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Italian Architecture

Once we landed in Italy and started walking around, I realized that my 20-year old self failed to notice the amazing architecture on my first trip many years ago. I have been back several times since but on this trip this past summer, I sought out nooks and crannies, doors and windows. I even took a picture of the cobblestone street.

I actually commented on Facebook that I couldn't drink in the architecture quickly enough. The details of the gates, the doors, the windows. I couldn't take enough pictures. It was amazing.

Rome Italy Door 2 Rome Italy Door 3 Rome Italy Door 4 Rome Italy Door 5 Rome Italy Door and Windows Rome Italy Door Rome Italy Windows 2 Rome Italy Windows 3 Rome Italy Windows 4Rome Italy WindowsRome Italy ArchitectureRome Italy Road we Walked on

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  1. BalancingMama (Julie)

    Everything over there made me smile. Nowhere like it on earth!

  2. It’s all so gorgeous!! I really love the cobblestone!

  3. So much amazing and beautiful detail. Makes me think we are doing it all wrong here!

  4. That teal-y green door is divine! What a bold choice that I wish I could make. I’m way too conservative!

  5. Beautiful! I hope to visit there someday!

  6. Daisy

    How beautiful! I love gorgeous architectural details like this.

  7. I love that you found the “little things” like the door knockers and cobblestone streets. Those are the unique features I love about an area. I’m hoping to visit Italy with my family someday!

  8. Really gorgeous architecture .. have yet to explore Europe with the kids.

  9. So beautiful! I just love all the details on the old buildings throughout Europe.

  10. What gorgeous architecture! I miss Italy.

  11. shari

    It looks amazing. Cannot wait to take a trip there.

  12. Absolutely stunning! I would probably fill a few sd cards just taking photos of buildings, streets and doors! Thanks for sharing!

  13. This is SERIOUSLY breathtaking- but even more so than that- I love how you found the details in so many spaces- that otherwise might have been overlooked- reminds me to be more cognizant of my surroundings oh and FYI you are MOTHER OF THE YEAR for giving your kids this experience.

  14. Carolyn G

    Italy is next on our list. Beautiful shots!!

  15. Wow! That’s all so beautiful! What a wonderful experience for your family.

  16. Wow, so many pretty pictures! I like that first one the best!

  17. Beautiful shot, we got a glimpse of just how beautiful the country is and the effort they placed into their architecture.

  18. Those doors!! I am just so in love with all of your italy pics!

  19. Going as a teen, a young adult and a mature adult all help you see different things. That means you should be sure to visit favorite destinations a few times in your life! (A great excuse for me to go back to Hawaii!)

  20. Beautiful! What craftsmanship. We just don’t have that anymore.

  21. so pretty. I LOVE doors. I’m not really into history etc but I love the BEAUTY of old architecture!!!

  22. Great photos!! I love all the history 🙂

  23. Soooooo beautiful! Someday I will finally make it to Italy and I plan on drinking up every detail!

  24. What a breath taking experiences, memory and of course those pictures are great!

  25. so gorgeous! I really hope to travel to Italy someday!

  26. stunning! we had such a great time while in italy. but with the kids – we didn’t get to TRULY enjoy the DETAILS. thank you for this

  27. Rosie

    OMG… I love the photos. They are so gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful. I hope that one day I could visit Italy and see the beauty that is in your photos. I am sure it is not comparison to the real deal. Thanks for sharing. ^_~

  28. Tasha

    Beautiful photos! I love architecture!

  29. Necole

    Found you on the Momdot Forum. Thank you for visiting my blog. I am checking out yours..I love it so far! Beautiful! And love the family photos:)

  30. Sandra

    Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous!

  31. Thats great photos!! Glad you had a great time!

  32. Love Italy! I enjoyed visiting Florence and Venice when we went a few years back.

  33. I would be taking pictures of the same things. I love those details

  34. What lovely architecture. It’s all in the details. How nice you had the chance to go back and see it all again

  35. Wow – it’s so beautiful! I would love to visit Italy some day. 🙂

  36. This is amazing!! This is my dreams..

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