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PEQ Smart Home Security

Peq System

There is something new in our house and it's called PEQ. PEQ Smart Home Security (pronounced peek) is an easy way to view what is going on in your home. You can see the comings and goings of everyone who enters your home.


PEQ is a set of devices that work together to give you customized mobile access to monitor and control everything from doors and lamps, to thermostats and coffeepots. With home automation you can know when doors and windows open or close, and even use live video to see who is coming and going, from anywhere. Think of it as one giant remote control for your home — with a TV.

PEQ offers consumers a simple and flexible way to view, control and receive alerts from their home anywhere… at work, while on vacation, or traveling
Through a single app on your laptop, smartphone or tablet, you can view and control your home from anywhere



First, select the devices that are right for you and your needs (i.e. door sensors, thermostat, etc.).

Second, sign up for PEQ’s monthly service for $9.99 a month.

Next, install all of the PEQ components easily on your own, or with help from PEQ.

Finally, set up the rules (alerts) that best support your needs.


All of the sensors were put and the last one we put in was the camera. We accidentally clicked the forward button and since there was no back button, we had to start over. While this set us back a few minutes, it wasn't that big of a deal. However, PEQ emailed us a few days later letting us know that they were sending us a free door and window sensor to make it up to us. Now that is customer service and we were impressed.

Peq Smart Home 6


  • Ability to connect an unlimited number of devices to the PEQ service
  • Access to the best user interface in the smart home industry
  • Live, professional customer care and tech support seven days per week
  • A device ecosystem that has been certified and guaranteed to work with the PEQ service
  • Extensive storage of video and pictures
  • Live, streaming video to your laptop, smartphone or tablet
  • Regular updates to the user interface and apps to add new features and functionality, essentially future proofing your investment

Peq Smart Home 1


I was really impressed with how easy the entire system is to use. I love checking on our home when we aren't there. I also love checking in on the kids when they are watching a movie or turning off a light that someone left on.

We were even able to check on our dog a few times to see what he was doing which was actually pretty fun. We discovered that he likes to jump up on our dining room table so we were able to nip that bad habit almost immediately.

My only complaint is that I want a four or five more cameras, a lot more sensors and many, many more lamp modules. The starter kit is great but now that we have it installed and really like it, we need to get more so we have our entire house covered.

The PEQ Smart Home Security app on my phone is so extremely easy to use that my 7 year old does it. Note the picture above: that is what the living room camera view looks like.


PEQ Smart Home Security is available for purchase online at and various Best Buy locations across the US, with more distribution partners being announced this fall


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