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Jewelry Gifts Under $20 from ModCloth

There's a Map for That Necklace in Gold
There are maps for displaying in your sophisticated study, maps for exploring new cities and scenery, and, now, there's even a map for wearing as a snazzy statement necklace! Let these shiny gold continents dangle along your collar, and you'll impress besties and travel buddies eager to be a part of your fashionable world. Set these linked lands alongside a grass-green blouse, a sandy-tan pair of shorts, and a polka-dotted, twisting headband, and begin your next stylish journey!

No Conquest Ring in Silver
When it comes to reciting epic tales as you tour each castle, moor, and medieval village, you’re leading the charge with a sharp memory and strong sense of style! As you describe each dramatic battle in detail, the fashion historians in the group are captivated by this metallic helmet ring, which protects your fierce reputation with its hammered silver finish and awe-inspiring silhouette. To wins hearts wherever you go, pair your bold intellect with this brilliant piece!

Color Me Charming Bracelet
Delight comes in many forms. For you, it's glimpsing at your wrist to admire all the hues of this ModCloth-exclusive bracelet! Upon indulging in the rainbow discs of this sweet accessory, you emanate a positive vibe that others can't help but emulate.

Key to Simplicity Earrings in Gold
Add an effortlessly chic finishing touch to your look with these golden earrings – featuring delicate bar pendants that shine a glowing spotlight on your own natural radiance!

Leafing Town Necklace
When packing for a weekend getaway, choose your accessories wisely – you can get the most use out of very versatile items like this linked gold leaf necklace, as featured in People Style Watch! Seven textured, gold brushed leaves will grace your neckline when you pair this piece with the nature-inspired outfits you love. Use its lobster claw clasp to attach it around your neck in varying lengths depending on what type of top you're donning. Adore this necklace throughout all four seasons!

Prehistoric Poise Earring Set
No outfit is complete without a sprinkling of quirky charm – so let these gold earrings be your go-to finishing touch! Complete with a trio of different dinos, this ModCloth-exclusive set is perfect for mixing, matching, and making the most of doing up your duds. After all, when it comes to sweet details, the ‘roar', the merrier!

Quote Couture Earrings
These pretty, punctuation-inspired earrings are positively adorable – and you can quote us on that! With their distressed metallic sheen and quirky, familiar shape, these earrings will be cited as the source of your charming style. Wear these earrings with a pinstripe blouse, cuffed shorts, and sweet saddle shoes. This is one look you'll want on the record!

Bee Prepared Collar Pin
You never know when a beautiful insect will buzz by, so keep your camera and this gold, ModCloth-exclusive collar pin handy! Two engraved bees trim the tiered chains of this metallic accessory, offering a vintage-inspired touch to your sweet day.

Aura You Ready? Mood Necklace
Well, the second you clasp this pendant necklace, you will be! Starring a dark, iridescent faux-moonstone – primed to change color with your mood – this antiqued gold accessory casts a bewitching air, completing your stellar looks with spell-binding finesse.

Two the Point Necklace
This silver and gold necklace proclaims its cool flair with fabulous simplicity. A duo of weighty pendants – sleekly angled and polished – add modern appeal to any outfit. Enough said!

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