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Hello Kitty Magic Tricks Set Review

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In a world of electronics, it is refreshing to see a toy come around that invites kids to get creative, use their minds, and have fun! The Hello Kitty Magic Tricks Playset: Disappearing Coin Trick is the perfect toy for children and invites them into the world of magic and fun. I recently had the chance to try out the Hello Kitty Magic Trick line, and I am excited to share my findings with you.

First, here is a little bit about the Hello Kitty Magic Tricks Set:

  • Each set is made of safe and durable materials.
  • Each set is colorful and includes the Hello Kitty image and theme.
  • Each set is recommended for ages 4 and up.
  • Magic Tricks sets offer a variety of activities that range in difficulty.
  • Tricks come with easy to follow instructions, so no experience is necessary.

Hello Kitty Magic Tricks 6 Hello Kitty Magic Tricks 5I was able to sample several kits, and I was quite impressed at how much was packed into each package. In just the original magic box, the set came with the Hello Kitty figurine, the color cube trick, a Hello Kitty scarf, magic wand, and all of the instructions we needed. There was also a bonus deck of cards to try out additional tricks with.

My daughters ages 4 and 9 were excited to dive into the products and start playing. Each of them chose a different magic trick to try. Together we read the directions and sampled the tricks a few times. In no time they were able to perform the tricks on their own. In fact, the not only mastered the color cube, but the disappearing Kitty and disappearing coin trick as well!

Hello Kitty Magic Tricks 4 Hello Kitty Magic Tricks 2These kits are age appropriate and make learning magic easy. I enjoyed how hands on each one is, and how these kits gave the girls a chance to use their minds and quick hands to create an illusion. They were quite excited to set up their own magic show, and the accessories in the kit such as the scarf and wand made it easy to do that.

There are several sets to choose from in the Hello Kitty Magic Kit line. You can choose from a variety of tricks and package sizes, giving you a little to sample or a lot to start trying out once your child gets the hang of it.

You can find the Hello Kitty Magic Kit line at most online retailers as well as in store. Prices range with the average kit costing around $10. Considering how much is in each kit, it is a great value.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Hello Kitty Magic Kit line as did my family. If you are ready for a break from electronics, this toy line is a perfect solution!

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