Honor 8 Huawei Smartphone is Exclusively at Best Buy

Honor 8 Huawei Smartphone is Exclusively at Best Buy

Honor 8 Huawei Smartphone is Exclusively at Best Buy

Honor 8 Huawei Smartphone is Exclusively at Best Buy

Early Tech Adopters and Tech Enthusiasts will absolutely love the new Mobile phone launch at Best Buy from Huawei. Now you can get freedom from carriers and contracts with the new Huawei Honor 8 unlocked smartphone available in an exclusive Sapphire Blue colorway ONLY Best Buy. You have the power to push culture forward. That’s why Honor created a phone for you — the new Honor 8. It’s the smartphone that opens your eyes to a world of possibilities.

Huawei Honor 8

The Huawei (wah-way) Honor 8 unlocked smartphone is Huawei’s newest addition to the Honor smartphone line. The Honor 8: Beautiful design, game-changing camera technology, and maximum power with a Blue Sapphire color only available at Best Buy. Best Buy is the only retailer with the product available online and in store.

The innovative bionic 12MP dual lenses of the Honor 8 enable you to capture crisper, more detailed photos day and night. The premium, slick body of the Honor 8 is made with heavy dual glass—front and back. Smart Power 4.0 guarantees a long-lasting battery life and fast-charging technology charges 47% power in just 30 minutes.

Honor 8 Huawei Smartphone is Exclusively at Best BuyFeatures of the Huawei Honor 8

  • Bionic 12 MP Dual Lens Camera
    • Dual 12MP lenses, RGB + monochrome to bring the vivid color and crisper details at the same time.
    • Hybrid Auto-focus: Contrast focusing, Laser Focusing and depth focusing working collaboratively to realize faster focusing and enhance the photo quality in various light conditions, no matter low light or high contrast conditions.
    • Dedicated Depth ISP for precise depth focusing
    • Professional Mode: Wide aperture photos ensure Bokeh effect, achieve the same effect as SLR, super night mode makes
    • 8M large pixel(1.4um) wide-angle Front facing camera enables perfect selfies
    • World’s 1st Wide Aperture Smartphone Camera with Instant Preview
  • 3D Fingerprint Sensor with Smart Key
    • New Generation Fingerprint Algorithm for higher security
    • Level 4 security detecting your fingerprint’s ridge flow, ridge formation, ridge path deviation and 3D ridge depth
    • Fast & Convenient on the back of the device
    • A smart key to apps that allows quick access to your favorite apps and day-to-day tasks
  • 3000mAh 50% Charge in 30 Min
    • Long Lasting 3000mAh Low Power 16nm FinFET Plus Chipset can give you up to
      • 12 Hours of HD video, 4 hours of 4g browsing, 20 hours of 3g calling or 56 hours of music.
  • Sim lock free
    • Feel free to move between carriers’ networks
    • No Contract, Factory Unlocked
    • Honor 8 supports US major carriers’ GSM/UMTS/4G LTE networks

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Get a free $50 Best Buy Gift Card when you purchase the Huawei Honor 8 unlocked smartphone at Best Buy.

About unlocked phones

Still not familiar with unlocked smartphones? Unlocked phones aren’t locked into a contract meaning they can help you save money on your monthly bill, they allow flexibility with carriers, and are great for international travel.

Best Buy has found that once a customer buys an unlocked phone, they love it. If people aren’t into unlocked phones yet, they either don’t know about the unlocked category or they’re enrolled in a contract plan with an iPhone or android smartphone that they can’t easily get out of. Want to learn more? Checkout Best Buy’s quick educational video on unlocked phones.

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  1. Kathy

    That looks like a great smartphone. I’m always on the lookout for a good phone. That 3D fingerprint sensor is neat! I love all these features of this phone.

  2. It looks like a great phone! I love the freedom it offers you! 

  3. This is a great option for people who want a new smartphone without a contract. I just haven’t heard of this brand before so I would be a bit concerned and quality.

  4. I should be considering getting the unnlocked ones when I get done with my contract. I am tired of paying high bill every month.

  5. I’ve been looking long and hard at this phone. I love my 2nd gen Moto X, but it’s getting long in the tooth and has a busted screen, so it’s time to move on.

  6. Sounds like a great phone with all those features. The hubs needs a smartphone because his flip phone is dying. He should look into this.

  7. That is a sexy looking phone! Buying an unlocked phone is a great option for people who want a new phone without getting stuck in a year long contract. I also like that Best Buy allows you to return a phone within 14 days (with a $35 fee). So if you decide you don’t like that particular model you aren’t stuck with it for a year.

  8. Sara

    This phone looks amazing. My teen needs a new phone.

  9. Ann Bacciaglia

    This looks like a great phone. It has all the features I am looking for in a phone. I will have to head over to Best Buy to check one out. Its a great bonus to get a a free $50 Best Buy Gift Card when you buy this phone.

  10. Nicole Etolen

    Oh, sounds like a nice phone. I love the feature! I will consider this when I need one.

  11. Looks and sounds like a pretty slick phone! My brother is looking for a new phone I’ll tell him to check this one out! Thanks!

  12. Pam Wattenbarger

    I have been thinking about getting a new phone because mine is starting to get outdated. I will have to look into this one.

  13. Catherine Sargent

    This looks like a great phone. My husband needs a new phone. I will have to go to Best Buy and look into getting one.

  14. That is fully awesome. You don’t normally see a phone that powerful for that price. And no set carrier? Boom!

  15. This sounds like a great phone! Our contract is up this year so it might be time for a new phone!

  16. That blue sapphire color sure is pretty! I’ll have to go to Best Buy and check these out. My daughter will be needing a new phone soon and this one looks like a great option!

  17. Can’t think of a better smartphone to go with if you are looking for one without getting locked into a contract! We are in the market for one and I just love it’s slick look!

  18. These new phones are killing me – two cameras? We are so futuristic now! Isn’t it funny how the phones got smaller until the cell phones got smarter then we wanted to see everything! I love big screens now!

  19. Jeanine

    Ah that looks like such a nice phone. I would love one like this, we have nothing but issues with the ones we currently have!  We will have to check this out next time we head into Best buy!

  20. That phone looks awesome! And the features are impressive. Would consider this next time I need to buy a new phone!

  21. My husband and I thought these phones looked really nice. I’m sad we didn’t go with that option!

  22. I use my phone almost constantly, so having a great one is really important to me. I looove the camera on this one. Can’t wait to play with all those megapixels. 

  23. I prefer to buy phones at BestBuy, they have good phones and honor huawei is one of them.

  24. Brianne

    I love the look of this phone! It’s so sleek looking. 

  25. It sounds like an awesome phone and I like that deal with best buy too! It’s so affordable and it’s perfect for people who love gadgets! There are so many great features!

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