Justine

    I am getting this phone for my sister’s birthday 🙂 I can’t wait to see the look of happiness on her face when she sees it. I know I love mine.

  56. Maxine

    I had nothing but headaches with the iPhone! The Windows Phone however is a Godsend! I recommend it to anyone, and by the way, great pics you have up! 🙂 We all know what camera you used to take those!

  57. Karen

    Great looking pics you have there. Are these all from the Windows Phone? Impressive.

  58. Chelsea

    Awesome phone 🙂 I love it too, and it is so much easier to use than the iPhone.

  59. Sandra

    The pics look amazing and definitely are produced better from the Windows Phone, as I always thought the pictures from the iPhone did not look great.

  60. Abby

    Your kids are adorable and what gorgeous pics you took!! Love it!

  61. Jennifer Marie

    Wow what a beautiful pic of the kids on the horse. My youngest son wouldn’t get on a horse last time we tried.
    It’s a good reminder that you need to take some time for yourself though too 🙂

  62. Karen Propes

    Wow the picture from the park is breathtaking.
    The colors were so bright and definite, no blurring or patchy places are you sure it was from a car phone (lol).
    I just love it!!! I so know the routine of taking my daughth.Taking her to her activites; from ballet to
    cheerleading practice, then to shool activities. At that time I didn’t have a computer or cell phone. I relied on my working on projects from work and talking to the other mother’s that were waiting also. I really did make a lot of friends from those activities! No that I have a phone, I take pictures of my granddaughter when she is playing and doing new things. I keep them in a scrapbook, that tells about our day. I think she will like it when she gets older. Thanks for sharing that little piece of your life.

  63. Margo C

    Thanks for sharing your pictures, very nice.

  64. Anne Lehnick

    The pictures are wonderful and your day sounds very, very busy… but it’s great to know all the practical applications of a Windows phone from a Mom’s point of view. My contract was up at the beginning of the month, so I have to start looking for my next phone. It’s always nice to get a personal review. Thanks!

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