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Kid Craft: Mother’s Day Flower Garden

kid craft flower garden

Mother's Day is on the horizon and your kiddos will love this easy to make vase that mom will treasure!



    • One large mouth vase
    • One package of Ferrero Rocher candies in 6-9+ pack.
    • One package of wooden skewers
    • One package of Natural Aspen Wood (You can use craft moss of any variety)
    • One package of assorted felt colors
    • One bunch of flowers to match your hand felt colors
    • 1-2 small sponge flower blocks
    • Double sided poster adhesive
    • Small Rubber bands

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  1. Start by placing the sponge flower blocks in the bottom of the vase.
  2. Fill your vase with the Natural Aspen Wood
  3. Place your flower bouquet in the back, being sure to sink it into the flower block in the bottom of the vase. Lightly pull apart the bouquet to fill the width of the vase.
  4. Place your children's hand onto a piece of stock paper and line around their hand with pencil. At the bottom of their palm, make a 1.5-2″ long “tab”. You will need this extra piece to attach firmly to the skewers.
  5. Cut each hand print out.
  6. Using tacky striping to attach the “hand” to the felt for children to cut around without sliding.  If this is also difficult, trace around the paper hand with a marker, then cut.  Either way is just fine!
  7. Once all of your hand are cut out of felt, start attaching them to the skewers.
  8. You will double sided poster adhesive cut to the same size as your lower palm tab.
  9. Remove one side of the sticky tape paper and press firmly to the felt “tab”
  10. Remove the other side of the sticky tape and press the top of the skewer firmly into the middle length of the tape. Now close the sides of the tape around the skewer and pinch together for 10 seconds to make certain you have a nice seal.
  11. Now your hands should look like flags and you are ready to place the chocolate candies.
  12. Find the middle front of each candy and place on a hand. Hold the felt hand in your hand and place the candy in the middle. Now grasp all of the felt fingers tightly together, turn over and place the rubber band around the back of the  felt hand making sure to wrap completely around the chocolate.
  13. Fluff each hand and place into your vase making sure the point edge of the skewer goes into the sponge block. Arrange your “flowers” to hide the skewers and enjoy!

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