How to Know When the Scares are Coming in Halloween Movies

How to Know When the Scares are Coming in Halloween Movies

How to Know When the Scares are Coming in Halloween Movies

Some people simply can’t sit and watch a horror movie. They have bad nerves or phobias that make it impossible to do so without being embarrassed by their own reactions. If you are one of these folks, would it help to know ahead of time when to hide your eyes? Would it help to know when all the scary stuff was about to happen?

If, so, then read on. Here are some situations that often pop up in horror movies when a scare is about to come along:


Anytime you are watching a horror movie and someone turns around to walk backwards, you can be fairly sure a jolt of some kind is coming when they turn back around. This might be an actual kill or it could simply be the director scaring you with a well placed musical jolt. Either way, the scare is coming so hide your eyes if you can’t stand it.


When people say this phrase, they won’t be right back. This means they are leaving the room to be killed, maimed, kidnapped or otherwise disposed of.


Sex is definitely a precursor to death in horror movies as has been documented widely. Why then do the directors still stick to this silly habit? Some think it is so they feel they have an “excuse” to show some nudity on screen. Whatever the reason, you can pretty much depend on the rule that sex equals scares in horror movies.


Noises that simply have to be investigated are always a sign that bad things are coming. Some dumb character will go investigate and discover that the noise was something perfectly logical. Then, when the crowd feels relieved, the monster, killer or scary part will strike. Be ready for it.


This could be any reason to leave the room, but a generator being out is popular. This allows it to be dark and the generator is the only way to get the lights back on. Sounds like a great set up to me.


This is usually what knocks the electricity out, right? Then you have to go fix the generator. Storms in horror movies are like potatoes in soup. You kind of have to have them or else the product doesn’t seem right. If you see a storm brewing, you can be sure that your movie is about to be spooky.


Finally, the end of every horror movie is always going to be scary. The best part of most horror movies comes when you think the protagonist is safe. They are not. Never forget this and you will not get had by the always powerful jolt at the end.

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  1. ellen beck

    HA! Yep those are dead giveaways. Also someone wanting to go down a dirt road in the middle of nowhere, going into a cemeteray, going into a house while running. I love scary movies though and love this time of year.

  2. Nicole

    These are sound pretty familiar and exactly how it happens in horror movies, I love this time of year, my hubby and I always get a bunch of them and watch with the light off, and we even scare each other for a few days. Very fun.

  3. Rosie

    This is good to know! I can’t stand anything gory or too scary, and ever since I was young I’d try to look away when it was going to happen. Sometimes you’re looking down more than up! This is helpful!!!!

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