LG G4 Mobile Phone from Best Buy

LG G4 Mobile Phone from Best Buy

LG G4 Mobile Phone from Best Buy @LGUSAMobile @BestBuy #LGG4

We have a new phone in our house! The LG G4 mobile phone from Best Buy for Sprint was confiscated by my husband the moment it arrived in the mail. He did some research and decided to give up his beloved Samsung in order to use the G4. This is a big deal for him because he really loved that phone.

However there are so many features of the LG G4 that he was excited about trying out. First, the ability to shoot in RAW. As an amateur photographer, he just started using RAW and has wanted to explore it more. Now that he has it on his phone, his pictures are getting even better!

Here are the LG G4 features at a glance.


  • f/1.8 aperture for impressive performance in low light situations
  • Manual mode with 15 settings and over 135 options for photo enthusiast level control over how photos are captured
  • Improved Laser Auto Focus so you’re always ready to capture the moment
  • 16MP rear facing camera and an 8MP front facing camera for high quality photos and selfies
  • Improved Optical Image Stabilization steadies the shot for sharp, focused images
  • RAW image file capture for the highest possible image quality


  • Cutting edge 5.5”  IPS Quantum Display for an outstanding visual experience
  • 25% brighter display* for an enhanced viewing experience in various lighting conditions
  • 50% improvement in contrast* for richer images
  • Quad HD resolution with 538 PPI for incredible detail


  • Genuine leather, metallic and ceramic style back covers for a premium look and feel
  • Fits in the palm of your hand with a gentle curved design for ergonomic comfort
  • Upgradable memory up to 2TB with micro SD card and a replaceable high capacity 3,000mAh battery


The Camera.
What is really cool about the LG G4 camera is that it allows you to take pictures in manual mode and save in RAW format.  Manual mode allows you to control things like shutter speed, white balance, iso, and focus.  Even better, as you make changes to these settings, the screen shows you what the changes are going to do to the picture.  That is really neat.  Not sure what ISO setting to choose? Easy!  Just select one and look at the screen…it will show you exactly what sort of picture you are going to get with your selected ISO.  In other words, the screen updates in real time to show you what your picture will look like with your current manual settings.
The ability to save in RAW is also a plus.  This allows you to pull your pictures into a program like Capture One, where you can manipulate to your hearts delight.  And as an added bonus, the back cover of the LG G4 is removable.  That means you can both upgrade the memory and hot swap batteries…both important features if you take a ton of photos in RAW format. In addition to the manual mode, the auto mode does a good job as well.
This phone just doesn't lag.  When I click a program or change screens, the phone reacts instantly. I also have found myself using several of the baked in software tweaks.  I use the remote pretty much daily (as our remote seems to be always lost).   I use LG Health to track steps (just keep the phone on you, it will do the rest).


This was shot with the LG G4 in  auto mode. I didn't like the shine and it seemed a little too overexposed.
LG G4 Auto Mode
This is a shot in manual mode with the ISO set to 150, shutter speed of 1/60.
LG G4 Mode


Now you can get a guaranteed $100 Best Buy® Gift Card when you order and purchase the LG G4. The latest cell phone from LG features a superior camera experience, a cutting-edge display and an elegant and comfortable design. Test and try the new LG G4 in store.

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

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  1. I love how great that camera is on the phone. I don’t blame your husband for taking it!

  2. I’ve been having serious phone envy after seeing this phone for the first time. But I just got a new one a few months ago (a different brand), so I’ll have to wait til it’s time to upgrade again. The camera features really do look amazing!

  3. This looks like an amazing phone and I love the leather on it. I really haven’t been pleased with the camera on my current phone so I’ll have to check this out when my contract is up!

  4. For phones so far I like the Samsung. LG’s don’t seem to be as good in my area. Could be the phone carriers I am not sure. Boost and StraightTalk is best in my area. Are LG’s good on their services?

  5. Wow It’s amazing how close these phone cameras are getting to DSLR quality. My phone camera is so bad!

  6. I’ve never heard of a camera that good on a phone! Wow! Next time my update rolls around, I’ll look into this.

  7. All of these new phones are so intriguing. I want to own them all so I can perform seriously extensive comparative tests.

  8. Nicole Dziedzic

    What a great deal when you buy the LG G4, always love getting gift card deals when purchasing. Could use the gift card to buy a phone case to go with it. Love the sleek design on this phone.

  9. That looks like a really nice phone. I might have to get one of these for my daughter. She would love it.

  10. Kristin K

    I have been a loyal Samsung phone fan for as long as I can remember! The LG G4 phone sounds like an amazing phone for pictures! A photographer’s dream phone!!! But, how about the rest of the phone? I mean, I take a lot of pictures, but I need the other apps to work, and the voice quality to be spectacular!!!

  11. What an awesome phone. I like that it has a big screen. My son needs a new phone, so I will check this out.

  12. I use my iPhone a lot in taking photos when I am lazy to bring my DSLR. Those photos are really great. I would love to have that phone.

  13. All of my friends who have an LG phone swear they love it! It is also a beautiful design. Personally, I am an Apple lover, but totally respect the Android users…lol

  14. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I have seen commercials for this phone. The camera on it looks totally amazing. I would not mind owning one myself.

  15. What a great phone. Good photos too, thats always a plus. I just upgraded my iPhone 5 to a iPhone 6 Plus. It took me a few days to get used to the size but it is so worth it. I love it.

  16. This sounds like a really high tech phone and I’ll definitely keep it in mind for when my current contract runs out! It’s really neat to see how high of a quality the photos turn out!

  17. Such beautiful capture, definitely agreat quality image. Love the high res too. I will try this when our contract is up and need a new one.

  18. CourtneyLynne

    Not gunna lie, I’m team Apple, but hubby is team droid. He would probably love this phone!

  19. This sounds like a perfect phone for my ever changing phones husband. I will have to tell him about this and head over to best buy! Sounds great.

  20. I am getting to the point that I am about ready to upgrade my phone. I think I’m due in about 6 months (need to check on it).

  21. I have had an iPhone for a few years now, and cannot imagine using a different phone. I’ve had an Apple since I was about 4 years old, with the exception of a Blackberry for a few months, and then the earlier phones (Razr, Nokia, etc.)

  22. Wow you can really tell a difference! Sometimes I am super disappointed with my camera phone. It looks great until you snap the photo..

  23. I love this phone! It’s next on my list to get when I upgrade my phone after my current plan ends. I just LOVE The camera on it!

  24. How fun and exciting! It sounds like the camera has some DSLR-esque capabilities. There’s nothing like a phone that is able to take high quality pictures.

  25. I do love that large screen. My phone is running kind of slow now so I’m looking to try this!

  26. Totally loving all the huge phones LOL! I went from a 5 to a 6 plus and love how huge the screen is. The pics on this LG is amazing!

  27. Rebecca Swenor

    This sounds like a great phone indeed and I am looking for a good phone too. I love a phone with a great camera which is the thing that sells me on the phones. I will have to check it out because it takes great photos. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Heck, I’d get that phone just for the camera! 1.8f is really nice! That’s probably the one thing I don’t like about my iphone is that I can’t control settings like I can my DSLR, which means I carry around a big camera…

  29. Rosey

    How fun to play around w/the shots. I have a flip phone. I’m changing that soon.

  30. Kristin K

    If this phone is as attractive as you say it is…I may make it my next phone, when I am done with my current contract! I love new phones, gadgets, and all technology!

  31. That looks like an awesome phone! I am an Apple girl myself but if I stray one day I will definitely check it out!!

  32. Oh my goodness. I think I need this phone. My iPhone has been letting me down lately. Lol.

  33. As a fellow blogger I need a phone that takes great pictures. While I’m Team iPhone this LG G4 takes great pictures.

  34. That’s a really fancy phone for a camera. I like that there are options to change settings and shutter speeds or whatever to get the photo you want.

  35. I’m team iPhone, have been since 2007. BUT, this phone actually makes me think twice about my choice. That’s an accomplishment!

  36. I have recently been looking at the Lg g4 phone with the built in camera! I think the brand and the quality are great! Thanks for your review highlighting all the wonderful features I am considering! I love your share a photo as I am a very visual person too!

  37. I’ve heard a lot of fantastic things about the LG G4. I’ll keep this in mind for when I buy a new phone.

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