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Lean Cuisine – Convenient Meals for Moms

I have long loved Lean Cuisine meals. I have been eating them for years and I think that I can safely say that I have tried every single meal they have by now.

Everyone in my house likes to eat Lean Cuisine meals. I love them for their convenience and I also like that they are made with healthier ingredients.  They are lower in calories and each meal has some fiber in it as well. Any chance to get a little more fiber in my diet is a good thing.

I went shopping with my kids to buy some meals for our upcoming week which will be extremely busy. We needed food that was hearty, convenient and easy to make. Of course, I went right for the Lean Cuisine.

I got the six pack of Lean Cuisine that had the Asian inspired flavors including Chicken Teriyaki Stir Fry, Sesame Chicken and Ginger Garlic Stir Fry with Chicken. I like the convenience of buying in bulk and being able to get six meals at once although I have found that if I can find a sale at my local grocery store, the prices are about the same.

One of the things that I love about Lean Cuisine is that they are very easy to make. Each meal takes around 2-3 minutes to make and then it's time to eat. I love the variety available and I love all of the veggies that they put in there.

My husband and I love to be able to make a quick meal on the go. We make a salad, add our favorite dressing and have a complete meal.

We made our own Ginger dressing and had a delicious salad to start our meal:

Check out my Google+ Album of our shopping trip


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7 Comments Leave a Comment »

  1. Dawn

    Lean Cuisine is my favorite. I take one to work every day for lunch.

  2. AnnaB

    The sesame chicken one is my favorite

  3. JMFC

    I like the Garlic Chicken LeanCuisine best.

  4. Patricia Cook

    I’ve loved Lean Cuisine for years. I love your idea of making a salad to go along with it. It feels you up and you don’t walk away still hungry. Your pics look yummy!!

  5. NancyB

    I love Lean Cuisine but I like to alternate between these and Healthy Choice. Anything with chicken is my favorite.

  6. Jen B

    I love Lean Cuisine and so do my kids. My daughter takes the noodles cold in her lunchbox.

  7. TTB

    The one you have pictured here is my least favorite of every Lean Cuisine they make but I love almost all of the others.

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