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10 Things You Didn’t know about Louis Vuitton


10 Things You Didn’t know about Louis Vuitton


10 Things You Didn’t know about Louis Vuitton


Welcome to another exciting post. Today we will let you know some of the things you Didn’t know about Louis Vuitton. Let's have a look 

Louis Vuitton was a box maker 


Louis Vitiation was a box-maker and packer who owned a shop in Paris. His business expanded tremendously when he first introduced rectangular shaped trunks in 1858 which were revolutionary because they could be stacked, unlike the round trunks commonly used back then. 


Audrey Hepburn made the speedy bag popular 


One of LV’s iconic products is the speedy handbag. If you love this bag you should thank Audrey Hepburn because her requested version of the speedy bag was immensely popular in 1965.


 She asked for a miniature version of the day bag. The smaller version was specially made for Audrey Hepburn and then the bag became one of the regular productions and iconic products of LV.


LV started taking off when he worked with royalty


When LV travelled to Paris, he became an apprentice box maker and packer which was a very respectable job at the time. He built a reputation for himself in the industry to the point when he was hired by the empress of France to be her box-maker and packer. This led to him acquiring other elite and royal clients.


Leftover products are burnt after every season


If you are an LV lover the thought of an elite collection of unused bags being shredded or burned is probably enough to give you nightmares but this is exactly what happened at the end of the season any unsold items are gathered in a big warehouse where they are offered to LV employees at discounted prices. There are strict rules that apply though and each item is tracked to ensure.


Their most expensive bags sold for $133,400


In 2012 LV worked with Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama to create the limited edition Kusama pumpkin minnow dier dual bag.


 The pumpkin-shaped bag is made with pure gold resin and fine jewels inspired by the style of small evening bags popular in 1930. This rare bag sold for 133,400 dollars making it the most expensive LV purse ever sold.


LV products never go on sale 


If you're waiting around hoping the price is going to come down on that LV bag, you're going to be very disappointed. LV never lowers their prices on publicly sold products and they don't sell to discount outlets. 


However, they say on their website that if you come across a reduced price LV product it's most likely counterfeit unless it's a secondary item.


LV didn't have a fashion line or creative director until 1997 


LV is often referred to as a French fashion house so it may be surprising to find out that it did not have its fashion line until 1997 when Marc Jacobs was hired as the first creative director. He created the brand ready to wear collection and oversaw the development of LV as a fashion brand. 


LV sued Britney spears


LV has a team of about 60 people who work with lawyers and investigators to combat counterfeiting and misrepresentation of their products. This led to numerous lawsuits including a 2007 sue against Britney spear. 


Britney's music video, “do something with some fingers” and “see taping on the dashboard of hot pink hummers” features an LV cherry blossom design along with the LV logo. LV contended that they did not allow the use of their design and said that the use was an attack on their brand. 


Their handbags are both waterproof and fireproof 


One reason why the designer can justify their high price tag is that all of their handbags are waterproof and fireproof and go through extensive durability testing to ensure their quality. 


LV made a customized trunk for a rubber duck 


Anyone can order a customized trunk at any LV shop in the world but you better be ready to pay for a small non customized case that costs nearly six thousand dollars but the customized options cost much more LV himself started his business by creating customized trunks.


That's all for today. If you have any interesting things about LV let us know.

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