Maker Spotlight: Handcrafted and Custom Shore Boards
Shopping Maker Spotlight: Handcrafted and Custom Shore Boards Maker Spotlight: Handcrafted and Custom Shore Boards #MakersMovementThis Maker Spotlight: Handcrafted and Custom Shore Boards #MakersMovement post is sponsored. Maker Spotlight: Handcrafted and Custom Shore Boards #MakersMovement

As a shopper, I almost always look for brands that give back in some way. This is really important to me and often times may be the difference in my choosing one company over the other. It is THAT important. Did you know that 75% of consumers age 22-36 consider it very important to support brands that give back to society, and 37% of those same consumers are more likely to buy items associated with a particular cause, especially the causes that they and their friends support? That's right. Many of these shoppers just like me fully support the Maker Movement. We hope that you enjoy this Maker Spotlight: Handcrafted and Custom Shore Boards #MakersMovement post. 

What is the Maker Movement?

The Maker Movement is a social movement driven by the entrepreneurial and inventive spirit. Maker culture emphasizes informal, networked, peer-led, and shared learning about products, services, and lifestyles. It is motivated by giving back, having fun and finding self-fulfillment. Maker Spotlight: Handcrafted and Custom Shore Boards Maker Spotlight: Handcrafted and Custom Shore Boards #MakersMovement Maker Spotlight: Handcrafted and Custom Shore Boards #MakersMovement Maker Spotlight: Handcrafted and Custom Shore Boards #MakersMovement Maker Spotlight: Handcrafted and Custom Shore Boards #MakersMovement Maker Spotlight: Handcrafted and Custom Shore Boards #MakersMovementMeet Shore Boards Inc.

Shore Boards aims to inspire the outdoor enthusiast to find their shore and enjoy the ride. They do this by providing gorgeous top-quality, heirloom boards are handmade for all types of board sports including Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUPs), Longboards, & Wakesurf boards. Utilizing handcrafted techniques and sustainable materials, Shore Boards brings to life high performance works of art that are grown to ride.

I love the story behind the company because it is similar to the way I started paddle boarding. I have been looking for a paddleboard for two years and still haven't found one that I want. This is exactly why Shore Boards was started. Shore Boards Classic Longboards offer timeless designs with performance in mind.  Whether you are looking to coast in style or carve up the streets, Shore Boards has you covered.

See Shore Boards Longboard action {VIDEO}

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  1. Alexandra

    What an awesome cause! And how gorgeous are those boards. I love anything that is handcrafted or personalised. This is great 🙂

  2. Mary

    Love everything about this! The cause…the craftsmanship…well done!

  3. Nice craftsmanship! This is cool. My husband would love the look of this too.

  4. These boards are beautifully handcrafted. And the cause is awesome too.

  5. The Maker Movement sounds like such a great movement for a great cause. Those boards are so beautiful and expertly crafted, they look amazing!

  6. I hadn’t realised that boards could be so beautifully made. There’s something so luxurious about a handcrafted product and this cause makes perfect sense.

  7. I really like ingiegogo projects! And custom whatever is always a great idea in my eyes. I can’t really ride the board well but I admire people who actually can

  8. These look quite beautiful and I didn’t think I’d say that about a skate board! My boys would love one of these.

  9. Wow–these boards are awesome!

  10. I love this! The idea of getting handcrafted items and also doing good in the world is the perfect combo to me. I think this is an awesome movement.

  11. I love when a company gives back. I also like the craftsmanship of this board

  12. That is a rad board! The hardware too makes it look amazing.

  13. Catherine Santiago Jose

    Wow, this board is amazing and everything they put here is so beautiful. I like the idea handcrafted items because for me it means more special.

  14. What gorgeous Shore boards! And I love that the company likes to give to such great causes!

  15. that board is way too pretty to ride! i wouldnt dare scratch it! sounds awesome like it rides well, though

  16. That board is gorgeous! The wood is beautiful and it supports a good cause as well. Win-win.

  17. That is so cool you support brands that give back. I really like that! And I love that Indie Do Good does the same!

  18. kristin

    My girls have a long board and while its big they have fun on it. Im sure they have more fun as they get bigger, Nice board.

  19. Monika

    This board is gorgeous! Seriously – nothing like a handmade pieces. Absolutely lovely!

  20. Preet

    Oh my! This is awesome, This is such a talented hand in creating is shore boards. It was really a beautiful one.

  21. Patty

    This shore boards looks super cool! The wood looks amazing! 

  22. I love handcrafted products! These are really cool!

  23. Indie Do Good handcrafts some beautiful and high-quality boards! What great craftsmanship. I love that this company gives back to charity.

  24. Angela Fernando

    Purchases include a 5% donation to favorite charity is a good reason to buy it!

  25. Annemarie LeBlanc

    The board is beautiful. Perfectly handcrafted and personalized too. I will ask my sister if her son is still into this. She can get him a long board and help move this campaign forward as well.

  26. Kiwi

    That is a very nice crafted skateboard. Looks very artisan and me personally I wouldnt skate on it I would hang it up for display.

  27. That is a super nice skateboard. I can tell it took a lot of time and effort.

  28. Danielle

    These boards are amazing! The craftsmanship on each board is outstanding! Anyone would love one of these.

  29. Melanie Walsh

    I’m sure my nieces and nephews wouldn’t love this adjective, but that board is so pretty! I’m sure I’m supposed to say it’s rad or tight. But you can tell the craftsmanship is phenomenal! Perfect gift for the holidays.

  30. Gervin Khan

    This one is amazingly beautiful and I am sure my daughter would love to have this as she always love to ride on a skateboard. I will definitely get one to show my support for this campaign.

  31. That is a super cool board. My daughter would totally flip about this! 

  32. That is such a cool board! Handcrafted items really look cool and classy!

  33. I wonder if they can make a personalized board for me! It looks so good!

  34. Surekha Busa

    This board is so beautiful. I don’t know how to ride on it but I would love to buy this in supporting in this campaign.

  35. Jason Connerty

    Emman Damian they do custom work as well!

  36. I really appreciate the artistry in these boards. I would almost be afraid to use it!

  37. I’m not or have never been a skater. But even I can tell that’s a beautiful board.

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