Indoor Windowsill Herb Garden + Free Printable Herb Garden Tags
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DIY Indoor Windowsill Herb Garden + Free Printable Herb Garden Tags

DIY Indoor Windowsill Herb Garden + Free Printable Herb Garden TagsDIY Indoor Windowsill Herb Garden + Free Printable Herb Garden Tags

Not everyone has the space to have an outdoor garden, so growing herbs indoors is a great alternative for a creative indoor herb garden and having fresh plants. From lighting fixtures to all-in-one kits complete with seeds and soil, here are several products to get you started with your culinary herb growing project. Once you learn how to pot herbs indoors, you'll know how to grow an indoor herb garden from seed. We hope that you love this Indoor Windowsill Herb Garden post.

DIY Indoor Windowsill Herb Garden

Nothing beats a fresh herb garden indoor. What I especially love about these Indoor Herb Garden Products on Amazon Prime is that they come quickly so it's pretty close to instant gratification. You can be planting seeds in just days. Try Amazon Prime TODAY with a FREE 30 Day Trial. I think that you will love it as much as we do.

Indoor Smart Herb Garden

The iGrowtek Indoor Smart Herb Garden with an LED Grow Light and Built-in Timer is a cute starter herb kit is just perfect for the beginning gardener and perfect as a windowsill garden kit. This indoor herb garden setup takes all the guesswork out of lighting control. It has a built in automatic timer that controls the full spectrum light. Just put your containers underneath the lighting unit and let it go to work growing your beautiful and fragrant herbs. Who knew they made an indoor herb garden with grow light? Now all we need is a self watering indoor herb garden. 

Garden Planter Herb Kit

To grow window sill herbs in your windowsill herb gardens or to even growing spices indoors, you'll need a cool tabletop herb planter. This indoor herb garden kit amazon lets you grow these premium quality herbs indoors with the Galvanized Garden Planter Herb Kit with Organic Herb Seeds which includes a kit of 10 seed packs. Includes seeds for basil, chives, cilantro, dill, globe basil, mint, parsley, oregano, rosemary, and thyme all in 3 galvanized metal containers. Comes with organic indoor herb garden soil for a great indoor herb garden setup.

Herb Garden Non GMO Seeds Kit

The Non GMO 10 Herb Garden Seeds Kit for Planting with Basil Mint Cilantro Chives is a set of three planter pots will be perfect for your herb garden seeds. The off-white color will fit with any decor. A drainage hole is included on the bottom of each pot. All three planters will fit side by side on the matching tray that's included with the set. This herb container garden indoor is great starter set. 

Planter Pot Set

The H Potter Herb Succulent Planter with Tray in Antique Copper Finish makes a wonderful gift for you or someone who loves cooking with fresh herbs. The pots bring elegance and beauty to any space of your home – indoors or outdoors made with hand-crafted of stainless steel with an antique copper finish. This makes a great indoor herb garden gift set.

Mason Jar Herb Container Garden

The Thoughtfully Gifts, Mason Jar Garden with Rosemary, Basil, Sage and 6 Soil Pods will produce delicious herbs will unlock hidden and subtle flavors in all savory kitchen creations. With this herb garden starter kit, fresh herbs are only a snip away! Along with the decorative mason jars, you get seeds to grow rosemary, sage and basil. Soil pods included. This indoor herb and spice garden makes the perfect gift.

Decorative Wood Plant Shelf

If you have room in your home for this eco-friendly wooden plant shelf, the Ufine Carbonized Wood Plant Stand 6 Tier Vertical Shelf could be a decorative focal point to hold herbs and other plants. It's large enough to hold at least 12 pots of your indoor herb garden planters. Easy assembly.

Countertop Gardens

If you are looking for a countertop herb garden with grow light or a countertop plant grower, then this Kindle book Countertop Gardens: Easily Grow Kitchen Edibles Indoors for Year-Round Enjoyment by Shelley Levis will make you an expert in the world of indoor gardening, walking you through the challenges, benefits, and how-tos of growing inside and presenting the wide array of methods available. In addition to going over the pros and cons of a wide range of ready-made hydroponic, aquaponic, and vertical gardening systems, learn how to make your own DIY setups–from simple space-saving container designs to more creative and complex soil-free solutions. This book will astound you with all the ways you can grow herbs and even vegetables right inside in the convenience of your own kitchen. Contains photos and recipes for inspiration for getting started with your indoor gardening hobby.


Seeds are a very personal thing, I believe. I think that it is worth doing the research on whatever you grow and eat. I have really been into researching seeds on etsy and Reddit. It's fascinating.

Indoor Culinary Herb Garden Kit  |  Herb Starter Kit for Planting Indoors  |  Over 5000+ 5 Star Reviews on Etsy Herb Garden Seeds  |   Indoor Herb Kit Garden Set or DIY Garden Kit  | 100 Herb Seed Bombs


I definitely have a gloves preference. I need gloves that are form fitting and comfortable. I prefer a thicker fabric in the palm areas which usually means some thick suede padding. Right now I am using but they are falling apart because they accidentally got washed. If you can, visit your local Home Depot to try on gloves to see how they fit. Put on a pair of gardening gloves to check fit and feel. When you find the perfect pair, buy them and use them. It will be easier to order online in the future. I just ordered these Garden Gloves with Protective Grip and Breathable Microfiber with Touchscreen from Amazon. One of the pictures is literally someone changing their oil which sold them for me because I could do that now with these gloves. LOL. Next weekend, we are spreading pine straw with the Scouts so the gloves will come in handy. I just need to coordinate my outfit.

Here is the cool thing, if you really don't have a glove preference or you want to try several out but need something quick, grab something like the Unisex Blue Nitrile Coating Gardening and Work Gloves. With 10 pairs in the pack, you can get the family involved with gardening and get everyone gloves under $10. 

Tools & Accessories  

No matter how you build your own indoor herb garden, you'll need some tools and accessories. Personally I have a preference for each of these. Pick up and test the weight of the tools you plan to use frequently. In the store, you can see what other gardening tools or accessories you might want in the future.

Bag Gardening Tool SetHeavy Duty 9 Piece Garden Tools Set with Storage Tote   |  Indoor Herb Garden Light  |  Best Grow Lights for Indoor Herb Garden

After getting basics, I am considering getting this Wood Tiered Plant Stand because my son is really into gardening and indoor plants so we need something. I am not sure that wood plant stand will fit our mcm living room or at least where we are trying to go with it but it's on the list.

Free Printable Herb Garden Tags

Once you know how to start an indoor herb garden, these adorable garden tags will look amazing in your herb garden. Simply click the picture below to open a printable or downloadable PDF.
Free Printable Herb Garden Tags

So by now you know how to start an indoor herb garden and know exactly which products can get you started on your indoor garden journey by finding the best pots for growing herbs indoors or a sunroom herb garden or even a hydroponic window herb garden We hope that you are inspired by this Indoor Herb Garden Products on Amazon Prime post. Happy gardening!

Indoor Herb Garden Products on Amazon Prime

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