Kylie Matte Liquid Lipsticks Review Cosmetics Makeup Lipgloss

Kylie Matte Liquid Lipsticks Review

Kylie Matte Liquid Lipsticks ReviewKylie Matte Liquid Lipsticks Review

Kylie Jenner and her makeup line have been blowing up over the past about year when she launched her cosmetics line, Kylie Cosmetics. Kylie has been known for her plump pout and she began her cosmetics line with releasing her original Kylie Lip Kits which include a lip liner and a matte liquid lipstick, now her brand has expanded into lip glosses, eye shadow palettes, blushes, highlighters, and even makeup brushes. I have tested out a few of Kylie's product over the past year or so but I've never talked about her liquid lipsticks so far. Today I am going to be talking about a couple of Kylie lipsticks I have tested out. We hope that you enjoy this Kylie Matte Liquid Lipsticks Review.

Kylie Matte Liquid Lipsticks ReviewFirst off, I wanted to talk about the formula in general of the liquid lipsticks. There are a ton of different brands that have their own liquid lipsticks and every brand's formula is slightly different than the other. There are liquid lipsticks that don't dry down all the way, there are some that are extremely drying on your lips, and some that are really comfortable and long wearing. Kylie's formula is one that is really comfortable for me. When I wear these lipsticks it feels very light, like I am not wearing anything at all.

Kylie has a huge range of liquid lipsticks to date including matte, metallics, and velvets. Not only does she have a few different formulas but she has also has a huge range of colors including nudes, pinks, reds, and even brighter colors including oranges, purples, and a bright blue as well. On top of her common, everyday shades Kylie also frequently releases limited edition releases including her Koko collection, the Kylie Holiday Edition, and the Kylie Valentine Edition.

Kylie Matte Liquid Lipsticks ReviewNow, let's move onto my opinion of the products. I have a few different of the Kylie liquid lipsticks and I have really loved all of them. I have found that all of the colors I have tried are very comfortable on the lips, they are really long lasting, and look really great. I think Kylie's products are really great and they really are fairly affordable. You can buy Kylie's lip kits which come with one liquid lipstick and a matching lip liner for $29 which is not too bad of a price point for a high end product that includes two products in one package. After some time Kylie started releasing her lip products as singles. I loved that she released them as singles because I am not one that necessarily uses a lot of lip liners so being able to just buy the lipsticks as singles is great for me.

Kylie Matte Liquid Lipsticks ReviewOverall, I think Kylie has really created a great product and brand for herself. I think these products are great quality, long lasting, comfortable, and really worth the money. Y We hope that you enjoyed this Kylie Matte Liquid Lipsticks Review.

Kylie Matte Liquid Lipsticks Review

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