30 Designer Handbags Under $200

30 Designer Handbags Under $200

30 Designer Handbags Under $200

30 Affordable Designer Handbags Style on a Budget Under $200

If you are anything like me, then you know that having a good handbag is crucial as a woman. I stuff everything into my handbag so it has to be tough, durable and still look good.

Each year I spring for a new handbag because I like to follow current trends and I like to update my wardrobe with different colors. I always look for something that is going to last and still look good after each season.

Here are a few handbags that meet those qualifications.

Chic Designer Handbags Under $200 Elevate Your Style Affordably

Michael Kors Bags:

  1. Elsie Dome Clutch  — $178.99
  2. Small Riley Crossbody Bag, Steel Blue  — $118.00
  3. Leather Clutch, Gunmetal  — $198.00
  4. Extra Small Ava Crossbody Bag  — $152.33
  5. Jet Set Crossbody Bag, Cherry — $112.97
  6. Bedford Top Zip Pocket Tote, Dark Dune — $138.60
  7. Bedford Medium Flap Messenger Bag  — $195.00
  8. Bedford Tio Zip Pocket Tote  — $152.85
  9. Marina Large Gathered Tote — $149.99
  10. Medium Jet Set Signature Pocket Tote, Brown  — $149.00
Kate Spade Bags:
  1. Cedar Street Straw Magnolia Clutch — $142.99
  2. Cherry Lane Tenley Lane Crossbody Bag, Gold  — $169.09
  3. Julia Street Rina Crossbody Bag  — $137.99 ***SOLD OUT***
  4. Cedar Street Racing Stripe Harmony Stripe Tote  — $251.60 ***PRICE INCREASE***
  5. Fairmont Square Monday Crossbody Bag  — $128.00
  6. Clark Court Nylon Arabella Tote  — $198.00
  7. Julia Street Mini Maise Crossbody Bag  — $180.18
  8. Cobble Hill Kayli Crossbody Bag  — $190.07
  9. Glitter Bug Cami Clutch  — $104.99
  10. Cedar Street Mini Maise Crossbody Bag  — $182.99
  1. Crosby Crossbody Bag — $195.00
  2. Polished Pebble Crossbody Bag — $123.44
  3. Mount Plaid Crossbody Pouch — $132.99 ***SOLD OUT***
  4. Crosstown Pebbled Crossbody Bag  — $139.66
  5. Printed Crossgrain Crossbody Pouch — $89.99
  6. Crossgrain New Coach Taxi Tote  — $154.99
  7. Polished Pebble Crossbody Bag  — $87.99
  8. Swagger Swingpack Crossbody Bag  — $189.00
  9. Refined Grain Leather Mini Nolita Satchel — $139.99
  10. Mini Studs Zip Top Crossbody Bag  — $159.99

30 Designer Handbags Under $200

Fashion Finds: Designer Handbags That Won't Break the Bank

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  1. I love all of these! I think I really would choose 6, 7, and 10 though. So cute!

  2. I love bags and these are all gorgeous. I can’t believe they are all under $200. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Michael Kors is kind of growing on me, I’d love any of these bags though. When I had my middle child I was rather hopeful for Coach diaper bag, but never did get it.

  4. I haven’t bought a new purse in a really long time. I like small purses. I could use a new one too. I’m currently using a wallet on a string. I got it for less than $5.

  5. I absolutely love Michael Kors! These prices are amazing.

  6. What an amazing list! I can’t wait to check them out! I need a new bag!

  7. WOW! I’ve actually been browsing bags online for days now searching for a crossbody bag and I saw a pretty one. Can’t wait to have it! 🙂

  8. Kate Spade is my favorite. Love their bags and second is MK.

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