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Live a Little: They Had Me at Mama

I had posts to write. Lots of them.

Bills to pay. Lots of those too.

There were lots of things that needed to be done around the house. Laundry. Rooms to clean. Beds to make. Bathrooms to clean.

I was already running a little late for carpool. What else is new, right? I picked up the kids determined to get back home as quickly as possible to make a dent in my T0-Do list.

As soon I saw my excited children running to car, I knew it wouldn't happen like that. Not at all. I could see it in my son's face.

The carpool lady opened the door and I was hit with a barrage of “Mama, mama, mama. Look at how nice it is outside. It is so sunny. Can we go the park?”

They had me at mama.

I didn't even hesitate. Of course we could go the park. They were so excited and so full of life that I couldn't help but smile. Everything else could wait except for the joy that my kids were about to experience.

We had a fabulous day at the park and I got everything done that I needed to get done. Just a little later.

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  1. Love it!!! And I love how simply plating outside gives you so much energy and gets you into good spirits that everything else WILL be done even faster and better than if you had started first thing on the morning.

  2. How funny!! I think we were in sync this week. My post is so similar. It is cool how writing these Live a Little posts are really making us think of so many little ways to really have a full life. 🙂

  3. I’m having one of those days today! I was tallying up all the chores I needed to get done, but as soon as I saw how excited my kids are about today’s beautiful weather…well, the chores can wait. Time to play outside!

  4. A day at the park with your kids definitely qualifies as living a little!

  5. Jennifer Hedden

    It is so great how something so simple brings so much joy and excitement to kids. And it is so amazing how all their joy makes us so happy. I love it!

  6. Stacie, I think so many parents (working in home or outside of the home) need to take this advice much more often than we allow ourselves. I’ve done the very same thing this past week as our weather was unseasonably warm we hit a new park every day after school. My kids think I’m the best mom in the world…for a little while longer. And I walked briskly while they were climbing on things and didn’t need a push on the swings. I was more productive when I returned home. A win-win!

  7. most of the weekend was spent outside, unplugged. the kids wanted to play and it just felt ok to let everything else go

  8. The weather has been so nice here in Texas that I’m getting begged all the time to go to the park, zoo, choo-choo train. I agree, everything else can wait!

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